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"Yes. New futures will always continue to be created. And there, light and darkness, war and hope, life and death, joy and pain, will all exist. Everything, this is this universe"
— Usagi's quote from Act 59 - Stars 10

Usagi Tsukino is the present-day form of Princess Serenity. A carefree sailor-suited schoolgirl, she is the civilian persona of Sailor Moon, leader of the series' primary heroines, the Sailor Senshi. She is the daughter of Kenji Tsukino and Ikuko Tsukino. She is also Shingo Tsukino’s older sister. Usagi is also the love interest and future wife of Mamoru Chiba. And, Usagi is also Chibiusa Tsukino’s future mother. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Usagi is a school girl who lives in 20th Century Tokyo. At the start of the series, she is 14 years old and she is in her second year of middle school. Near the end of the series, she is 16 years old and she goes to high school.

Initially, Usagi was shown to not view life with a great deal of seriousness, apart of being somewhat immature and described herself as a bit of a "crybaby". Lively and ease-going, she usually goofs off and neglects her schoolwork to play video games or spend time with her friends.

Despite all this, Usagi acts friendly towards many people and tends to help others out with their problems, being a compassive, empathic and unexpectedly observant person. As the series progresses, Usagi slowly matures and learns how to make decisions for herself as well.


Usagi is a young woman who has a slim figure and pale skin. She has big sky blue eyes, and long, golden blonde hair kept parted in the center and typically tied into two buns/pigtails, odango hairstyle. She is described as being one of the shortest Senshi, said to be standing at 4'11" (possibly 5'0" or a bit taller in later volumes).


Codename: Sailor V

Usagi in Codename Sailor V Chapter 5

Minako walking past Usagi in Volume 5.

Before she appeared in Sailor Moon, Usagi appeared in Codename: Sailor V in both Vol.5 and Vol.6. In the former, she was seen looking at a poster advertising the Sailor V game (as well as possibly attending a Dark Guys concert at the beginning of the chapter). In Volume 6, she and Naru Osaka were outside of Game Center Crown, with Usagi wanting to go inside and play the Sailor V game, only to be stopped by Naru, who was afraid that they might be seen by one of their teachers and get into trouble.

In Vol.12, Usagi and Naru are seen outside a bridal shop, admiring a wedding dress in the shop's window.

Dark Kingdom Arc

Usagi is seen running to school when she steps on a strange black cat. Noticing a layer of bandages on its head, she removes them and finds a crescent moon symbol. She arrives at school where she is forced to stand out in the hallway as punishment for being late. She also gets scolded by Haruna Sakurada for getting 30 percent on her test.

Usagi goes to Osa-P jewelry store with Naru Osaka to take part in a sale, where she briefly browses the inventory before leaving. She scrunches up her test and throws it over her shoulder, hitting Mamoru Chiba, who scolds her and makes fun of her test results. After this encounter, she goes to Game Center Crown to play the Sailor V Game. At Game Center Crown, she sees the same cat from that morning. When she arrives a home, her mother finds out about her tests results and gets kicked out of the house, only to be allowed back in after she started to cry and scream because she kicked the house door. When she goes into her room, she takes a nap insead of working on her homework and dreams about being in the Sailor V game and saving Motoki Furuhata, a worker at Game Center Crown, and the black cat. She is, however, woken up by the cat, who scratches her in the face for calling her crescent moon symbol a bald spot. The cat introduces herself as Luna and gives Usagi a brooch that allows her to transform herself into Sailor Moon. Usagi gets a call that her friend, Naru, is in danger and she runs to her rescue.

When she arrives, Naru is being attacked by a monster from Dark Kingdom. The monster asks for Usagi's identity and Usagi's instinct makes her say her legendary Sailor Moon speech. After a failed attempt to fight, Usagi falls on the floor and starts crying. Her hair accessory then releases high frequency waves and makes the civilians unconscious. A man in a tuxedo then appears and encourages Usagi to defeat the enemy. Usagi defeats her very first enemy with "Moon Tiara Boomerang." The man presents himself as Tuxedo Mask and leaves with a romantic parting phrase. This makes Usagi immediately fall in love with him. The next day, everything is back to normal and Usagi stands with her arms crossed and Luna on her shoulder, confused over these events not being a dream.

In the next chapter, Usagi is being irritated of having Luna watching her and Luna informs about the enemy and her mission. By the help of Luna, Usagi meets a girl named Ami Mizuno. Usagi introduces Ami to the game center, where she beats the Sailor V game's high score and obtains a pen. After some angry hits at the machine, Usagi gets one as well.

The next day Ami is too busy with something called The Crystal Seminar and can't talk. Usagi gets a flyer and finds out that the school is using some kind of "Crystal Disc" that can make one more intelligent, which Luna suggests would be a good idea. Usagi disagrees and throws the paper away, so it accidentally hits Mamoru's face and he almost heard Luna talk. Later, Usagi and Luna investigates the disc and discovers a brainwashing program. Usagi uses her new pen to disguise herself into a doctor and runs into the Crystal Seminar to save the students. She transforms into Sailor Moon and battles the enemy. Ami reveals her power and creates a mist. With the help of Tuxedo Mask, Usagi lays a kick on the enemy and Tuxedo Mask leaves with a warning. Usagi then defeats the enemy with her "Moon Tiara Boomerang" again. Ami Mizuno is transformed into Sailor Mercury, who is the first found ally of Sailor Moon.

Later, Usagi sleeps in class and gets woken up by Luna. They decide to have a meeting with Ami after school, at the game center. Luna informs that their mission is to find and protect their princess and the "Legendary Silver Crystal." Usagi achieves two wrist watches from the game machine, which are taken by Luna and made into communicators. On the way home, Usagi hears about a beautiful girl who usually takes the 5.00 PM bus and also something called the "Demon 6.00 PM bus." Luckily, the two girls are riding with the first one and she sees a T.A. Girls' Academy student, with long black hair and a serious expression. Usagi decides to follow her because of her beauty. She arrives to a shrine, but is being attacked by ravens and the girl performs an exorcism on Usagi. The girl apologizes. but says that her ravens, Phobos and Deimos, hardly ever attacked humans. After some more rumors about the "Demon 6.00 PM bus," the girl, who's name seems to be Rei Hino, states her thoughts about the disappearances as "Being spirited away."

The rumors about the "Demon 6.00 PM bus" goes on the following day, so Luna suggests that they should investigate this and speak to Rei again, with the idea that she could be an ally. Usagi, however, thinks that she could be the enemy instead. They take the 5.00 PM bus, where they meet Mamoru for the third time. He reveals to be a 2nd high school student from Moto-Azabu high school. Usagi catches a glimpse of Mamoru Chiba in profile and gets reminded about Tuxedo Mask. She quickly turns away when he looks at her and Mamoru suddenly says "Guardian of Justice," which completely startles both Usagi and Luna. When they get off, they are relieved that Usagi's identity wasn't discovered. They see Rei being blamed for the incidents with the lost children, but are unable to help and walks away. Suddenly, the "Demon 6.00 PM bus" passes by, with Rei being trapped inside, and drives into a big portal. Usagi transforms herself into a stewardess, with the duty of looking after passengers safety, and jumps on the bus. She drops Luna and is left alone with the enemy for the first time.

Usagi arrives in some other dimension and finds Rei with Jadeite. She and Ami use their transformation power in order to transport Ami into the dimension as well. Jadeite notices the intruders and takes Rei as a hostage. Ami releases her "Aqua Mist," which he turns into drops of ice. Usagi uses her "Moon Tiara Boomerang" to trap Jadeite. Rei's hidden powers awaken and she kills Jadeite with "Evil Spirit Be Exorcised." They save the children and leave the dimension. Now Usagi/Sailor Moon has found her third ally, Sailor Mars.

As usual, Usagi has rush to her school in the morning. Today Princess D is coming to japan, to reveal a hidden treasure. Usagi, Rei and Ami sets a meeting in the game center after school, where Rei and Ami is trying to get more information about their mission, while Usagi plays on the game machine. They decide to visit Princess D's party, so Usagi transforms herself into a princess. She gets carried away and eventually gets lost. Tuxedo Mask suddenly appears and invites her to dance. He then leaves without a sign. Princess D rushes out from her room with the treasure, possessed by the enemy, and after an attempt to stop her, Usagi falls of the balcony. Tuxedo Mask catches her, but they both fall. However, Usagi's pen turns into an umbrella and saves them both. Tuxedo Mask thanks her and disappears. Usagi turns into Sailor Moon, but suddenly gets reminded that she lost her tiara. A sudden warm feeling reaches her and a new tiara appears. She uses it to attack the enemy with "Moon Twilight Flash." After the defeat, Usagi accidentally drinks a glass of alcohol and gets drunk. She bumps into Tuxedo Mask, who carries her to the balcony and kisses her. This will be remembered as Usagi's and Tuxedo Mask's very first kiss.

Usagi dreams about running in a fog and hearing a unknown man call for her. Luna wakes her up and tells her that she will be late if she doesn't hurry up. Luna thinks that Tuxedo Mask could be an enemy and wants Usagi to stay away from him. However, Usagi feels that their encounters happen by fate. In her own thoughts, she accidentally walks in front of a car, but is saved by a tall girl, with curly hair tied up and rose earrings. When she arrives to school, Naru is talking about her cousin having a wedding, but the groom is missing. Usagi bumps with the tall girl again and hears a rumor about her having Herculean strength and being kicked out from her previous school. At lunch time, Usagi sees the girl eating alone in the school garden. She suddenly gets protected from a baseball by the tall girl, who angrily throws away the ball. Usagi gets tempted by the girl's lunch and gets to taste some. She takes the girl to the game center, where they meet Ami and Motoki. The girl presents herself as Makoto Kino. They hear a rumor about a cursed mannequin who is trying to seduce men at nights, so they visit Rei in order to discuss the topic. Makoto leaves and Luna thinks that they should investigate this rumor.

In the night, Tuxedo Mask wakes Usagi up and leads her to Makoto, who is being seduced by Motoki, who was brainwashed by the mannequin. Usagi transforms into a groom to surprise the enemy. When the mannequin turns away, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars and Mercury arrive. Makoto awakens into Sailor Jupiter, another ally. Nephrite appears and Makoto uses "Flower Hurricane" to confuse him. She then finishes him off with "Jupiter Thunderbolt". Now when they are four guardians, Luna decides that it is time to give Usagi a new item and the role as leader. This item is called "The Moon Stick" and will be very helpful in their mission to find and protect the princess and "The Legendary Silver Crystal".

Next morning, Usagi goes to school much earlier than usual. She meets Ami and Makoto, who praises her for not sleeping to long. They run into Mamoru Chiba and Usagi gets a lot of questions about the guy, being suspected for liking him. The news suddenly starts talking about Tuxedo Mask revealing the existence of the "Legendary Silver Crystal." Usagi gets afraid that Tuxedo Mask could be an enemy and tries to deny it. Luna tells about the "Legendary Silver Crystal's" incredible power and that they were awakened by the moon. Usagi gets speechless of all this information and falls on her chair. She reflects a bit about it while playing the Sailor V game and notices Sailor V holding a stick similar to her own "Moon Stick." She starts to suspect that Sailor V could be on of the allies, while feeling a sort of connection to her.

Usagi watches some TV and accidentally get's hypnotized by the enemy to search for the "Legendary Silver Crystal." Peoples energy, including Usagi, then gets taken away. Usagi tries to walk outside but falls down. She then gets her strength back from Tuxedo Mask, who apologizes for his actions regarding the "Legendary Silver Crystal." He then tells Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon, which gives her a chock, but she follows his advice. The people starts collapsing and Usagi loses her confidence, thinking that she's powerless. Tuxedo Mask encourages her to trust herself and the "Moon Stick" suddenly appears. Usagi remembers the Sailor V game and heals the town with the weapon. Using to much power, she collapses. Tuxedo Mask gives her a kiss and carries her away. Usagi wakes up in a room, transforms back and finds a broken, star-shaped pocket watch. Mamoru Chiba then comes into the room. Usagi gets surprised, but notices Tuxedo Mask's uniform laying on the sofa. She takes the mask and holds it in front of Mamoru's face. He tells her his story, about getting a memory lost at young age and someone telling him to find the "Legendary Silver Crystal." He asks about Usagi's purpose regarding the crystal and she answers shortly with having to protect it. They look at each other for a moment, when Usagi suddenly needs to leave. Mamoru grabs her shoulder from behind and calls her "Usako," saying that she forgot her bag. She leaves with a happy feeling and decides to call him "Mamo-chan." She accidentally brought the pocket watch, but keeps it for the moment.

Next day, Usagi, Ami and Makoto is having lunch together in the school garden. Ami is researching data about Sailor V, but finds nothing useful. Usagi notices Sailor V having a crescent mark on her forehead and Ami suspects that Usagi may slowly awakening. Usagi keeps the fact about her and Mamoru knowing each others identities secret. Umino appears and starts planning on how to catch Sailor Moon. The girls notices that their classmates are all brainwashed and low energy. Luna takes one of their bags and finds a videotape from Rental Shop Dark. They try the video on the game machine, which immediately rejects it. Sailor V tells Usagi that it's a brainwashing video and that she has to defeat the enemy. Usagi transforms and heals the civilians with her "Moon Healing Escalation." Zoisite appears and grabs her around her throat. Her guardians tries to attack him, but fails. Then Usagi is told to dodge, by an unknown voice. Zoisite gets defeated by someone's attack and Sailor V appears. She reveals herself to be the last ally Sailor Venus, but also their lost Princess Serenity. Usagi's tiara suddenly changes into a crescent shape. Sailor Venus tells Usagi about how she taught her to fight through the Sailor V game. They decide to go to the command center, so Sailor Venus undoes her transformation and present herself as Minako Aino, an ordinary middle school student, just like them. When they arrive, she explains about the enemy, which seems to be called Dark Kingdom, and about their mission's importance.

The next day, Usagi wakes up from a dream, where she cries for a man called Endymion, who is being attacked by something. The man called her Serenity for some reason. She walks down the stairs and surprises her father for waking up so early. She tells him that she is Sailor Moon, but he thinks she's just joking around and plays along. Usagi meets Mamoru in her way to school. She wants to give him back his watch, but he tells her to keep it until he has given her something that belongs to her. They make a promise to return their forgotten stuff the next time they meet. Then she joins the rest of the girls on their way to school. Usagi is happy that Sailor V was their ally and insists in calling her V-chan. Rei teases Usagi a bit as usual. Suddenly, Makoto gets shocked and falls on the ground. The electricity in town has been turned off by Kunzite and all the people are laying on the ground, losing their energy. The girls transform in order to fight him.

As Sailor Moon, she fights Kunzite and Tuxedo Mask take an attack for her, mortally wounding him, and she cries, and the Silver Crystal appears from within her and she becomes Princess Serenity. Tuxedo Mask is revealed to be Endymion and is abducted by Kunzite. Usagi and the other Senshi go to the moon where they retrieve the Holy Sword and meet Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity's mother. She tells them of the fall of the Silver Millennium and they head back to Earth.

Returning to Earth, the Senshi battle Kunzite and defeat him. Usagi walks down the street where she meets a guy who strikingly resembles Mamoru and she chooses not to tell her friends yet. Mamoru, under the control of the Dark Kingdom, tries to control her mind, but she resists it. Soon, the base in infiltrated and she see Mamoru as Tuxedo Mask, along with a brainwashed Motoki and Makoto, in the base. Tuxedo Mask steals the Silver Crystal from Usagi, as she is hesitant to fight him. But when Luna is hurt, Usagi is resolved to fighting him and transforms into Sailor Moon. She fights him and soon Beryl appears, trying to kill Sailor Moon, but is killed by Sailor Venus. They are all eventually end up at D-point, and to stop Endymion, Sailor Moon fatally slashes him with the sword, before turning the blade on herself. The Silver Crystal is whole, but Metaria consumes it and Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon.

Usagi is awakened by the power of the Senshi, and Tuxedo Mask awakens, free from the Dark Kingdom's control, thanks to the stones of his fallen generals. With Tuxedo Masks support, Sailor Moon destroys Metaria with the Silver Crystal but her brooch is shattered. Tuxedo Mask awakens her and the couple head to the moon where Queen Serenity offers them to become the queen of the Silver Millennium. Usagi chooses to stay on Earth with her friends and Queen Serenity presents her with a new transformation brooch. Usagi transforms and restores the Earth, before being reunited with her friends.

Usagi meets with Mamoru, giving him his repaired locket, and they are soon greeted by a little girl who fell from the sky. She points a gun at Usagi, demanding her to give her the Silver Crystal.

Black Moon Arc

The girl resembling Usagi continues to threaten her, but Mamoru pulls her away, and the gun goes off, revealing to be a toy, and the child flees. Usagi and Mamoru find the girl and take her to the Tsukino home, where the girl brainwashes Usagi's family into believing she is a relative. As she's arguing with the girl, now called Chibiusa, Usagi sees around her necklace a key and a jewel resembling the Silver Crystal, though Usagi's is still in her brooch. Usagi arrives at Rei's festival to see Rei, as Sailor Mars, being attacked by a new enemy, a member of the Black Moon Clan. Usagi transforms, and with Tuxedo Mask, they create the Cutie Moon Rod and destroy this new enemy, but Sailor Mars is abducted in a UFO.

Usagi sees Chibiusa spying on them after the fight and demands answers from the girl, even accusing her of working with the new enemy, but she runs off.After a night, feeling guilty, she is reunited with Chibiusa, who was with Mamoru, who tells her Chibiusa came looking for help from Sailor Moon. After swimming, Usagi and Ami see a woman on television, challenging Ami to a game of chess. Usagi cheers on Ami, but they are ambushed by the Black Moon Clan, led by the woman opponent, who captures Ami. Sailor Moon destroys her, but Ami is taken by the Black Moon Clan.

Later, Usagi is still distressed, and Chibiusa tries to cheer Usagi up. Usagi and Chibiusa go to the arcade, and Chibiusa begins playing the Sailor V game, able to rank up high scores, to everyone's surprise. Usagi and her friends talk about the encounters with the enemy, and believe the Black Moon Clan is after Chibiusa, and they must protect her. As a storm begins to brew, Usagi gets a call from Minako about an enemy attack. She, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter fight the enemy, but Jupiter is captured by the enemy, using a dark crystal, but Sailor Moon destroys her. However, she could not prevent Jupiter from being taken.

The next few days, Usagi becomes somewhat paranoid about when the Black Moon Clan might strike. Back home, Chibiusa introduces them to her new friend, but she freaks out when she sees the black crystal they took from the enemy in the last fight. Usagi begins questioning her, but she doesn't claim to know anything, and Usagi runs off, frustrated. Usagi sees on television, a medium making claims that the Black Moon is not an enemy, brainwashing viewers. The next day, when Usagi wakes up, she sees her brooch was taken by Chibiusa and chases after her. By the time she catches up, the two are attacked by Black Moon commander, Rubeus. Tuxedo Mask arrives and saves them, and Usagi transforms and arrives at the studio, where Sailor Venus was in trouble, fighting another Black Moon member. Usagi destroys the villain, saving Sailor Venus. Chibiusa says she took the brooch because she needed the crystal to save her home, and begs Sailor Moon to help her save everyone in the 30th century.

Usagi agrees to help Chibiusa, and after Mamoru puts her to bed, she and him discuss how Usagi feels insecure about the amount of attention he has been giving Chibiusa. The two make a promise to protect each other, and the next morning, Chibiusa uses her key to open the way to the future. In the space between times, they meet Sailor Pluto, who allows them access to the future. They see the 30th century, Crystal Tokyo in ruins and they are ambushed by agents of the Black Moon Clan, but Sailor Moon seems to be powerless, leaving Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Venus to defeat the villains. Inside the Crystal Palace, they see a crystal coffin, holding the unconscious ruler, Neo-Queen Serenity, Chibiusa's mother. They also meet Diana, future daughter of Luna and Artemis, and King Endymion, who tells them Chibiusa is the future daughter of Sailor Moon (Neo-Queen Serenity) and Tuxedo Mask (King Endymion).

King Endymion tells them about the enemy and the history of Crystal Tokyo, as well as Sailor Pluto, and eventually they have to go back to the past, with Sailor Moon's presence with Neo-Queen Serenity causing a paradox. Chibiusa ran away to the future and the others went after her, finding her being attacked by the Black Moon Clan. Again, Sailor Moon is unable to use the Cutie Moon Rod, and after the enemy is defeated, Sailor Moon is taken by the Black Moon Clan's leader, Prince Demande.

Usagi awakens in on Nemesis to find she cannot transform into Sailor Moon. Demande tells her of his ambitions to destroy the Silver Crystal, and his draw to Neo-Queen Serenity, before forcefully kissing Usagi. Usagi gains more confidence in herself, and awakens her captured friends, prisoners on Nemesis. Usagi wanders the base, and hears two commanders discuss her friends and where they are, before she loses consciousness. Usagi awakens, and begins searching for her friends, when she finds the reactor to the Black Crystal in Nemesis. She meets Saphir, who tells her about Wiseman and his manipulations, before she is attacked by Saphir and his droids. Suddenly, she connects with Neo-Queen Serenity and the power of her Silver Crystal is activated, allowing her to become Sailor Moon, and she frees Rei, Ami, and Makoto from the prison. Using the time key, Sailor Moon teleports them all to Crystal Tokyo as Nemesis becomes unstable. They are reunited with Sailor Venus, but Chibiusa and Tuxedo Mask are missing, having been lost in the time stream. Usagi loses consciousness and her friends take her back to the present.

Usagi wakes up and finds herself missing Chibiusa, despite the grief she caused her. Usagi finds a time key that appeared, and reality begins to become warped, caused by some event in the future. The Senshi head back to Crystal Tokyo, finding it being attacked by a woman calling herself Black Lady, who is actually Chibiusa, corrupted by Wiseman. With the help of Saphir, Demande, and a brainwashed Tuxedo Mask, Black Lady takes the Silver Crystal from the past from Usagi, but it is taken by a crazy Demande, who threatens to touch the Silver Crystals of the past and future together, and destroy all existence. Sailor Pluto stops time and Usagi takes away the two Crystals, and Silver Pluto des for breaking the taboo of stopping time. Chibiusa, witnessing the death of her friends, breaks the control of Wiseman (along with Tuxedo Mask), and the Crystal of the future activates, allowing her to become Sailor Chibi Moon, and she joins Usagi in the battle, fighting the Black Moon Clan.

Once time begins again, Demande tries to kill Sailor Moon, but she and Tuxedo Mask use the Moon Rod to destroy him and they confront Wiseman (revealed to be Death Phantom, as well as the planet Nemesis itself). The heroes are drawn into Nemesis, where they see the core, the Black Crystal. Sailor Moon fights it, but it, she, and Tuxedo Mask vanish. They soon appear in space, facing down Death Phantom, and Chibiusa appears with them. With their combined powers, the three of them destroy Death Phantom, with their weapons and brooches destroyed in the process. Awakened, Neo-Queen Serenity bestows Usagi the Cosmic Heart Compact, along with new powers, but despite the risks, Neo-Queen Serenity meets Sailor Moon, and thanking her.

Back in the present, Usagi and Chibiusa spend a day and shed tears, with Chibiusa heading back home to the 30th Century. They meet with Mamoru and before leaving, Chibiusa gives Usagi the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and leaves. Later, Usagi sits with Mamoru, concerned that receiving the new weapon could be a foretelling of another upcoming battle. As Mamoru reassures her, Chibiusa, again, falls from the sky, and gives Usagi a note from Neo-Queen Serenity, that Chibiusa will be staying in the present day to train as a Sailor Senshi, to Usagi's annoyance.

Infinity Arc

Some time passes after the victory over the Black Moon Clan, and Usagi dreaming of her marriage with Mamoru but it's interrupted by her alarm clock, she then rushes out the house, late again. Usagi meets Mamoru before school and he complains that he was going to leave, Usagi says she'll never be late again and proceeds to give him a kiss but Chibiusa jumps in to hug Mamoru before she can. Chibiusa then leaves for school and Usagi reminisces about the battle against Black Moon. Mamoru suddenly feels something but shrugs it off when Usagi asks if he's okay, she then wonders how long their peaceful happiness will last.

Usagi arrives at the Crown Game Center with Naru to meet up with Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako, who show her a fun racing game. Usagi then tries out the game and notices someone next to them who aces the game: Haruka Tenou. Usagi crashes and complains about the realistic feel, Haruka compliments her. Naru and Umino tell Usagi that the guy was Haruka from Mugen Academy, Usagi then notices two Mugen Academy students and says how their uniforms are cute. Suddenly, Usagi's brooch starts to glow and one of the students turns into a monster. Mamoru takes Naru and Umino to safety while Usagi and the Inner Sailor Scouts transform. Sailor Venus and Jupiter kill the monster with Venus Wink Chain Sword and Jupiter Coconut Cyclone making it detach from the girl. The Senshi question whether there is a new enemy and they decide to investigate the academy.

At home, Usagi sees Chibiusa on the phone to Mamoru and complains that she wants to go with Chibiusa and Mamoru to the new amusement park near Mugen Academy. Mamoru argues that she needs to investigate the academy with the Senshi and Usagi later joins Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako outside the academy while Chibiusa goes to the amusement part. To sneak into the academy Usagi uses her disguise pen to look like a Mugen Academy student, she explores a bit but doesn't find anything suspicious. Everyone hears music being played by Michiru but it stops when Michiru notices Usagi watching her. Haruka then ambushes Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako telling them to stop interfering while Michiru tells Usagi the same thing. Usagi flees the academy after another student notices her and question's her identity, she runs into Chibiusa who went to look for her hat but found a girl in pain. Both Usagi and Chibiusa's brooches glow as another monster appears and they transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.

The monster attacks Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon kills it with Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Once the monster is destroyed, all that remains behind of it is a cat, that appears to be unharmed. The girl questions who they are, Chibiusa responds and the girl heals her wounds. Usagi and her friends notice what looks like a sailor scout and tuxedo mask running away. Chibiusa shows Usagi that her cut is healed and the girl introduces herself as Hotaru Tomoe.

Back at the game center they question whether the two mysterious figures are enemies but they draw no conclusions only marking the two Mugen Academy students: Haruka and Michiru. The next day, Usagi runs into Haruka at the game center and asks if he's a sailor guardian, and her friends tell him to stay away and he leaves. At the Parlor Crown, they find out that Rei has left to purify herself in the mountains for her fifteenth birthday, they also realize Mugen Academy students have gone to the mountain too. They find Rei on the mountain and celebrate her birthday, giving her presents. They sneak into the academy's judo class and Makoto practices with Haruka but is beaten. They leave when Eudial notices they're not from the academy. That night, Ami wakes Usagi up to tell her Rei and Makoto are gone, they then find Sailor Mars and Jupiter fighting Eudial and Sailor Moon saves them with Moon Spiral Heart Attack, killing Eudial and releasing the students. Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon feel someone watching them and turn around to see an unfamiliar Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon chases the Sailor Senshi and one of them kisses her, telling her that the situation is dangerous, they run off and Sailor Moon questions if it is a real Senshi. Back at the game center, Usagi recalls her encounter to her friends, Usagi then realizes the senshi looked a lot like Haruka. Later at night, Usagi has a dream about Haruka and the Senshi, she questions who they are but they only say they have a mission, and soon all the Senshi have the same dream of the deity of destruction. In the morning, Mamoru meets Usagi like usual but she feels bad about dreaming of kissing Haruka. She remembers seeing Mamoru with Michiru and questions their relationship. After school Usagi goes to the game center alone and finds Haruka again, she feels stressed at seeing him and wants to know more about him and Michiru. The next day, Usagi goes to the game center again to meet with the others and sees posters for Mimi Hanyû's concert. Minako complains about how it's only for Mugen students but Usagi says she's going to the Michiru concert and invites everyone. Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto go to the concert and see Mamoru and Chibiusa who had tickets of their own (from Michiru) and Usagi gets angry about how close Mamoru and Michiru seem to be. The concert suddenly stops half way through and Usagi receives a call from Sailor Venus saying Mimi is the enemy and she needs help. Sailor Moon and the rest of the Inner Senshi join Venus and Sailor Moon defeats one of Mimi's (now Mimete's) daimons with Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Just before a daimons attacks Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask, somebody kills it with Deep Submerge. Mimete is then killed with World Shaking and two new senshi appear: Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

The Inner Senshi are shocked at the two new guardians and the two tell them they are not allies, this shocked Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask asks if they'll bring the world to destruction. Sailor Uranus and Neptune don't reply but attack the Inner Senshi. Usagi wakes up later, and Luna tells the Senshi that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune should not be there. Chibiusa adds that they are like Sailor Pluto: guardians far away from others, but still watching over people. Usagi insists that they can't be enemies but Minako and Makoto gives arguments against her point. Later on, Usagi and Mamoru have the same dream about the Deity of Destruction. In the morning, Usagi waits for Mamoru but instead Haruka meets her and Usagi asks why they can't be allies, Mamoru intercepts before Haruka kisses Usagi and he holds her as she cries without knowing why. Chibiusa visits Usagi and Mamoru to ask for help with her school art project and she finds them together, though with obvious tension, and she asks Usagi if she's been cheating on him and Usagi questions if what she's done is wrong. Chibiusa has Usagi and Mamoru work together to make the Legendary Holy Grail for her art project. After finishing the project, Usagi apologizes to Mamoru and she realizes he was jealous of her being with Haruka while she was jealous of him being with Michiru. They then make up, which was part of Chibiusa's plan all along. The next day, Ami tells the other she's going to Mugen Academy to investigate. Usagi hears later, that Ami found out Mugen Academy is controlled by the Death Busters and she, along with Sailors' Mars, Venus and Jupiter go to help. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive and help the senshi, killing Viluy with Space Sword Blaster but leaving soon after.

Later, Usagi suggests they find out more about the new sailor guardians, though the girls makes excuse. She researches Professor Tomoe, who is the representative of Mugen Academy, and Hotaru, his daughter and realizes that Chibiusa may not be safe playing at Hotaru's house. Usagi insists she joins Chibiusa in going to Hotaru's house, when they get there, Chibiusa walks straight in and Kaori stops them. However, Hotaru insists they are guests and invites them into her room. Chibiusa offers her art project of The Legendary Holy Grail to Hotaru but she declined knowing how much effort Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru put into it themselves. She wanders around the residence, but Professor Tomoe catches her, and she makes an excuse, which he seems to believe before walking her back to Hotaru's room. Usagi and Chibiusa leave soon after and on the way home, Chibiusa notices a woman who looks very familiar to her.

The Senshi run up to Usagi and Chibiusa, telling them the enemy is in Mugen Botanical garden. Usagi notices Haruka and Michiru and chases them, she finds Haruka's apartment, and from the other side of the door asks again why they can't fight together. She leaves to go to the Mugen Botanical garden where they find people unconscious and the place filled with plants called Telluns that are stealing their hostie. Tellu, creator of the Telluns, appears and the Senshi transform. Sailor Jupiter attacks Tellu with Jupiter Coconut Cyclone and Sailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack but it's absorbed by Tellu. Sailor Chibi Moon wishes to help and Luna-P transforms to become a new rod for her. Sailor Chibi Moon destroys Tellu's human form, causing her to shift into her daimon form. Suddenly, Tellu is killed by Dead Scream and it is revealed to be Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Pluto tells Sailor Moon that she was reborn to carry out an important mission, and she's joined by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity and the Outer Senshi bow before her, properly introduce themselves and explain how they used to protect Silver Millennium from afar. The outer senshi explain how taking down the Death Busters would be too much for the Inner Senshi and that they must defeat The Deity of Destruction.

At the game center, Mamoru researches Professor Tomoe and discovers he worked on super life forms but was expelled from academic circles for taking his research too far and Luna then asks Chibiusa to check on Hotaru. As Usagi and Mamoru are out, it starts hailing, and they find Chibiusa on the ground. They meet up with the Senshi and notice that the hail has made everyone attack each other in town, and proceed to find the outer senshi and aid them in battle. Outside Haruka's apartment the outer senshi begin to fight Cyprine, the Inner senshi appear but Cyprine attacks them causing the inner and outer senshi to attack each other. Sailor Moon isn't affected and tries to help with Moon Spiral Heart Attack which causes Cyprine to split into two, making her twin Ptilol appear. Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask appear and Sailor Chibi Moon attacks with Pink Sugar Heart Attack but is deflected by Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon is devastated thinking that everyone truly considers the others enemies in their hearts and wants everyone to unite their hearts and souls. Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask hold Sailor Moon's hand and they use their powers to make the Legendary Holy Grail appear.

Sailor Moon uses the power of the Holy Grail to stop all the senshi fighting and remove them from the control of Cyprine. Sailors' Pluto, Uranus and Neptune's Talismans resonate and the senshi give power to Sailor Moon. This allows Sailor Moon to transform saying the word Crisis Make Up, transforming her into Super Sailor Moon and also changing the senshi's brooches into heart shaped crystals. Super Sailor Moon destroys Cyprine and Ptilol with Rainbow Moon Heartache. The Outer Senshi realize they must work with Sailor Moon and the others as the talismans knew to give strength to Sailor Moon. The Outer Senshi recall watching Princess Serenity and her Guardian Senshi die in the Silver Millennium, their talismans shining, and summoning Sailor Saturn to end the Silver Millennium. They tell the others that the talismans will come together again and summon Sailor Saturn who is now reborn as Hotaru, and they intend to kill Hotaru, fearing that with her slowly dying already would cause Saturn to awaken. The Inner Senshi don't believe what they say and Chibiusa runs off to stop them. Super Sailor Moon and Mamoru find Chibiusa with her brooch and silver crystal stolen by a woman who use to be Hotaru. Super Sailor Moon feels Chibiusa's hand, which is cold, and realizes Chibiusa isn't breathing.

Usagi and Mamoru at the hospital and a doctor telling them that Chibiusa's heart has stopped: Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna arrive saying Chibiusa's host had been removed. They tell her the new form of Hotaru is not Sailor Saturn (as the talismans did not react to the awakening), but a member of the Death Busters who occupied Hotaru's body for years. They tell her that Chibiusa's Soul was stolen and would die soon if the enemy stopped. Mamoru stays to protect Chibiusa and keep her body alive while the Inner Senshi head to Mugenzu. When they enter, they meet Cyprine and Ptilol, who separate the inner senshi from each other. Sailor Moon realizes she's been separated from the others and turns around to see battle wounded Inner Senshi who blame her for their scars and they say they're fed up with fighting. They then melt onto her and an angry Chibiusa appears, strangling Usagi and telling her it's all her fault. The Outer Senshi appear to help Chibiusa kill Sailor Moon as well as Mamoru, telling Usagi she's dead after he kills Hotaru and Chibiusa. Sailor Moon sees it's a trick and dispels the illusion with Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Sees the resurrected Witches 5 holding the Inner Senshi captive. Sailor Pluto and Neptune then destroy the Witches with Chronos Typhoon and Submarine Reflection and release the Inner Senshi. They combine their power together again so Sailor Moon can transform into Super Sailor Moon. They head to the principal's office and Usagi destroys Daimon Kaolinite with Rainbow Moon Heartache.

The Senshi separate, with Sailor Moon going with the Outer Senshi. They are attacked in the elevator, but Sailor Moon saves them, and they confront Professor Tomoe. Once he turns into a Daimon, Sailor Moon is forced to destroy him. As the building begins to shake, Sailor Pluto has them protected, but Sailor Moon loses her Super form, indicating the Inner Senshi are in trouble. Outside the complex, they see the Inner Senshi in danger, and Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90.

The Outer Senshi create a barrier to try and stop Pharaoh 90 from consuming the world, while Sailor Moon fights Mistress 9, who is struggling for control by Hotaru. She watches in horror as the Daimon extracts the Inner Senshi's hostie, but Hotaru save them as well as Chibiusa and the Silver Crystal. Reunited with her friends, as well as joined by Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon uses the Holy Grail to become Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon gains her own Holy Grail, becoming Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

The Sailor Senshi use their combined power to try and destroy Mistress 9, to no avail, and she merges with Pharaoh 90. Drawing power from the Tau Nebula, Pharaoh 90 breaks through the barrier and consumes the planet, but Sailor Moon does not lose hope. She summons the Holy Grail and jumps into Pharaoh 90, hoping to destroy him from within, with the power of the Grail and the Silver Crystal. After Sailor Saturn awakens and begins to destroy the world, Super Sailor Moon emerges, transforming the Senshi into their Super forms. She sees Sailor Saturn drag Pharaoh 90 into the Tau Nebula, and the portal is closed by Sailor Pluto. Sailor Moon turns into Princess Serenity and restores the world, damages by Pharaoh 90, and brings back Hotaru, reborn as an infant. The outer senshi take Hotaru, to raise her and Sailor Moon chases them. Later, Usagi goes to their apartments to find them empty, and she sees the outer leave in helicopters, believing she will see them again.

Dream Arc

In summer, Usagi is thrilled to be going into high school, wearing her new high school uniform, though her ego is a bit bruished when her friends comment on how lucky she was to make it into high school. Mamoru meets them and she, Mamoru and Chibiusa leave, preparing to send Chibiusa back to the 30th century. They head to the park to watch the upcoming eclipse, when Usagi and Chibiusa hear a bell. They turn around to see a pegasus asking for the maiden's help.

Stars Arc


Usagi is known to be cheerful, dreamy, and kind-hearted. She has a huge sweet-tooth and enjoys all kinds of deserts. However she can be whiny, immature, and clumsy in front of her friends and enemies. Despite that she refuses to leave from a fight and is loyal to others and always tries her best to protect the Solar System from danger.


Being the possessor of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Usagi is able to perform amazing feats, and as story goes, she grows even stronger than before, most notoriously at the final arc.

In the Dark Kingdom Arc, Act 5, she is shown being able to see, through dreams, past life memories and in the Black Moon Arc, Act 21, she is able to foresee future events as well. It's even stated by Artemis in the musicals, that her future predictions never fail. It's proven quite true when she predicted Black Lady's outcome and the appearance of the brainwashed Endymion by dreaming they kissing each other, while unconscious, and when she dreamed about a strange woman in the Stars Arc.

She is also able to teleport using the Moon Stick, in her civilian form, though it is shown only once at Act 13, when she teleported, along with Tuxedo Mask, to the Moon Kingdom.

In the Infinty Arc, after gaining a new brooch, she is granted the ability to sense evil's approach through her Silver Crystal inside, and in the Stars Arc, she shows two additional powers. She is able to suppress and distort her own memories, replacing by false ones. This ability manifested when Usagi is too shocked by the deaths of her beloved ones, and in the Act 53, Stars 4, she admits that she used it because she refused to believe in her dearest ones' deaths. She also has an insurmountable healing power, capable to restore an entire place to its' perfect state, though with Chibi Chibi's assistance, as shown her first battle against Sailor Galaxia in her civilian form in the Act 55, Stars 6.


Usagi's signature hairstyle derives from a "good luck charm" of the artist's. In college, Naoko Takeuchi would put her own hair up in odango before difficult class exams.[2] By the intermediate stages of development, Takeuchi planned to have the character's hair be blonde in civilian form and change to silver when she transformed, but she was told by her editor that silver hair would be too plain for cover art. Stylistic use of differently-colored hair does sometimes appear in later artwork. Out of all the Sailor Senshi, Usagi's personality is closest to Takeuchi's own personality at the time that the series was created.[3]

Certain background details of Usagi's character were chosen symbolically for instance, her Western astrological sign is given as Cancer, which in astrology corresponds to the moon. In reference to a popular Japanese belief, her blood type is given as O, supposedly indicating friendliness, optimism, and carelessness.


The kanjies of Usagi's surname translate as "moon" (月, tsuki) and "field" (野, no).

Her given name is the hiragana spelling of the Japanese word for 'rabbit' (うさぎ, usagi), and puns of her name are used frequently throughout the series, even in her hairstyle and possessions.

Her full name when said in Japanese naming-order (Tsukino Usagi) gives two additional puns: no-usagi (野うさぎ), meaning "wild rabbit"; and Tsuki no Usagi (月のうさぎ), meaning "Rabbit of the Moon". The latter derives from an Asian folktale about a rabbit that is said to reside on the Moon.

The English-language manga gives her the nickname Bunny to partially preserve this pun; many other localisations use the name Bunny as well. "Usagi" is not a common given name in Japan.

In the original English dub, Usagi is named "Serena". This has the side-effect of making her name meaningful, as "Serena" is very close in spelling and pronunciation to "Serenity". Ironically, Serena means calm, which Usagi is often not. In early promotional videos, DIC used the name Victoria and On Kodansha's English website, she was at first referred as Celeste.


  • In one piece of official artwork, Usagi's name is Romanized as "Usagi Tukino."
  • Usagi was the only character to appear in all of the acts in the manga.
  • "The Rabbit of the Moon" derives from a Japanese folktale about the rabbit that is said to be visible in the Moon crater's surface, much like the Western Man in the Moon.
  • Her odango give an impression of a rabbit's (albeit elongated) ears.
  • Her dream is to be a bride.
  • Usagi's family take their names from the real family members of the metaseries' creator, Naoko Takeuchi.
  • Usagi's crush on Motoki is not as big in the manga as it was in the anime.
  • In the manga, she is kissed by Mamoru Chiba several times, Prince Demande (once, unwillingly), Kou Seiya (once) and Haruka Tenou (twice, unwillingly).
    • In the manga and Crystal, Usagi slaps Demande immediately after he kisses her, in the first anime she also cries but she is saved by Tuxedo Mask before Demande kisses her.
  • She is hinted to have a physical relationship with Mamoru; she was seen sleeping with him in the last volume of the manga. She is seen sleeping with him once again on the cover of "Sailor Moon Short Stories Volume 2."
  • In Ami's Exam Battle Story, Usagi questions "Who's that?" when Ami mentions Albert Einstein.[4]
  • While kidnapped by Prince Demand on the false planet Nemesis, Usagi's dress closely resembles that of the picture "Champenois" by Alphonse Mucha.


For images of the manga incarnation of Usagi Tsukino, please see Usagi Tsukino/Image Gallery.


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