(Not much) about me

~ 22 years old


~I speak: Greek, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic.

Me Working on... (Hm, well... on what exactly?)

What I would like to work on (INDECISIVENESS) Q.Q
Should I do this...? Or should I do this...?
~Rewrite articles in present form ~Continue correcting grammar and spelling mistakes
~Correct German spelling e.g. in lyrics ~Add translation to lyrics of languages I understand
~Reduce plots, bios etc. to the very gist e.g. write neutral, rational ~Remove unfitting page info e.g. info not related to page
~Add zodiac signs to character bio ~Link the zodiac signs with a page for explanation
~Put the first "appearances" in tabbers ~Add GALLERY with pictures of gemstones linking to names of characters, zodiacs etc.
~Fix links of anime charas who direct you to manga charas.

Do wishes come true? (Suggestions, that might work out one day)

1. Planetary symbols on bio template, e.g. small pictures next to the name? size: 20-25px

2. Descriptive panels can be hid (like table of contents), for example: of plots, to avoid spoilers for readers

3. Instead of describing the fuku; cropped out pictures or only catchwords, like list?

4. Or one single page describing a general fuku and then only stating in subpoints the differences between the Senshi fuku?

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