Usagi's Confusion: Is Tuxedo Mask Evil?
Usagi konran! Takishīdo Kamen wa aku?

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

December 12, 1992


Sukehiro Tomita


Kunihiko Ikuhara




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“Bad Hair Day”

Air date

October 24, 1995




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Little Miss Manners

Usagi's Confusion: Is Tuxedo Mask Evil?” is the 36th episode of season one of Sailor Moon, and the 36th of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on December 12, 1992.


Minako tries to cheer Usagi up by taking her to a hair salon, leading to the discovery that Tuxedo Mask is still alive, but now very different.


Usagi had a nightmare. The princess and Endymion were in the kingdom on the moon. Then Endymion left for battle. Usagi couldn't sleep well at night. Usagi was saying, "I want to be normal. Where are you Tuxedo Mask?"

At school Naru and other girls were looking at an advertisement for a new hair salon put out by the famous hair designer Kariko Tokoyama. There was a free hair cut for the store's opening celebration. The girls were very happy. But Usagi was just feeling very sad and very quiet. She put her head down on her desk and ignored her friends. Naru was worried about Usagi.

The other girls (Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako) met at park to discuss Usagi. Luna and Artemis said that Usagi had to recover fast. Then Rei said that it couldn't be helped because her loved one had disappeared.

Usagi was at home listening to the music from Tuxedo Mask's pendant. Usagi remembered Tuxedo Mask and became more saddened. Minako came up to Usagi's room. Since Usagi didn't answer her, she let herself in. She said that Usagi should change hair style to give herself a change in feeling. Usagi undid her odango, and Minako brushed Usagi's hair. Minako suggested some hair styles for Usagi.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl said they had to get the Silver Crystal quickly. She wanted to find out the true identity of Sailor Moon. Then Kunzite said that he had a strand of Sailor Moon's hair, taken from the previous battle. He said that he would find out Sailor Moon's identity.

Minako and Usagi went to the new hair salon. Minako asked Kariko to look at Usagi's hair. Kariko said that it was a beautiful hair, and led Usagi to the chair. Kariko was washing Usagi's hair. The other girls were getting hair treatments. But it was actually a machine that checked their hair to try to identify Sailor Moon by using a computer. Kariko still hadn't found a match to Sailor Moon's hair.

Minako was sitting and waiting for Usagi. Then one of the assistants asked Minako to go to a hair steamer. Minako said that she just came with her friend, but the assistant encouraged her to try it out because it was free. So Minako went. The machine checked Minako's hair. Kariko found out that it matched Sailor Moon's hair. So she thought that Minako was Sailor Moon.

Usagi was in the middle of her shampoo, but Kariko left to go to Minako. Then the other assistants sprayed something in the air, and all of the girls went to sleep. Kariko choked Minako and asked for the Silver Crystal. Minako didn't know what was happening. Kariko said that the computer matched her hair to Sailor Moon's hair. Then Minako thought that Usagi's hair got caught with hers when she was brushing it. Kariko asked for the Silver Crystal again. But since Minako didn't do anything, Kariko and her assistants turned into a youma.

Usagi crawled away. When she saw the youma, she transformed. Sailor Moon went out to face the youma. She said, "Let go of her! She isn't Sailor Moon." The youma attacked Sailor Moon, and Minako passed out. Sailor Moon just tried crawling away. The youma kept attacking. Then Sailor Moon threw a small bottle of powder at the youma. While the youma was distracted, Sailor Moon tried to use her Moon Stick. When she said, "Moon Healing.." a rose came and hit the Moon Stick away. Sailor Moon turned around and saw Tuxedo Mask sitting in the chair. Sailor Moon was very happy, and there were tears in her eyes. But when she called out to him, Tuxedo Mask said, "I'm not something like that. I'm Endymion from the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon, give me the Silver Crystal!"

The youma got ready to attack again. After Sailor Moon dodged the attack, Tuxedo Mask ordered the youma to get the Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon couldn't believe Tuxedo Mask had become bad. Sailor Moon ran outside away from the youma. The youma and Tuxedo Mask followed her.

Minako woke up, and transformed into Sailor Venus. Sailor Moon was still running away through the town. Tuxedo Mask told the youma to hurry. Then Sailor Moon fell down and the youma was almost up to her. But the other Sailor Senshi came. Sailor Mars used the fire soul attack and Sailor Jupiter used the supreme thunder attack to destroy the youma's weapons. Then Sailor Mercury used the shabon spray attack, and Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Escalation to turn the youma back into Kariko and her assistants.

Sailor Mars also started crying because she saw Tuxedo Mask. But Sailor Venus said that it was the commander of the Dark Kingdom, Endymion. Sailor Mars couldn't believe it. Then Sailor Mercury asked, "Are you really going to fight us?" Endymion said, "I don't like to fight girls, but I need to get the Silver Crystal." Then Queen Beryl told Endymion to back off. So Endymion left.

Endymion went back to Dark Kingdom and asked, "Why did you call me back?" Queen Metalia said, "I can't have you die." Queen Beryl was happy to have Endymion on her side.

Later the girls were outside the hair salon. Usagi said, "They are normal people. I don't want to get them involved again." Artemis said that Usagi had grown up. Then Usagi became very happy, and said, "I'm so happy Tuxedo Mask is alive." Usagi also said, "I bet he's being tricked and used by the Dark Kingdom. I'll turn him over with my love."


Changes From the Manga

  • Usagi doesn't go to a hair salon. Her friends go to her house and help her with her hair, which had rapidly grown longer.
  • The first time Usagi sees Mamoru after being kidnapped, he introduces himself as an old friend of Motoki, named Endou.
  • Minako uses the pen she used to transform into Sailor V to transform into Sailor Venus instead of having one with a similar top design as Ami, Rei and Makoto's pens.
  • By the time the brainwashed Prince Endymion awoke, Kunzite was already dead.

Dub Changes



  • This episode featured the first appearance of Evil Endymion and his black roses.
  • Minako's transformation, Venus Power, Make Up, first appeared in this episode, as well as her Transformation pen.
  • The animation sequence for Moon Healing Escalation had new background music starting with this episode.
  • In the Thai dub, when Minako transformed into Sailor Venus, the first two words of the original audio ("Venus Power...") could be heard before the Thai voice actress's voice.

First Appearances

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