Usagi Abandoned: The Falling-Out of the Sailor Guardians
うさぎが孤立? S戦士達の大ゲンカ
Usagi ga Koritsu? S Senshi-Tachi no Dai Genka
Airing Information
Episode: EP 43, Season 1
Air Date (JP): February 6, 1993
Written by: Shigeru Yanagawa
Directed by: Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Featured Monster: Oniwabandana
North American Dub
Air Date (US): November 1, 1995
DiC Title: Fractious Friends
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"Usagi Abandoned: The Falling-Out of the Sailor Guardians" is the 43rd episode of the 1st season, and the 43rd of the overall series. It aired in Japan on February 6, 1993. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Fractious Friends" and it aired in North America on November 1, 1995.


On orders from Queen Beryl, Kunzite and his Youma investigate the rumors of a rift between Sailor Moon and the other Inner Sailor Guardians, who seem to want both the mystical Moon Stick and the Silver Crystal for themselves.


At night, the Sailor Guardians were building up a scheme to deceive Queen Beryl and began to "attack" Sailor Moon, to force her to give them the Moon Stick, without being stubborn. When Sailor Moon gave them no response, Sailor Mars used her Fire Soul and blasted everyone.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and Kunzite was watching the energy readings and were surprised by the strange patterns. They had felt the Silver Crystal give out strange energy the past several nights. Kunzite called for the Youma, Oniwabandana that had been spying on the Sailor Guardians. The youma told them that Sailor Moon had been fighting against the other Sailor Guardians. Queen Beryl asked Kunzite what he felt about it. "It could be a break-up or a trap."

At night once again, a Youma appeared in OSA-P and stole some jewelry. Oniwabandana threw knives at Naru and her mother, pinning them against the wall. Sailor Moon then appeared and in the middle of her speech, Sailor Mars came and knocked her down. Then, the other Sailor Senshi appeared, too. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi started arguing. Oniwabandana turned herself into a camerawoman, Nana Asahina, and she started taking pictures of the Sailor Guardians fighting. Then, the woman went to interview Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon said that there was no trouble between them, but the other Sailor Guardians just turned the other way. When the woman started to interview the other Sailor Senshi, they all just walked away. Then, Naru asked Sailor Moon to help her.

The next day on the way to school, Naru was telling Usagi about what had happened the previous night. Naru said that the Sailor Guardians were fighting among themselves. But Usagi said that that couldn't happen, especially since Sailor Moon was so pretty and nice. Then, the camerawoman appeared and started asking Naru and Usagi a lot of questions. But Naru and Usagi escaped and ran off to school.

That night, Sailor Moon was fighting against the other Sailor Guardians. Then, Sailor Moon got kicked down by Sailor Mars. Sailor Moon complained that Sailor Mars kicked too strongly, and with real hatred. But Sailor Mars said that they had to make it look real. This was originally all Sailor Moon's idea. She wanted to make it look like Sailor Moon was going to defect. She wanted to be taken into the Dark Kingdom so she can save Mamoru. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars started arguing.

The Sailor Guardians had already appeared in a magazine. There was an article about them breaking up. Usagi saw the picture and complained that the picture of her was not very good. Rei said that it was just natural and they almost got into a fight again.

Artemis had investigated the camerawoman and said that she had become very popular recently, but too quickly. They thought that she might be a Youma. Usagi said, "Yeah. If the Youma is already that close to us, it means that my strategy worked!" Ami said, "It could be just luck." Luna said that they were nearing the end of the training. She told Usagi that it would be dangerous. The next day Usagi went to the camerawoman with a message from Sailor Moon. The message read, "I want to quit fighting for justice as Sailor Moon. I don't want to team up with those Sailor Senshi anymore. I'll tell you more at 10 PM tonight." Oniwabandana showed Kunzite the message. Kunzite said that it was time for him to make an appearance.

That night, the camerawoman appeared and asked Sailor Moon if she wanted to quit. Sailor Moon said that she did. Then, the camerawoman turned into a youma. Kunzite appeared too. When Kunzite asked Sailor Moon if she wanted to join them, Sailor Moon said that she was a fighter for justice. Then Kunzite said that Sailor Moon would always be able to meet Prince Endymion. Kunzite also said that Endymion couldn't move at that moment. Sailor Moon thought that something had happened to Endymion. Kunzite said that he would take Sailor Moon to Endymion if she gave him the Silver Crystal.

Oniwabandana and Kunzite spotted the other Sailor Guardians hiding in the bushes. They knew that it was supposed to be a trap.

Kunzite created a black hole that was the entrance to the dark kingdom. Sailor Moon was a little scared but said that she would go. When Sailor Moon turned, the youma attacked. The youma choked Sailor Moon. The youma asked for the Silver Crystal, but Sailor Moon said that she would give it only after seeing Tuxedo Mask.

Kunzite and the youma said that they would kill Sailor Moon and then look for the Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon said that she didn't have the Silver Crystal with her at the moment. Then she realized that they were being tested. The other Sailor Guardians knew it too.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus said that they would go help Sailor Moon. But Sailor Mars blocked their way. Sailor Jupiter asked, "Do you hate her?" Sailor Mars said, "If I hate her I wouldn't have accepted something so important." Sailor Mars was holding the Moon Stick with the Silver Crystal.

Sailor Moon was getting choked. The Sailor Guardians stayed in the bushes. Sailor Moon was hoping that the other Sailor Guardians wouldn't come to help her. But Sailor Mars couldn't take it anymore. Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter went out to face Kunzite and the youma. "The acting ends here!" Kunzite said, "Stupid. I knew it was an act all along."

Sailor Mars used the Fire Soul and blasted the youma. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus blasted Kunzite. But Kunzite escaped. He said, "If you want to get me in a trap, study acting a little more." The youma attacked Sailor Moon. But all of the Sailor Senshi fought together to defeat the youma. Sailor Moon finished with the moon healing escalation, to turn her back into the camerawoman.

Sailor Moon said, "Why did you come out? I could have done it myself." Sailor Mars said, "Because you were crying so much." Sailor Moon asked, "When was I crying?" Sailor Mars said, "Tonight at 11:16:28." Sailor Moon said, "Your way of talking like that is so mean." Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars stuck their tongues out at each other.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Serena Fica Sozinhaː Sailor Moon Contra as Outras Guerreiras ("Serena Stay Aloneː Sailor Moon Against the Other Warriors")
  • European Portuguese: A Navegante da Lua Está Contra as Guerreiras. ("The Navigator of the Moon is Against the Warriors.")
  • French
    • TV: Bunny change de camp ("Bunny Changes Sides")
    • DVD: Usagi isolée ? La grosse dispute des guerrières. ("Usagi Isolated? The Big Fight of the Warriors.")
  • German: Die Falle ("The Trap")


Changes from the Manga

  • In the manga, the Sailor Senshi never came up with such a plan of giving the Silver Crystal in exchange for Mamoru

Dub Changes

  • In DiC's English dub, Sailor Mars wasn't entrusted the Moon Stick by Sailor Moon; rather, Sailor Moon left it in her room so Mars kept it.
  • The two scenes when Sailor Mars kicks Sailor Moon were cut out of the DiC English dub. The scene when Sailor Moon cries after she got kicked by Sailor Mars again was also removed.



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