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Andoryu Tsukino Tennyson
Sērā Andoryū
Residency: Andriux's Team HQ, Tokyo

Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Age: 15

159 cm (5 feet, 2.59 inches)

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood Type: O+
Likes: Have friends
Being creative
Dislikes: Being hurt and/or lonely
Hate and depression
First Appearance

Sailor Andriux is the future guardian and the future Sailor Senshi. His work as a guardian was revealed after the events of Andriux's Omni-World.


Andriux is considered as one of the smarter teenagers out of his age. He is often reffered as Andriux, and rarely as Andy or Little Andy, which made Andriux embarrass himself.

Throughout various battles and experiences, Andriux eventually develops into a more mature, confident, and reliable individual, both as a guardian and as a hero. However, he has his crybaby moments now and then.


So far, he's not seen in the serie but he has light skin and short, messy black hair. He has blue eyes. He is 159 cm tall (5 feet, 2.59 inches), weighs 44 kg (97.0034 lbs). He's seen wearing a white shirt and with a red mini-scarf, a matching navy blue skirt, white and red socks, and brown boots. He also has his Hero-trix, which was then as a resource for his emotions in a later time. He has his tiara in his forehead as well as the other protagonists.


His history is not yet revealed.


Andriux in the series started out as a whiny and sometimes a bit selfish boy. He was obsessed with girls and love, always desiring to to find a girlfriend for himself. When he was forced into battle by San Andy, he was very reluctant and ever so slowly began to gain confidence through his battles with the Hero-trix, and even managing to find his love, Jaidy-chan. Eventually he matured into a confident, strong teenager, who will embrace his powers as a sailor senshi. And was willing to fight for his friends and the safety of the universe.

Powers and Abilities

As a protagonist and hero, Andriux has one of the best special powers of any character in the series. His physical attacks, usually one-offs and not always successful, include the occasional use of his Hero-trix as a weapon and hero changer. One of his techniques was revealed to be a "Crying Amplyfier", which involves using his watch in a light blue color on the plate to amplify his screams.

  • Crying Amplifyer
  • Ultra Hero Time (only used before his birthday)
  • Age Shifting Spell
  • Age Regression Spell (Used accidentaly by PallaPalla while having his Moon Stick)


  • Oscar Andres Soto Tiburcio is the current voice actor for Sailor Andriux. Andriux Studios stated that Andy's voice was being recorded in a phone, so the quality isn't as great as it was.
  • At the age of 13, his depression remarked part of his life, this including self-harming, hate speeches to himself, mild loneliness and even suicide. However, after he was 14, his emotions were more calmer. However, Andriux is sometimes uncapable of controlling himself.
    • Now at the age of 15, his depression carries him to way more harmful suicide methods and even asked himself what caused all problems on Earth, having himself as the answer as heard here.
  • Of the several fears that Andy had was the fear of water. Andriux Studios stated that it was due to the depth of the gym pool and also the inability to swim well, which is why Andy doesn't like to drown.
  • He has Asperger's Syndrome (although it's never mentioned in the game) due to his isolation, high preference to draw, his dislike of loud noises, and being able to notice details that others tend to not see.
  • Naoko Takeuchi and Andriux Studios has imagined that there are very few circumstances where Andy might be murdered or suicided by himself, but the chances are very slim.
    • However, Andriux intended to suicide, which it will be made somewhen around Mid-June and Early July.
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