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Usagi Dancing to the Waltz
Drunk Usagi in Episode 108
Usagi no Dansu wa Warutsu ni Notte

Usagi's Dance, In Time to a Waltz


3, Sailor Moon S

Air date

September 17, 1994


Megumi Sugihara


Harume Kosaka




Art Is an Explosion of Love: Chibiusa's First Love


The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed


“Everything's Coming Up Rosey (CWi)
Usagi Dancing to the Waltz (Viz Media)”

Air date

July 6, 2000




Art Appreciation (CWi)
Art Is an Explosion of Love: Chibiusa's First Love (Viz Media)


No Turning Back (CWi)
The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed (Viz Media)

"Usagi Dancing to the Waltz" is the 19th episode of the third season of the anime, and the 108th episode overall. It first aired in Japan on September 17, 1994. The English dub title for this episode is "Everything's Coming Up Rosey", and it first aired in North America on July 6, 2000.


Usagi and her friends are invited to a party for international university students after a visit from an English-speaking friend of Mamoru's named Edwards.



Changes From the Manga

Dub Changes

  • The language conflict in this episode, Japanese to English, was changed to English to French. In the newer Viz Media dub, this is modified so the girls have to speak "proper English" for the international guests. 
  • Instead of drinking alcohol and becoming intoxicated, "Serena" drank too much "juice" and became ill. 

Other Dub Titles

  • Catalan: Ballant a ritme de vals ("Dancing at the Pace of Waltzes")
  • European Spanish: Danzad, danzad, danzad ("Dance, Dance, Dance")
  • Mexican Spanish: Serena baila al ritmo del vals ("Serena Dances to the Rhythm of the Waltz")
  • French: Entrez dans la danse ("Join the Dance")
  • Portuguese: Serena dança ("Serena Dance")
  • Polish: Przetańczyć całą noc ("Dance All Night")
  • Russian: Танцуй, танцуй, танцуй ("Dance, Dance, Dance")
  • Hungarian: Táncolj te is ("Dance Too")
  • Chinese: 小兔乘著華爾滋的節拍跳舞 ("Bunny Dancing on the Beat of Waltz")
  • German: Die Party ("The Party")
  • Italian: A tempo di valzer ("A Waltz Time")


  • This was the second time Usagi experienced intoxication from alcoholic beverages. The first one time was in episode 22.


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