Usagi’s Parental Love: the Curry Romance Triangle
うさぎの親心? カレーな三角関係
Usagi no oyagokoro? Kareena sankaku kankei
Airing Information
Episode: EP {{{ep number}}}, Season 2
Air Date (JP): August 21, 1993
Directed by: Harume Kosaka
Featured Monster: Avocadora
North American Dub
Air Date (US): November 14, 1995
DiC Title: A Curried Favor
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"Usagi’s Parental Love: the Curry Romance Triangle" is the 21st episode of the second season of the anime, and the 66th episode overall. It aired in Japan on August 21, 1993. The DiC English dub title for this episode is A Curried Favor, and it aired in North America on November 14, 1995.


Usagi and Chibiusa decide to make curry together for a party at her school, but the Juban Supermarket becomes targeted by Calaveras and Petz.



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Dub Changes

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  • This is the second time in the anime that Usagi cooked curry. The first time was in episode 45, when she cooked it for her family, but it came out with terrible results.
  • Kenji Tsukino made his final anime appearance in this episode.


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