Usagi's Eternal Wish: a Brand New Life
Usagi no Omoi wa Towa ni! Atarashiki Tensei
Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

February 27, 1993


Sukehiro Tomita


Kunihiko Ikuhara


Super Beryl


Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle


Moon Returns: The Mysterious Aliens Appear


“Day of Destiny (DiC)
Usagi's Eternal Wish: a Brand New Life (Viz)”

Air date

November 3, 1995


Super Beryl


The Past Returns (DiC)
Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle (Viz)


The Return Of Sailor Moon (DiC)
Moon Returns: The Mysterious Aliens Appear (Viz)

"Usagi's Eternal Wish: a Brand New Life" is the 46th episode of the first season of the Sailor Moon anime, and the 46th episode overall. The episode first aired in Japan on February 27, 1993. In the DiC English dub, this episode, as well as the previous episode, were heavily edited and combined into one episode titled "Day of Destiny", and the episode first aired in North America on November 3, 1995.


With her friends killed, Sailor Moon is transported inside the Dark Kingdom to face Queen Beryl and the brainwashed Prince Endymion.


Sailor Moon had reached the entrance to the Dark Kingdom. She was being watched by Queen Beryl who created an energy ball and snatched Sailor Moon from the entrance and brought her to the heart of the Dark Kingdom. The disoriented Sailor Moon watched as a light revealed the presence of Queen Beryl. Beryl welcomed the "Princess" to her kingdom and introduced her to Beryl's loyal servant Prince Endymion.

Endymion attacked and Sailor Moon dodged, then she used the Moon Healing Escalation to restore Mamoru's memory except it didn't work. Queen Beryl gloated that Queen Metalia had completely cleansed Mamoru's memory. Endymion tossed Sailor Moon a black rose with a comment: "Sailor Moon...die.". The rose stem expanded and tied up Sailor Moon and tried to fry her. Sailor Moon screamed and called out for Mamoru. The rose disintegrated and Endymion picked Sailor Moon up by the neck and proceeded to blast her with energy.

Queen Beryl finally called a halt to the torture and Endymion tossed Sailor Moon aside. She landed next to the Moon Stick, but didn't have the strength or will to grab it. Queen Beryl ordered Endymion to deliver the final blow, but Sailor Moon had one more weapon. She used Moon Tiara Action and the tiara caught Endymion in his midsection and he collapsed. Queen Metalia's power forced Endymion to his feet, sword upraised. He was presented with the sight of the kneeling Sailor Moon holding the orgel out to him. Unwillingly, he touched it and a backlash flooded him with energy. Memories flooded him, including a vision of the young Mamoru being comforted by Usagi.

Mamoru said "Usagi...". Sailor Moon realized that he got his memory back and Queen Beryl sent a rock spear to destroy them both. A red rose flashed and the rock spear shattered...the rose hit Queen Beryl and a rock fragment ended up in Mamoru's back. Queen Beryl tried to shrug off the attack, but realized that Mamoru's power was tearing her apart. She retreated.

Mamoru told Sailor Moon to leave before the cavern started falling apart. Then the rose fell apart. Sailor Moon realized that Mamoru was dead and she started sobbing over his body...

Queen Beryl was before Queen Metalia. Queen Metalia was ready to emerge and the cocoon shattered. The essence of Queen Metalia absorbed the body of Queen Beryl and she departed.

Sailor Moon was going to kiss Mamoru, but didn't in the end. She felt that it wasn't right, since the other girls had died without kissing their boyfriends. Sailor Moon left the collapsing cavern.

Queen Metalia formed a copy of Queen Beryl for her new body, only this body was 10 times larger. As she exulted in her power, she noticed the arrival of the only other living person here. Outside of the entrance to the Dark Kingdom, Super Beryl and Sailor Moon got ready for their final confrontation.

Super Beryl attacked with a wave of dark energy and caught Sailor Moon head on. The attack formed an ice mound like those serving as markers for the other Sailor Senshi. The top of the ice tower burst open and Super Beryl was confronted with Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal.

In Japan, the weather became turbulent and power was draining away. Artemis knew that Queen Metalia had awakened. Luna tried to go to where the Sailor Senshi were, but Artemis stopped her. Luna knew that only the Princess could stop Queen Metalia, but only by using the full power of the Silver Crystal. If she did, the Princess would die as her mother did, and Luna didn't want Usagi to die. Crying, Luna begged the distant Usagi not to do it.

The two combatants faced each other. Then the Princess activated the power of the Silver Crystal. Super Beryl attacked, and the power of the Silver Crystal held her off. Super Beryl intensified her attack and the protective bubble started shrinking. Princess Serenity couldn't hold on by herself, but she got help.

The spirits of the four Sailor Senshi joined Princess Serenity and each invoked their power: "Mercury Power!...Mars Power!...Jupiter Power!...Venus Power!...Moon Prism Power!". The Silver Crystal threw an energy ball at Super Beryl completely consuming her. Serenity faded away and Sailor Moon collapsed. Sailor Moon stared up at the sky and whispered her thanks.

The energy ball thrown off by the Silver Crystal kept expanding. It engulfed Sailor Moon's body and the Moon Stick and kept growing. It absorbed the ice tombs and bodies of the four Sailor Senshi and still kept growing. All of the underground Dark Kingdom and Mamoru was absorbed and continued to grow. It encompassed the entire North Pole region and was easily visible from space and the Moon. Usagi's voice-over says that all she wants is her old life back free of Youma and power-crystals and destinies. In Japan, power was back on, and life was rapidly becoming normal.

Morning. At the Tsukino house, an alarm clock was cheeping. Usagi tried to get back to sleep then she realized that she was going to be late. The family looked up at the mild earthquake and Usagi zoomed out the door.

As she was running to school, Makoto raced past her on her longer legs, she was late too. Rei ignored the crazy schoolgirl racing by the temple and Minako waited for her bus. At school, the scores for the latest test were posted, and Ami Mizuno was #1 (again). Usagi and Naru glared enviously as the quiet girl walked past them. On her way home, a frustrated Usagi threw her test paper over her shoulder, hitting Mamoru. Embarrassed (she got 30/100), she grabs it back and glares at him. Walking home, she tells Naru about a dream, where she met her prince and won him. But it was only a dream, the five girls have a chance at a normal life.


Changes From the Manga

  • Metaria never merges with Beryl, but with Endymion and only temporary until he was injured by Sailor Moon.
  • Beryl is killed by Sailor Venus, when she is stabbed in the chest with the Legendary Sword.
  • Metaria remains a dark force when she begins consuming the planet rather than possessing her minions.
  • The Moon Stick became a long staff with the Silver Crystal attached to it.
  • Sailor Moon never becomes Princess Serenity when she defeats Metalia.
  • Mamoru survives to support Sailor Moon in the battle when her Senshi could not because they had to destroy their pens to awaken Sailor Moon.
  • The Senshi and Mamoru never lose their memories after the battle.
  • Mamoru lost his sight, but recovered it after Sailor Moon defeated Metalia.

Dub Changes

  • The song that played during the battle against Queen Beryl was "Moonlight Densetsu." In the DiC dub, it was replaced with "Carry On". The Spanish, German, and Cantonese dubs used an instrumental version of "Moonlight Densetsu." The Korean and Hebrew dubs replaced the song with dubbed versions. In the Indonesian, Greek, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin dubs the song was removed completely without a replacement.
  • The song that played at the end of the episode was "You're Just My Love". In the English dub, it was replaced with "It's a New Day" . In the Korean dub the song was replaced with an instrumental piece of music from the soundtrack of the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service." The song was dubbed in the Hebrew dub. In the Catalan dub it was replaced with instrumental music. In the Greek, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin dubs the song was removed completely without a replacement.
  • DiC combined this episode and the previous episode, causing many scenes to be cut or shortened:
    • The removal the deaths of the Sailor Senshi caused the scene where Sailor Moon talks to the ghost of the Sailor Senshi to be removed, however, the scene ends up appearring in the Sailor Says segment. Also in the English dub, the flashback scene from episode 22 was kept intact even though the moment when Usagi and Mamoru fell off the balcony was cut in the English dub of that episode.
    • The fight between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask was severly cut for time and violence.
    • Shots of the black spots on the sun from the Dark Kingdom growing.
    • Tuxedo Mask being fatally struck by black crystal shards, and the entire scene and speech with Tuxedo Mask dying after Beryl fled was cut.
    • When Beryl is struck by the rose, it is not shown the rose embedded in her, the energy of love surging within the rose, or her skin cracking because of it.
    • The shot of Sailor Moon falling into the ice, along with the Moon Stick, after destroying Super Beryl was cut, though the shot was still used in a flashback in the episode For Love and Justice! A Sailor Senshi Once Again.
    • Since the scene from an earlier episode showing Metaria possessing Prince Endymion was cut, the dub has Beryl simply state "The spell I cast is too strong.
  • In the Korean dub, when the Inner Senshi said their final words Sailor Mars' speech was cut and was replaced with the silhouettes of Usagi and Mamoru shown at the end of the episode.
  • This episode and the previous one were omitted from the first run of the Polish version. They were later aired by TV4, though only late at night.

First Appearances


  • Keiko Han received her only on-screen credit for the role of Queen Beryl at the end of this episode (in all previous episodes, she was credited for the role of Luna only).
  • Queen Beryl, Queen Metalia, the Orgel, and Moon Healing Escalation made their final appearances in this episode. This is the last episode the Moon Stick is used. Also. it was the first and only appearence of Super Beryl.
  • This was the last episode in which Cecilia Santiago played Bunny in the Spanish dub.
  • This was the last episode dubbed by Gota Mágica in the Brazilian dub. When the following seasons were dubbed in 2000, there was a new voice cast because of a dubbing studio change.


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