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Hi, I am Cure Coco, I try editing and putting pictures, and also doing work, to improve this wiki. If you feel like having trouble editing, feel free to ask me on my talk page. 

I have seen Sailor Moon, and PGSM when I was young. My favorite anime season is, Sailor Moon SuperS. My favorite senshies are Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn.

I am a fan of many things, as of animes, groups. Some of my favorite animes are; Pretty Cure, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tokyo Mew Mew, Lucky Star, Ojomajo Doremi, Mermaid Melody, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, K-On!, Black Rock Shooter, Free!, and more. My favorite groups are; VOCALOID, MissA, KARA, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Girls' Generation, Sistar, and more.

Note: If you have questions ask me or the admin, StarsandPeacesigns or other admins and please don't edit my profile page! ★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤~★~❤

Blank (☐) means incompleted. ☐ Add bios (as Anime, Sera Myu) to Villains.
☐ Add templates to ALL the attack pages.
☐ Finish all the Sailor Moon S.H.Figuart figurines.
☐ Finish all the merchandise pages.
☐ Add synopsis to episodes.
☐ Help out, and finish all the "Day Templates".

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