Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star Is Hard Work
Sailor Moon - EP07
うさぎ反省! スターの道はきびしい
Usagi hansei! Sutaa no Michi wa kibishii
Airing Information
Episode: EP 7, Season 1
Air Date (JP): April 25, 1992
Written by: Shigeru Yanagawa
Directed by: Takao Yoshizawa
Featured Monster: Derella
North American Dub
Air Date (CA): August 31, 1995
Air Date (US): September 14, 1995
DiC Title: So You Want to Be a Superstar
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"Usagi Learns her Lesson: Becoming a Star Is Hard Work" is the 7th episode of the first season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 7th episode overall. It aired in Japan on April 25, 1992. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "So You Want to Be a Superstar", and it aired in Canada on August 31, 1995, and then in North America on September 14, 1995.


Usagi and Naru both dream of becoming stars like Mikan Shiritori, a graduate from their school. When the girls hear that Mikan is holding a talent contest, they see their chance to achieve stardom.


Usagi and Naru are late for school. When they arrive, they talk with Umino and several girls about the new superstar, Mikan Shiratori. Usagi and Naru decide they want to become superstars as well. Jadeite decides he can use Mikan to gather energy for the Dark Kingdom.

Usagi and Naru decide to become superstars on rock videos and sing Moonlight Legend (the Sailor Moon theme song), dancing badly, until Shingo enters and accuses them of torturing him. When Usagi steps on Naru's foot, they get into a fight. Afterwards, Usagi sees a man and his monkey on TV and decides to make Luna her partner, while Naru pairs up with Umino.

Mikan is attacked in the shower by Jadeite's youma Derella, who engulfs her with a substance that emits from her mouth and then transforms into her. She and Jadeite announce a contest, hypnotizing the audience into entering. Naru and Umino enter, but Luna does not want to.

At the competition, Derella — disguised as Mikan — drains energy from all the contestants and audiences, including Naru and Umino. When Usagi witnesses Derella in her true form, she transforms into Sailor Moon to fight her. Eventually, Derella freezes Sailor Moon, but the ice is shattered by Tuxedo Mask. As Derella tries to attack him, Sailor Moon destroys her with Moon Tiara Action, returning all the energy.

Other Dub Titles

  • French: Une étoile est née ("A Star Is Born")
  • German: Ein Star wird geboren ("A Star Is Born")
  • Hungarian: Csillag született ("Star Was Born")
  • Polish: Długa droga do gwiazd ("The Long Road To The Stars")
  • Portuguese
    • Brazilian: O longo e sinuoso caminho para o estrelato ("The Long Winding Road to Stardom")
    • European: O longo caminho para a fama ("The Long Road to Fame")
  • Spanish
    • Mexican: El Largo y Sinuoso Camino al Estrellato ("The Long and Winding Road to Stardom")
    • European: Camino hacia el Estrellato ("Road to Stardom")


Changes From the Manga

Dub Changes

  • When Sailor Moon destroys Derella in the English dub, she says "Moon Tiara Vaporize!" instead of "Moon Tiara Magic". Sailor Moon also says "I banish you to the Negaverse!" when she destroys Derella. This is one of the two times death is referred to as "banishment to the Negaverse". The other is when Queen Beryl is destroyed.
  • The German dub removed all references to Cinderella and replaced them with references to Snow White.
  • A few parts of the scene where Derella attacked Mikan Shiratori in the shower were cut in the French dub.

First Appearances



  • This episode features the second time Sailor Moon's tiara is clearly shown hitting the enemy it destroys.
  • Naru's act, first with Usagi and later with Umino, involved a performance of "Moonlight Legend".
  • The plot is similar to Chapter 4 of Codename: Sailor V, the difference being that in that plot, the Youma was the idol rather than an imposter.
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