Usagi and the Girls’ Resolve: Prelude to a New Battle
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うさぎ達の決意! 新しき戦いの序曲
Usagi-Tachi no Ketsui! Atarashiki Tatakai no Jokyoku
Airing Information
Episode: EP 89, Season 2
Air Date (JP): March 12, 1994
Written by: Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Directed by: Kounosuke Uda
North American Dub
Air Date (US): December 22, 1998
DiC Title: Follow the Leader
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“Usagi and the Girls’ Resolve: Prelude to a New Battle” is the 42nd and final episode of the 2nd season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 89th of the overall series. It aired in Japan on March 12, 1994. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Follow the Leader" and it aired in North America on December 22, 1998.


Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako watch clips of the first episode of season 3 together and discuss if new characters of the next season are either enemies or allies, and all of them (except Usagi) suggest that a new leader of the group should be named. Eventually, they realize that it doesn't matter who the leader is: They have always fought together, that is what makes them triumph over evil.


International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: A Resolução de Serena e as Garotas: Prólogo Para uma Nova Batalha ("Serena's and the Girls's Resolution: Prologue to a New Battle")
  • European Portuguese: Epílogo ("Epilogue")
  • French: Épilogue ("Epilogue")
  • German: Special ("Special")


Changes from the Manga

Dub Changes

  • In the English dub, the opening sequence is the same one that is used in the 1st and 2nd seasons, although some scenes of this special episode are shown later.
  • In the French and Hungarian dubs, the scene in which Sailor Moon used Moon Crystal Power was cut.
  • This episode was the only episode not dubbed in Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Italy, and Germany.
  • This episode wasn't dubbed into Swedish, probably due to it being just a preview of the next season, which never aired in Sweden (That dub only covered the 1st and 2nd season).

First Appearances



  • This episode's opening is unique among the series': It shows, at that time, all the openings of the two seasons. The screen was divided in four sections, each one displaying one opening sequence (2 for Sailor Moon and 2 for Sailor Moon R).
  • This is the last time DALI's version of "Moonlight Legend" is used as the opening theme. 
  • In previous episodes featuring flashbacks, actors appearing only in those flashbacks still appeared on the credits. That was not the case with this episode, which only credited the five members of the Sailor Senshi. As such, it was the first episode of the series for which Keiko Han did not receive credit.
  • This was the last episode dubbed by DiC and also featured the last Sailor Says segment, which was previously featured in "Little Miss Manners".
  • This was Sophie Gormezzano's final episode voicing Mathilda and Françoise Pavy's final episode voicing Raya in the French dub.
  • This was the last episode Terri Hawkes played Serena, Karen Bernstein played Amy, Emilie Barlow played Raye, and Stephanie Morgenstern played Mina in the DiC English dub.
  • This was the last episode to be shown in the United Kingdom.
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