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"I am the Pretty Guardian who Fights for Love and for Justice. I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of the moon, I will punish you!"
— Sailor Moon's introduction

Usagi Tsukino (月野 うさぎ, Tsukino Usagi) is the Sailor Guardian of love and justice: Sailor Moon (セーラームーン, Seeraa Muun). She is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity (プリンセス・セレニティ;Purinsesu Sereniti) and the titular character of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga.

Nomenclature & Etymology[]


Usagi is written in the hiragana spelling of the Japanese word for "rabbit" (うさぎ, Usagi)

Tsukino, The kanji of Tsuki (月) translates to "moon" while the kanji for no (野) translates to "field" or "civilian". The syllable no (の) also indicates possession, so while the literal translation of her family name could be "moon field" or "moon civilian", others may translate it as "of the moon."

Her full name, when said in the Japanese naming-order, Tsukino Usagi, gives two additional puns: No-Usagi (野うさぎ), meaning "wild rabbit"; and Tsuki no Usagi (月のうさぎ), meaning "Rabbit of the Moon". The latter derives from an Asian folktale about a rabbit that is said to reside on the Moon.


Naoko Takeuchi provided many additional details on Usagi which include:



Usagi has blue eyes and long blonde hair that she wears in odango. She has porcelain skin and a slim figure. She is the shortest of the original five Senshi.

The outfit that Usagi usually wears is a standard Juban Public Middle School sailor uniform. The uniform has a blue sailor collar with three white stripes. She has a reddish pink ribbon on the front of her uniform, which she ties her magical brooch to. She has a white blouse with a breast pocket and blue sleeve-cuffs that have three white stripes, just like the collar. In the summer, she wears a white, short-sleeved blouse with puffed sleeves. She also wears a blue-pleated skirt with a matching ribbon on the back. She usually wears white socks and black cross-strap Mary Jane shoes.

In Act 38, she now wears a standard Juban High School uniform (due to her now being in high school) as her sailor collar, front ribbon, sleeve-cuffs and pleated skirt (which is a bit shorter now) are dark blue and the two stripes are red while the back ribbon is absent.

Sailor Moon[]

Sailor Moon’s standard uniform consists of a white chest-armored leotard with a blue sailor collar that has three white stripes on it, white gloves with three red arm fittings that reach just below her elbows, yellow three-looped shoulder pads, a wavy blue skirt with a puffy white belt sat above it, along with a reddish pink bow on the chest and at the back. She also sports a pair of reddish pink short heeled knee-high boots with a white border at the triangular top that has gold crescent moons, earrings consisting of grey studs with gold stars and crescent moons beneath, white-bordered red circular hairpieces (one on each odango), two white-winged hair clips in her hair, and a white choker with a gold crescent moon on it and a pendant that is similar to her transformation brooch attached to it. Her brooch is worn in the middle of her chest bow, and she wore a mask that disappeared after Act 16.
When she gains Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up, her choker becomes reddish pink with a gold heart at the center.
Her tiara underwent a few changes; at first, it was a gold tiara with a reddish pink oval-shaped gem at its center. It later burned up after she threw it at Jadeite in Act 3. A new one appeared in Act 4 which looked like the old one, but the gem in the center was larger, and the tiara itself had a more intricate design. After she met Sailor Venus in Act 8, her tiara changed into the shape of a crescent moon and a hexagon with a reddish pink gem in the center, and after awakening as Princess Serenity in Act 9, the tiara shattered and was replaced with the mark of a singular golden crescent moon; the tiara eventually reverted to its original form with the commencement of the Black Moon arc.

Super Sailor Moon[]

As Super Sailor Moon, her uniform underwent many changes; her earrings are now singular crescent moons affixed to her ears, her choker is a yellow ribbon with a pink heart in the center, the stripes on her collar change from white to golden, and her shoulder pads are light pink, translucent, and more wing-like in shape. Her back bow becomes light pink, long, translucent, and billowy. Her collar is blue in the front and yellow in the back, the colors blending into each other over her shoulders. Her skirt is now white with a blue and yellow gradient border at the bottom; the colors blend into each other similar to how they do on her collar. The gem on her tiara is replaced with a gold crescent moon, a puffy golden belt sits above her usual white belt, and an identical Cosmic Heart Compact is attached to the center of her belt.

Eternal Sailor Moon[]

When Usagi became Eternal Sailor Moon, her uniform underwent the most radical changes; she no longer wears a tiara and instead has a golden crescent moon mark on her forehead, her leotard no longer has chest armor, her earrings have a gold star attached beneath each crescent moon, and her choker is red and v-shaped with a pink heart at the center and a golden crescent moon beneath it. The collar itself is like her original one, but it is a darker shade of blue with three golden stripes. In the place of her shoulder pads are pink bubble-like sleeves with two reddish pink fittings at the ends; they have somewhat of a translucent aspect to them. In the area where her chest bow was located is a pair of white angel wings with a pink heart that has a golden crescent moon attached to it sitting at its center. Her gloves now have reddish pink, v-shaped wristbands with gold crescent moons on them, the fittings at the ends of the gloves have white-winged decorations attached to them similar to the hair clips in her hair, and the gloves themselves are now extended to reach up to her upper arms. Her belt is now comprised of two ribbons (the one on top is yellow and the one beneath it is reddish pink) clipped together by a gold crescent moon; the bottom ribbon extends past her skirt, mimicking the flowing effect that her previous back bow had. Her back bow is replaced with a set of large white angel wings, her skirt is now composed of three layers (the top layer is yellow, the middle layer is reddish pink, the bottom layer is blue), and her boots are now white and knee-length with a slightly larger heel and reddish pink v-shaped borders that have gold crescent moons on them.

Princess Serenity[]

Usagi occasionally takes the form of her past-life: Princess Serenity. In this form, Usagi wore a white flowing gown with white shoulder pieces disconnected from her dress, an intricately decorated bodice with golden hoops, with the bust defined by a row of golden beads. Trailing at the back, was a white gauzy bow with long fluttery ribbons. Under the dress she wore white stiletto high-heeled shoes. She also wore gold spiral earrings and six round hairpins which all feature pearls, three on each side, similar to her Sailor forms. Unlike her past self, her hair is blonde instead of silver.

Neo-Queen Serenity[]

At the end of the Infinity and Dream arcs, Usagi takes a form resembling her future self: Neo-Queen Serenity. Compared to her Princess form, the bow at her back is much larger. Her dress is longer and the ribbons from it are longer as well. She carries her Spiral Heart Moon Rod in the Infinity arc, and her Eternal Tiare in the Dream arc. Unlike her future self, her hair is still blonde and she does not wear a crown; though, some artwork depicts this form with a crown.


In the beginning, Usagi is seen to be a cheerful, immature girl. She cries easily and is often overtaken with emotion. She also displays an unwavering hope and sees good in her enemies that others may not. Usagi has a pure heart and is always there for everyone. She can be jealous at times, especially over Mamoru, but overall is a kind, strong, courageous girl. She stands up for what is right and believes everyone deserves love.



Usagi and her younger brother Shingo lived in a Tokyo home with their parents Kenji and Ikuko Tsukino. She led an average life in Tokyo's Azabu-Juban district and attended middle school with her friends Naru, Umino, Yumiko, and Kuri.

Dark Kingdom arc[]

One morning she sleeps in and is late for school. She accidentally steps on a black cat, Luna, while en route. To apologize, she kissed the cat and removed a bandage on her forehead but receives a scratch and strange look in response. It was not a good day at school. She tried to throw her test paper with a 30% grade away but hit a highschooler, Mamoru Chiba, who tells her to study harder next time. Ikuko was not happy about the test result either. Eventually, Usagi goes to her room to study but takes a nap and dreams she is like the great Sailor V instead. Luna wakes her and starts speaking but Usagi did not believe it and didn't listen until the feline gave her a brooch and told her to say "Moon Prism Power, Make Up". This transforms her into a Sailor Guardian like Sailor V: Sailor Moon. Her new outfit and mask allows her to see her friend Naru being attacked by a monster targeting her and others for their energy. Luna informs Usagi it is her job to save her. Sailor Moon defeats the monster through her crying and Luna's directions. With the people saved, the handsome Tuxedo Mask appears and introduces himself before disappearing into the night leaving Usagi enamored.

Luna tells Usagi it is her mission to find the Princess and her fellow Guardians as she returns to her normal life. One day after school, Luna jumps on the cute school genius Ami Mizuno prompting Usagi to speak with her. She tries to befriend Ami, hoping she can help with her academics, by taking her to Crown Game Center and playing the Sailor V game. Usagi does not do well, but Ami sets a high score winning a pen while Usagi brute forces a pen of her own. Ami leaves to head to the Crystal Seminar to study. Over the next few days, Luna and Usagi learn the Seminar is another front of their enemy and is brainwashing students into looking for a Silver Crystal and stealing their energy. Usagi heads there to save Ami and the other students and in the process of killing the monster has another encounter with Tuxedo Mask and witnesses Ami awaken as fellow Guardian: Sailor Mercury.

While on a bus, Usagi spies a pretty girl, Rei Hino, getting off and follows her to Hikawa Shrine. She befriends the girl after a misunderstanding and learns of people going missing after catching a 6 pm bus. Mamoru Chiba catches Luna speaking again while she and Usagi return to the Shrine to investigate. They see Rei get abducted on a bus which disappears into another dimension. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury follow and see Rei awaken into Sailor Mars as all three work together to defeat Jadeite.

All three Senshi investigate a Masquerade being held by Kingdom D suspecting their treasure may be the Silver Crystal. Their enemies had the same idea and plan to crash the party and possess Princess D and steal the treasure. During the party, Usagi encounters Tuxedo Mask again and after their enemy's attack, he saves her. Sailor Moon gains a new tiara and saves the Princess with Moon Twilight Flash. They find the treasure was not the Silver Crystal.

While walking to school and talking to Luna, Usagi stops paying attention and affectionately thinks about Tuxedo Mask. She walks in front of traffic and is saved by Makoto Kino. Makoto is a new transfer student that everyone else tries to stay away from, but Usagi spends lunchtime with her and invites her to the arcade with Ami. They talk about a rumour of a Ghost Bride Usagi had heard earlier with Naru, Yumiko, and Kuri which curses people. All three head to Hikawa Shrine to talk to Rei about it. That night, the Ghost Bride targets Motoki and Makoto. While Usagi is asleep, Tuxedo Mask arrives at her window, wakes her up, and leads her to the Youma. Makoto awakens as Sailor Jupiter and she and the other three Senshi take down the Ghost Bride and Nephrite who was controlling the bride and had possessed Princess D at the Masquerade. With four Sailor Guardians, Luna gives Usagi the Moon Stick and tells her she is the leader and it's her duty to protect the Silver Crystal and the Moon Princess.

Luna had never told them they were protecting a Moon Princess from a Moon Kingdom and that she was from that Kingdom herself. Their enemies brainwash the populace, including Usagi, to look for the Silver Crystal. When Zoisite realizes nobody can find it he drains the energy of everyone mind-controlled. Tuxedo Mask finds Usagi collapsed in the street and wakes her up to tell her to transform into Sailor Moon and save Tokyo. Her new Moon Stick appears in her hand and she uses it like Sailor V did in the arcade game which restores everyone drained by Zoisite. Usagi faints from exhaustion and Tuxedo Mask carries her off and she feels something familiar. She awakens in Mamoru's bed and finds a broken pocket watch.

She learns Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask and he's looking for the Silver Crystal for a clue of his lost memory. Despite Luna's warnings she wants to trust him. As she is leaving, she accidentally takes the watch and he calls her "Usako" while Usagi decides to call him "Mamo-chan" and to keep the encounter secret. The Senshi find a wave of brainwashing videotapes that are coming from rental stores and people across the city are searching for Sailor Moon. The other Senshi and the enemy were impressed by the regenerative power Usagi gave off with her Moon Stick. They get a hold of one of the movies and bring it to the Sailor V game for analysis. The game appears broken before Sailor V appears on screen to order Usagi to take action since people's lives are in danger. Sailor Moon uses her Moon Stick to heal the brainwashed crowds of people but Zoisite appears and grabs her. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter fail to save her and just before he kills her Artemis and Sailor Venus attack and destroy Zoisite.

Artemis introduces Sailor V as "Princess Serenity" the heir of the Silver Millennium who has a secret identity Minako Aino who is a fellow middle schooler. Kunzite of the Dark Kingdom targets all of Tokyo and the Senshi battle him at Tokyo Tower. Sailor Moon throws herself in front of an attack to protect the "Princess" and Tuxedo Mask does the same for her taking the fatal blow. In Usagi's grief, the Silver Crystal becomes unsealed, she remembers her past life, and takes the form of Princess Serenity. Queen Beryl and Kunzite kidnap Mamoru. Sailor Venus reveals she is the true leader of Serenity's Protectors and had been acting as a decoy princess until the other Senshi regained their memories. To learn more about the Dark Kingdom and Silver Crystal they head to the Moon.

There she sees ruins and meets a computerized Queen Serenity who tells the group about Queen Metalia and how the Silver Crystal's power depends on Usagi's own heart. Kunzite attacks Tokyo again and Sailor Moon restores the people while her protectors finish him. "Endo", a brainwashed Mamoru, appears at the arcade leaving Usagi unsettled. He brainwashes Makoto and lures everyone to the Command Center where he attempts to take the Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl arrives to help but is killed by Sailor Venus who faints after the Holy Sword glows. Tuxedo Mask kidnaps Minako and escapes through a portal to D Point with Sailor Moon close behind.

Usagi finds he really isn't her Prince Endymion and attacks him with the Holy Sword and stabs herself and faints. She awakens inside Queen Metalia who is devastating the Earth's populace and finds she hit Mamoru's watch with the sword. Her Silver Crystal takes its lotus form which she uses to revive Tuxedo Mask and escape. With his support, she destroys Metalia. Her brooch shatters and she falls unconscious to be awakened by her Prince's kiss. She teleports them to the Moon which is no longer ruins and speaks to Luna, Artemis, and Queen Serenity. She is given her Crystal Star brooch that holds the Silver Crystal, transforms with Moon Crystal Power, Make Up, and uses Moon Healing Escalation to revive everyone on Earth including Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako whom she reunites with.

Later, she meets Mamoru in the park planning to return his watch but a portal in the sky opens and a small Usagi Tsukino demands the Silver Crystal at gunpoint.

Black Moon arc[]

The gun is not real and after the situation calms down Mamoru and Usagi bring the chibi-Usagi to Usagi's house where she brainwashes Umino and Usagi's family into thinking she lives there. Usagi was not happy. Chibiusa even starts going to elementary school and in the short story Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 1 - Beware of the Transfer Student Sailor Moon and Sailor V save the child from a vampire.

Not long after, a new enemy appears and abducts Rei, Ami, and Makoto one by one. The Black Moon is looking for Chibiusa but the child does not share information about herself or these new enemies. Eventually, Chibiusa steals Usagi's brooch with the Silver Crystal inside. Before Usagi can take it back Rubeus attacks but they are saved by Tuxedo Mask's Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber. Usagi snatches it back, transforms, and saves Venus from Calaveras with Moon Princess Halation. Chibiusa tells the three of them she is from the future and asks them to save the 30th Century.

The next day, they head to the future along with Artemis and Luna as Chibiusa uses her Space-Time Key. After traveling through the portal, they encounter the Door of Space and Time and its guardian Sailor Pluto. Pluto initially attacks Sailor Moon and the others seeing them as intruders, but she becomes friendly after Chibiusa speaks to her. Pluto asks them to take care of her princess as they leave. Usagi is shocked at the idea that Chibiusa is a princess. They see the destroyed Crystal Tokyo and, after Venus and Mamoru take down more Black Moon minions, reach the Crystal Palace.

Inside, they meet King Endymion, Diana, and see the sleeping Neo-Queen Serenity. Usagi is even more shocked and embarrassed to learn Chibiusa is her future daughter with Mamoru. After learning of Crystal Tokyo, Nemesis, and the Black Moon Clan from the King, they briefly return to the past as she and Mamoru spent too long near their future selves. Usagi is upset by Mamoru's prioritization and monopolization of Chibiusa and lashes out. The child returns to the Crystal Palace on her own and is attacked by Esmeraude. Venus and Mamoru save her, but Sailor Moon finds she can't use her power and is kidnapped by Prince Demande.

After an unpleasant encounter with the Prince, Usagi finds she is a prisoner at Nemesis and can't transform. While looking for Rei, Ami, and Makoto she encounters Saphir who attempts to kill her. She is saved by Neo-Queen Serenity who briefly possesses her and rescues her three friends. They all use a Space-Time Key to escape Nemesis. At the Door of Space and Time, Usagi learns Mamoru and Chibiusa have gone missing.

After a failed rescue attempt, the Senshi return to the future to find Black Lady, a brainwashed Tuxedo Mask, Wiseman, and the remains of the Black Moon clan. They save the future Earth through Pluto's self-sacrifice. Her death brings Chibiusa back to her true self and awakens her Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon together, with Tuxedo Mask's help, strike down Death Phantom and her brooch and Cutie Moon Rod shatter. Neo-Queen Serenity grants her a Cosmic Heart Compact and has Chibiusa deliver a Spiral Heart Moon Rod to replace the broken ones and their future selves see them off as they return to the past for good.

As Chibiusa prepares to return to the future, neither girl is happy to lose the other and they say their goodbyes. From Usagi's point of view, Chibiusa returns almost immediately with a letter from Neo-Queen Serenity asking her to take care of the Sailor Guardian trainee.

Infinity arc[]

A new school year has begun with Usagi and her friends in their last year of middle school. Usagi's dream of a wedding with Mamoru is interrupted by her alarm clock and is late for school. She is also late for her regular before school rendezvous with Mamoru and has his attention stolen by Chibiusa and Diana. She knows this time of peace won't last.

After school, she brings Naru to the arcade and meets with the Inner Senshi. Usagi is shown up at a racing game by the famous Haruka Tenou - a student at Mugen Academy who leaves with the equally famous Michiru Kaiou. On the street the Senshi witness a Mugen student transform into a monster and after Jupiter and Venus destroy it decide to investigate that school the next day.

Usagi uses her Disguise Pen to sneak inside and is lured by the sound of a violin. She finds Michiru who gives Usagi a stern warning about Mugen and Usagi runs when security finds her. Usagi runs into Chibiusa with a sickly girl, Hotaru Tomoe. Another Daimon appears and the moon princesses transform and Sailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack to destroy it. They all see two figures which look like another Senshi and Tuxedo Mask fly off into the night.

Usagi is confused why new Senshi would be avoiding them and secretly suspects they were Michiru and Haruka. The next day, Haruka appears at Crown Game Center and Usagi asks if Haruka is a Sailor Guardian. Haruka acts dumb and Usagi feels dumber for asking that to a guy and the Inner Senshi interrupt warning Haruka to stay away. Days later, they decide to crash Rei's mountain retreat to celebrate her 15th birthday. That night, Ami and Minako wake Usagi up to a battle and she arrives just in time to destroy a monster Mars and Jupiter were fighting. Usagi spots the Senshi and chases after them this time and receives a kiss from the Senshi leaving Usagi confused on their identity and even has a dream about it. She has a hard time looking at Mamoru at the next morning's meetup.

After school, she sees Haruka at the arcade again and gives Usagi tickets to Michiru's upcoming concert at Mugen Academy and decides to take Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako to it where they encounter Mamoru and Chibiusa who had received tickets from Michiru. The concert abruptly stops and Minako warns them Mimi Hanyuu is a Death Buster in another concert hall and head there. With the witch destroyed, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune introduce themselves and they learn they carry the Talisman they have been having premonitions about. The two Senshi deny working with them and attack Usagi knocking her out.

Around this time, Usagi celebrates a joint birthday party with Chibiusa during Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 2.

While waiting for Mamoru, Haruka appears before Usagi again and gets close to her which deepens her confusion and Mamoru spots them. Mamoru and Usagi have been getting jealous of each other's encounters with the two new Senshi. Chibiusa diffuses the situation by having them spend time crafting a model Holy Grail with her. Usagi joins Chibiusa as she visits Hotaru, thinking it isn't safe, and while there Usagi meets Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite. As the pair head home, Usagi spots Haruka and Michiru and chases after them. She ends up at Haruka's apartment wanting to ask why they keep running and why they can't work together but is shut out. She meets back up with Chibiusa and the Inner Guardians in investigating Mugen Botanical Gardens. There they encounter Tellu who is finished by a reincarnated Sailor Pluto.

Usagi takes her Princess Serenity form and the three Outer Senshi apologize and order the others to leave the Death Busters up to them while remaining vague on their plans. On another night, a hail starts falling which drains the people of Tokyo of their energy. Usagi and the Inners spot the Outers fighting Cyprine and head there to help with Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Ptilo appears and the Witches brainwash the Inner and Outer Guardians into fighting each other. Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru combine their hearts which summons the real Holy Grail. With it they free the other Senshi and all of them offer their power to it which allows Usagi to transform into Super Sailor Moon and obliterate the witches.

The Outer Guardians decide to share their plan. They plan to kill Hotaru and seal away Sailor Saturn before she can awaken and destroy the world like she did during the Silver Millennium. As they expected, Usagi strongly disagrees which justifies their reluctance to work with Usagi and her friends. Chibiusa runs off but she does not reach Hotaru rather a newly awakened Mistress 9 who steals her Silver Crystal and soul. Everyone rushes her to the hospital and after they discuss and understand what happened Usagi and the Inners return to Mugen Academy for the final battle to save Chibiusa while the Outers plan to kill Hotaru who is now a Death Buster.

Usagi and the Inners are defeated by the revived Witches 5 but Sailor Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus save them. Usagi retakes her Super form and destroys Kaolinite after Neptune locates her. The Sailor Guardians split up with Sailor Moon joining the Outers to the basement while the Inners check the higher floors. In the basement they find Professor Tomoe who turns into a monster and attacks. After finishing him, Sailor Moon hears Hotaru's soul mourning her father and they immediately escape as the building is destroyed. The Inners did not and Usagi loses her Super form.

As the Outers focus on containing Pharaoh 90 who is trying to engulf the Earth, Sailor Moon is ineffective against Mistress 9 and watches as Hotaru sacrifices what's left of herself to save the Inners and Chibiusa. Usagi retakes her Super form alongside Super Sailor Chibi Moon who awakens her own Holy Grail. When they all attack, they only strengthen Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90 who then merge. With everyone else out of strength and Pharaoh 90 covering the Earth, Super Sailor Moon decides to take her Holy Grail and Silver Crystal and unleash their power inside of the darkness and dives in as everyone else looks on in horror.

She deals a mortal blow to Pharaoh 90. When she emerges, she triggers the Inner and Outer Senshi to take their Super forms and the newly awakened Sailor Saturn sacrifices herself to dislodge it from the Earth and take Pharaoh 90 away from the planet. Usagi takes her Neo-Queen Serenity form and revives the Earth and its people. Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune find a baby and leave promising to return someday.

Through the rest of the school year the girls study for their High School exams which is shown in the Exam Battle stories. Sailor Moon, Sailor V, and Sailor Chibi Moon also exorcise a haunted cavity causing Dental Office in Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 3 - Beware of Cavities.

On April 1st, the start of the next school year, Usagi celebrates her admission to Juban High School alongside Ami, Makoto, and Minako. She then leaves with Mamoru to see Chibiusa and Diana off as they are returning to the 30th Century. When the group arrives at the park, they see a crowd gathered to witness a solar eclipse. A Pegasus appears before them asking for help from a maiden and disappears. Usagi and Chibiusa each believe he is speaking to them.

Dream arc[]

Immediately after, the eclipse begins and the group spot a bizarre ship floating in the sky which announces itself as the Dead Moon Circus before vanishing with the end of the eclipse. Chibiusa cannot head home with the large crowd, so they head into town. The girls guilt trip Mamoru into buying them matching kaleidoscopes and letting them sleep over. Usagi and Mamoru share a dream of Chibiusa riding around on that Pegasus and wake up to find she and Diana had tried to leave but the Space-Time Key didn't work. Instead, they investigate an escaped Dead Moon Circus Tiger and encounter PallaPalla and VesVes. In the conflict the girls regain the ability to take their Super forms and Helios turns their kaleidoscopes into weapons. As the new enemies retreat, Mamoru catches up to them and collapses. As Usagi and Chibiusa detransform, their ages are swapped.

They take Mamoru to the hospital and tell the Inner Senshi what happened before little-Usagi accompanies Mamoru home. She gets an emergency call from Ami and arrives at Ami's Home with Chibiusa. When they transform the age reversal spell is broken. They finish Fish Eye together with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Helios reappears before them and after Super Sailor Mercury suggests he is looking for Sailor Moon, or Princess Serenity, Chibiusa runs away. They find her after gathering everyone.

Everyone decides to investigate the Dead Moon Circus itself. Everyone, but Rei, Phobos, Deimos, and the cats, watch a show in the Big Top but it is a trap to drain the crowd's energy. Rei saves them and tells them what happened afterward. Mamoru becomes sicker. He becomes bedridden and misses school prompting Usagi to bring groceries to his home, but he tells her to leave soon after her arrival. Usagi gets Chibiusa to check on him next time worried it'll happen again. As they head home together, they notice Super Sailor Jupiter had just finished another Dead Moon minion. Chibiusa's Crystal Carillon tells them Mamoru is in danger and the group rushes back to Mamoru's Home.

There they see Helios trying to protect Mamoru from Lemures which Super Sailor Moon destroys. Usagi finds Mamoru was hiding a terrible sickness from her. Helios takes a humanoid form and tells them that sickness is from a curse on him from the Dead Moon and about himself and their enemies while asking her to unseal the Golden Crystal. Usagi stays by Mamoru's side despite his reluctance.

Eventually, Mamoru's curse spreads to Usagi. Chibiusa heads to the Circus ahead of her when they realize the Outer Sailor Guardians have returned and are fighting there alongside the Inners. When she eventually arrives, Zirconia uses the curse to attack her and Mamoru but Helios appears and saves them. After a wonderful dream, she awakens in Elysion with Mamoru and Helios. Helios tells them how she and Prince Endymion had protected the Earth in their past lives with the Silver and Golden Crystals but didn't know where the later was as it has been sealed away. They will need it to defeat the Dead Moon. Usagi figures it is in Mamoru like the Silver Crystal was in her and he has been using it to support her all along. The two affirm their shared dream of protecting the Earth. As Queen Nehelenia notices them, they head back to the surface to protect the planet.

The surface has been covered in darkness and Helios has to use the rest of his strength to prevent the Senshi from passing out. Even then, Zirconia catches them all in a nightmare from which Tuxedo Mask frees everyone. Awakened, Usagi's protectors counterattack. Zirconia retreats into a mirror with only Super Sailor Moon able to follow. Inside, she senses planet power from stones and glass with Nehelenia standing in her way. Usagi's attacks phase through Nehelenia but she shatters when Super Sailor Jupiter smashes the mirror from the outside. Super Sailor Saturn takes the stones and they escape from the mirror world along with Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Reunited and noticing darkness continues to envelop the Earth, everyone teleports to Elysion looking for the enemy.

There they find the awakened Maenads and an unresponsive Helios before Queen Nehelenia arrives and taunts them. Super Sailor Moon attacks with Moon Gorgeous Meditation but it is reflected back at the group and traps them in a kaleidoscope dimension. They see a vision of the past when Princess Serenity was a newborn where the Inner Senshi meet and swear to protect her, and Nehelenia arrives as an uninvited guest who curses the Princess to die and the Silver Millennium fall after Queen Serenity seals her away.

Usagi kisses Mamoru to take back her Silver Crystal, free them from the kaleidoscope world, and starts to create new power which manifests as the Holy Moon Chalice. The cats appear in their human forms and the other Senshi take their Princess forms. The Sailor Power Guardians appear and direct the other Senshi to send power from their castles to the Chalice which upgrades Usagi into Eternal Sailor Moon who asks everyone to offer power to her Eternal Tiare. The other Senshi call upon their Sailor Crystals and take their Eternal forms as Tuxedo Mask's Golden Crystal becomes unsealed. Eternal Sailor Moon uses the gathered strength to perform Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to obliterate Queen Nehelenia freeing Elysion and the Earth from the Dead Moon's curse.

After Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon revives Helios, he passes Mamoru his staff and he and Usagi take the forms of their future selves. Everyone attends the coronation of the King and Queen. Eternal Sailor Saturn asks Usagi to purify the four stones from earlier and from them the Sailor Quartet emerge before returning to sleep. On the surface, they say goodbye to Helios and Mamoru asks about the feeling he now has in his chest. Usagi tells him it's proof the star in his heart is shining recalling what Queen Serenity once told her.

Stars arc[]

Usagi and her friends return to a peaceful life which Setsuna, Michiru, Haruka, and Hotaru are now a part of. In The Secret Hammer Price Hall, Usagi takes Mamoru shopping to prepare for his upcoming trip to America to attend school. She later joins Hotaru and Chibiusa as her main protagonist status is threatened.

A few months later, Usagi is not happy about Mamoru's impending departure. She joins him at the airport to see him off.

Sailor Guardian Info[]

Sailor Moon is the legendary Sailor Guardian who utilizes her Silver Crystal to heal, revive, and purify others. She is kind and not an eager combatant but will protect her loved ones. Her attacks are primarily light based and becomes even stronger with the support of her friends.






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In a 1996 interview with Animerica magazine, Naoko Takeuchi notes Usagi's odango "is intended to be modeled after a rabbit's ears. I wear my hair like that too, but my hair isn't that long, so I only get the ball part. I always wished for flowing hair. That's how I added the long part on top of them."[8] In Shinsouban manga Vol.3, she added she used to wear her hair in a similar pair of buns while in University and held them together with many pins.

Originally, Takeuchi planned for Usagi to have yellow hair normally which would turn silver while transformed, but Sailor Moon was to be featured on the cover of the issue of Nakayoshi which Act 1 was to debut in and the cover's editor thought silver was too plain so Takeuchi agreed that yellow was more flashy and would stand out better so she changed it.[9] Though she changed Sailor Moon's hair to yellow, Usagi's past and future variants retain a silver hair colour. Similarly, Sailor Moon has a Mask, like Sailor V's, in the first few acts but it was phased out due to the difficulty of animating Sailor Moon wearing it and Takeuchi agreeing she looked cuter without her mask.[10]

When confronted with the idea she based Usagi's personality on her own, she said "That's not true! I'm not that bubbly!"[8] Despite that, she confessed in 1998 that Sailor Moon is her favourite character because her personality is closest to her own.[11] She wanted Usagi to be like a normal teenager and is self-centered, lazy, a crybaby, and not a good role model who can grow and mature throughout the series rather than be a conventional hero of justice.[8]

Artbook Infinity reveals that in early plans to expand the Codename: Sailor V one-shot, Minako was planned as the main-protagonist of a team of Sailor Senshi which included early versions of Ami, Rei, and Makoto. Usagi did not exist at this point and was the last of the initial 5 Senshi to be created with the story later being reorganized to center on her rather than Minako.


  • The first English translation of the manga by TokyoPop often called her "Bunny" which preserved the meaning of her name while translating it. Early localizations in other languages, such as German, followed suit and called her "Bunny" as well.
  • Usagi makes cameo appearances in Codename: Sailor V Vol.5 and Vol.6. In the former, she was seen looking at a poster advertising the Sailor V game. In Volume 6, she and Naru Osaka were outside of Game Center Crown, with Usagi wanting to go inside and play the Sailor V game. She makes additional cameos as Princess Serenity.


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