Usagi's Crisis: The Tiara Stops Working
うとぎの危機! ティアラ作動せず
Usagi no kiki! Tiara sadō sezu

2, Sailor Moon R

Air date

April 10, 1993


Megumi Sugihara


Takao Yoshizawa


Hell Ant


For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears


A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up


“VR Madness”

Air date

November 27, 1995




A Knight to Remember


Cherry Blossom Time

"Usagi's Crisis: The Tiara Stops Working" is the 4th episode of Sailor Moon R and the 50th episode overall. It first aired in Japan on the 10th of April 1993.


Usagi goes with her brother and father to a virtual-reality arcade where another Cardian attacks. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and battles the Cardian. However, Usagi's powers begin to malfunction during the battle, preventing her from defeating the enemy.


The episode begins with Ikuko nagging Usagi about waking up and doing something because it's such a beautiful day. Then goes to Ail and An where the former reminds An that if their Hell Tree dies so will they. Ail then suggests they send a Cardian into a virtual reality theatre to collect human energy to which An agrees. Outside the theater Usagi and Luna are looking at the building where Usagi says she's going to play the game and Luna says she's invited the other girls who are late. While waiting in line Luna reminds Usagi this theater is perfect for her since she just recently regained her memory of how to be a soldier. Usagi then begins to question Luna as to if she knows how to bring back Mamoru's memory and then he appears, teasing her for taking our her frustration on her cat. After their usual banter Mamoru haeds into the theater on his own and Usagi realizes this is her chance and follows after him. Outside the theater Ail shoots lasers into the eyes of an attendant and An slaps a guy who was bugging her and who was eventually drove off by Mamoru. An begins to flirt with Mamoru until Usagi and Ail show up and they all end up going into the theater as a group and the rest of the girls show up and greet Luna.

Inside the theater Usagi realizes her dad, Kenji Tsukino, and little brother Shingo Tsukino are both here playing the game as well. Outside the girls are still waiting in line and back inside Shingo suits up with VR armor and a gun and calls himself "Sneakers Shingo" and recites Sailor Moon's catchphrase and imitates her pose. He along with his dad continue through the game while Usagi's group plays as well and a rivalry of sorts starts between Ail and Mamoru. After Usagi runs off from being scared by a VR monster Mamoru runs after her and Ail and An select their next Cardian, Nacrid (Hell Ant).

Shingo and Kenji have gotten lost when they hear screams and stumble upon Nacrid sucking the enerygy out of other players. Meanwhile Mamoru and Usagi are still playing and he runs off with her to which she begins to imagine him as Tuxedo Mask and once she feels someone else on her arm she imagines it as the Moonlight Knight, but it was only Shingo coming to tell her Kenji is in trouble.

Outside the girls are still waiting to be let in and back in the theater Mamoru attacks Nacrid with his VR suit while Kenji avoids being attacked. As Kenji hurls a fire extinguisher at Nacrid, he allows Mamoru and Shingo to escape, but it was for naught, even after spraying her Nacrid still managed to capture all three of them. Usagi then transforms into Sailor Moon and appears at the scene while Nacrid tries to attack Mamoru. Usagi then proceeds to use her Moon Tiara Action, but it fails to reach Nacrid. When she attacks Sailor Moon and Mamoru a white rose slashes across her forehead and the Moonlight Knight appears while Mamoru is still there, causing Usagi confusion. The Moonlight Knight then slices at Nacrid and succeeds in cutting off some of her energy draining tentacles, but still manages to get caught in more she had until the rest of the Sailor Senshi appeared and attacked. Sailor Moon tells them her tiara doesn't work and Sailor Venus tells her to pull herself together and attacks in conjunction with Sailor Jupiter to cleanse the Cardian. After the Moonlight Knight disappears, Mamoru questions who the Senshi are before they disappear.

Back at home, Ikuko is tending to the wounds of her husband and son while Usagi holds Luna and is still distraught about her tiara being broken.


Changes From the Manga

  • These events never happened in the manga.
  • Sailor Moon's tiara didn't randomly stop working in mid-attack.

Dub Changes

First Appearances


-One of the monster facades in the VR venue is Boxy.


Moon Prism Power (Episode 50 - Usagi's Crisis! The Tiara Doesn't Work) (April 10, 1993)
In this episode, Sailor Moon's final transformation pose for the Moon Prism Power, Make Up sequence is used for the last time.
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