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[[File:Sm tokyo skyline animated.gif|thumb|540x540px|centre]]
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==List of favorites==
===Favorite seasons (ranked) (original anime)===
#[[Sailor Moon Sailor Stars|Season 5]]
#[[Sailor Moon (Season 1)|Season 1]]
#[[Sailor Moon SuperS|Season 4]]
#[[Sailor Moon S|Season 3]]
#[[Sailor Moon R|Season 2]]
===Favorite Italian dubbers (original anime)===
<font size="2">More or less i like all SM italian dubbers but here five</font>
*[[Gianfranco Gamba]]
*[[Nicola Bartolini Carrassi]]
*[[Patrizia Scianca]]
*[[Federico Danti]]
*[[Jasmine Laurenti]]
==<font size="2">List of favorites</font>==
===Favorite Sailor Senshi===
===<font size="2">Favorite seasons (ranked) (original anime)</font>===
*[[Sailor Neptune]]
#<font size="2">[[Sailor Moon Sailor Stars|Season 5]] </font>
*[[Sailor Pluto]]
#<font size="2">[[Sailor Moon (Season 1)|Season 1]] </font>
*[[Sailor Saturn]]
#<font size="2">[[Sailor Moon SuperS|Season 4]] </font>
*[[Sailor Venus]]
*[[Sailor Mercury]]
#<font size="2">[[Sailor Moon S|Season 3]] </font>
#<font size="2">[[Sailor Moon R|Season 2]] </font>
===Favorite Villains===
===<font size="2">Favorite Italian dubbers (original anime)</font>===
<font size="2">
====Season 1====
<font size="2">More or less i like all SM italian dubbers but here five</font>
*[[Jadeite (anime)|Jadeite]] (top)
*[[Nephrite (anime)|Nephrite]]
*[[Kunzite (anime)|Kunzite]] (top)
*[[Queen Beryl (anime)|Queen Beryl]] (top)
====Season 2====
*[[Berthier (anime)|Berthier]]
*[[Rubeus (anime)|Rubeus]] (top)
*[[Esmeraude (anime)|Esmeraude]]
*[[Black Lady (anime)|Black Lady]] (top)
====Season 3====
*[[Kaolinite (anime)|Kaolinite]] (top)
*[[Mimete (anime)|Mimete]] (top)
*[[Viluy (anime)|Viluy]]
*[[Souichi Tomoe (anime)|Souichi Tomoe]]
====Season 4====
*[[Tiger's Eye (anime)|Tiger's Eye]] (top)
*[[Hawk's Eye (anime)|Hawk's Eye]] (top)
*[[Fish Eye (anime)|Fish Eye]] (top)
*[[CereCere (anime)|CereCere]] (top)
*[[PallaPalla (anime)|PallaPalla]]
*[[Zirconia (anime)|Zirconia]]
*[[Queen Nehellenia (anime)|Queen Nehellenia]] (top)
====Season 5====
*[[Sailor Iron Mouse (anime)|Sailor Iron Mouse]]
*[[Sailor Aluminum Siren (anime)|Sailor Aluminum Siren]] (top)
*[[Sailor Tin Nyanko (anime)|Sailor Tin Nyanko]]
*[[Sailor Galaxia (anime)|Sailor Galaxia]] (top)
*[[Princess Snow Kaguya]]
*[[Queen Badiane]] (top)
===Other favorite characters===
*[[Queen Serenity (anime)|Queen Serenity]] (top)
*[[Princess Kakyuu (anime)|Princess Kakyuu]] (top)
*[[Naru Osaka (anime)|Naru Osaka]]
*[[Luna (anime)|Luna]]
*[[Artemis (anime)|Artemis]]
*<font size="2">[[Gianfranco Gamba]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Nicola Bartolini Carrassi]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Patrizia Scianca]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Federico Danti]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Jasmine Laurenti]] </font>
===<font size="2">Favorite Sailor Senshi</font>===
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Neptune]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Pluto]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Saturn]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Venus]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Mercury]] </font>
===<font size="2">Favorite Villains</font>===
====<font size="2">Season 1</font>====
*<font size="2">[[Jadeite (anime)|Jadeite]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Nephrite (anime)|Nephrite]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Kunzite (anime)|Kunzite]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Queen Beryl (anime)|Queen Beryl]] (top) </font>
====<font size="2">Season 2</font>====
*<font size="2">[[Berthier (anime)|Berthier]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Rubeus (anime)|Rubeus]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Esmeraude (anime)|Esmeraude]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Black Lady (anime)|Black Lady]] (top) </font>
====<font size="2">Season 3</font>====
*<font size="2">[[Kaorinite (anime)|Kaorinite]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Mimete (anime)|Mimete]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Viluy (anime)|Viluy]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Souichi Tomoe (anime)|Souichi Tomoe]] </font>
====<font size="2">Season 4</font>====
*<font size="2">[[Tiger's Eye (anime)|Tiger's Eye]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Hawk's Eye (anime)|Hawk's Eye]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Fish Eye (anime)|Fish Eye]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[CereCere (anime)|CereCere]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[PallaPalla (anime)|PallaPalla]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Zirconia (anime)|Zirconia]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Queen Nehellenia (anime)|Queen Nehellenia]] (top) </font>
====<font size="2">Season 5</font>====
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Iron Mouse (anime)|Sailor Iron Mouse]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Aluminum Siren (anime)|Sailor Aluminum Siren]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Tin Nyanko (anime)|Sailor Tin Nyanko]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Sailor Galaxia (anime)|Sailor Galaxia]] (top) </font>
====<font size="2">Movies</font>====
*<font size="2">[[Fiore]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Princess Snow Kaguya]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Queen Badiane]] (top) </font>
===<font size="2">Other favorite characters</font>===
*<font size="2">[[Queen Serenity (anime)|Queen Serenity]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Princess Kakyuu (anime)|Princess Kakyuu]] (top) </font>
*<font size="2">[[Naru Osaka (anime)|Naru Osaka]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Luna (anime)|Luna]] </font>
*<font size="2">[[Artemis (anime)|Artemis]] </font>

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