aka Liz/Elizabeth

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is a Student, Full-Time Otaku, Self-Proclaimed Bookworm, High-Ranking Nerd of Nerds
  • I am Female
Welcome to my page! ☆*:..o(≧▽≦)o..:*☆ Thanks for dropping by!MoonGorgeousMeditation215

Hello, and welcome to my account. I'm AnimeOtaku13 (or Liz), an admin on this wiki. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to leave them on my talk page (Don't worry. I'm friendly. I love fun. and I don't bite). Well, happy editing. ALSO TO NOTE: I've been inactive on my editing recently because of school work. I've also been incredibly lazy so yeah, I'm not inactive, just busy.


♥♠♣♦Random Facts about Me♥♠♣♦

  • My favorite season of the Sailor Moon anime is the Sailor Moon S season. Then it's:
    • Sailor Moon
    • Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
    • Sailor Moon R
    • Sailor Moon SuperS
  • My favorite arc of the Sailor Moon manga is the Dream arc. Then it's:
    • Infinity arc
    • Dark Kingdom arc
    • Black Moon arc
    • Stars arc
  • My favorite anime episode is: A Bright Shooting Star! Saturn and the Messiah.
  • My favorite manga chapters are:
    • Sailor Moon: Act 38 - Infinity 12, Infinite, Journey
    • Codename: Sailor V: Vol.14 The Young Man Who Bet on the Headband Stone
  • My favorite transformation is: Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up
  • My favorite transformation item is: the Crisis Moon Compact
  • My top 5 Sailor Senshi are (in order):
    • Sailor Jupiter/Sailor Venus (I love both of them equally.)
    • Sailor Saturn
    • Sailor Neptune
    • Sailor Mercury
  • My least favorite Sailor Senshi is probably Sailor Chibi Moon (the anime version).
  • My favorite attack is probably either Moon Gorgeous Meditation or Jupiter Oak Evolution.
  • My favorite weapon is: the Princess Harp/the Princess Sword
  • My favorite villains are
    • Zoisite (Precious fabu)
    • Queen Nehellenia
    • Ail and An
    • Professor Tomoe (especially the anime version XD)
    • Tellu
    • Mistress 9
    • JunJun
    • VesVes
    • Fish Eye
    • Sailor Tin Nyanko
    • Sailor Galaxia
  • I have seen all of the English dub episodes and all of the original Japanese episodes. Now, I'm going to re/watch PGSM, and then watch some of the musicals.
  • I have many favorite Sailor Moon songs including:
    • Usagi: You Can't Just Dream
    • Minako: Route Venus
    • Rei: My Boyfriend, Arranged by the Stars (anime) Cherry Blossom Storm (PGSM)
    • Makoto: Either Kissing in the Starlight or In order to forget, don't fall in love
    • Ami: Someday...Somebody...
    • Michiru: Fate is So Beautiful
    • Haruka: Initial U
    • Other: Golden Queen Galaxia
    • Favorite Three Lights Song: Unfulfilled Thought: My Friend's Love
    • Favorite Opening: Sailor Stars Song or Glittering*Sailor Dream
    • Favorite Ending: I'll Go as Myself
  • Pairings/Ships:
    • UsagiXMamoru
    • UsagiXSeiya (if she were really a he, then yes, I would pair these two together. But only in the anime.)
    • MinakoXRei and MinakoXUsagi (I blame Len)
    • HarukaXMichiru
    • ChibiusaXHelios
    • ZoisiteXKunzite (anime only)
  • I also enjoy the Sailor Moon abridged by Megami33, KrisRix, and Roll002
    It probably started around 2011. I was kinda at one of the most depressed points in my life and I wasn't feeling like myself. After a terrible experience at an acting camp, I spent the rest of my summer on the computer. One day, I found a video of a girl shouting "Moon Prism Power" and transforming into someone named "Sailor Moon". I thought this looked interesting, so I used trusty Google and found out that it was something called "anime", which sounded weird but it just got me looking further. I had watched Pokémon and Naruto when I was younger, so when I found out they were the same type of show, I thought I would enjoy it. And I did. I watched the English dub and loved it. My love for the series was made permanent when I found volume 1 of the re-release manga at B&N, read it, and loved it. It's been the same ever since, and it brought me here.

  • Some of the other anime I watch are: Haikyuu, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kuroko no Basuke, Shugo Chara, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ouran High School Host Club, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, Black Butler, Pretty Cure, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Attack On Titan, Free, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Reborn, HunterXHunter, Soul Eater, and a lot of other stuff.
  • I have a manga collection consisting of 220-something (I've lost count) volumes of manga.
  • I enjoy hamburgers, cheese steaks, sweet things, Italian food, mangoes, strawberries, oranges, cherries, Dr.Pepper, Sprite, orange soda, and cherry-flavored Coke (In other words, anything that's bad for you).
  • My favorite colors are black, white, blue, purple, and green.
  • Music I like is basically genres such as punk/rock/rap/alternative/non-awful pop (Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, My Chemical Romance, Mayday Parade, Of Mice and Men, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Muse, Linkin Park, Queen, the Ramones, Eminem, All Time Low, the Police, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Sex Pistols, The Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, the Cure, Nine Inch Nails, U2, Journey, Set it Off, etc.) K-Pop (Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, Big Bang, 2ne1, Super Junior, SHINee, VIXX, B.A.P, Secret, EXO), music from other countries, and classical music.
  • My favorite YouTubers are danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, DanandPhilGames, Tyleroakley, TheRPGMinx, Matthew Santoro, Cinnamon Toast Ken, ChaoticMonki, Markiplier, Ohmwrecker, LordMinion777, and various other people and topics on the YouTube community.
  • I also enjoy Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, Supernatural, Monty Python, Homestuck, Star Trek, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, reading, painting, Asian dramas, older television shows (mainly sitcoms), and other stuff that causes society to categorize me as abnormal.
  • I wear glasses, but I have contacts too.
  • I fangirl a lot (for me, it's probably a mental illness)
  • Other than SMA Series, I love a lot of abridged series, such as Yu-Gi-Oh (by LittleKuriboh); None Piece and Code MENT (by PurpleEyesWTF); Hellsing Ultimate Abirdged (by TeamFourStar), and much more.
  • I'm not a big fan of yaoi and yuri. (I will, yes, ship, but I don't like the hardcore stuff.)
  • I spend approximately 4-10 hours a day on the internet. (I really need to get a life -_- but I don't think that that's gonna happen anytime soon >:D)
  • I am the master of losing things. (both in competition and "I can't find [insert item here].)
  • I have ADHD and constant social anxiety. The anxiety usually disappears around people I'm comfortable with, but it's awful in public and with people I don't like or don't really know.
  • Also I keep track of my anime on here. Feel free to look.

Random Hates of Mine

  • When people argue over dubs and subs. Both have their pluses and minuses, so why argue about it.
  • When people call series "ripoffs" of other series without having solid evidence if they really are or if they haven't even seen it. (ex: many magical girl series are ripoffs of Sailor Moon, etc.)
  • When hate fangirls/fanboys who obsess over one thing TOO MUCH (I can be like that sometimes too, but it's every once in a blue moon).
  • When people insult anime. It's a long story, but anime filled an empty part of me, and it made me happy. So don't bash it.

And also

  • Showoffs, mean people, most seafood and some vegetables and fruits, many mainstream things, littering, TV commercials, poor customer service, poor grammar, misbehaved little children and the parents who don't control them, smoking, people who make noises when they eat, people who talk REALLY LOUD in public or when it's really quiet and people are doing things more important, selfies, and much more.


♥♠♣♦Things I want to do (Main Projects)♥♠♣♦

  • Finishing DVDs and VHSs
  • Complete the "On This Day" templates
  • Completing the voice actor pages (MAIN PROJECT)
  • Adding "Other dub" titles to the episode pages
  • Fix any mislinks




♥♠♣♦Random Videos♥♠♣♦

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Congratulations on making it to the bottom and putting up with all these words :) And if you still want to be my special friend, here have this *hands you a trophy*

See you around on the wiki!
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