Uranus Planet Power, Make Up
Uranusu Puranetto Pawaa Meiku Appu

Uppmu manga

Uranus transform

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Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Uranus

Items used

Lip Rod (first anime)


Uranus Crystal Power, Make Up (manga series)

First Appearance

The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus (first anime series)

Act 30-Haruka and Michiru: Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune (Crystal)

Uranus Planet Power, Make Up is the first command used by Haruka Tenou to transform into the standard Sailor form of Sailor Uranus in the manga, and is the only one shown to be used in the anime. In the Cloverway dub like the other Inner Sailor Senshi, she says the phrase as Uranus Star Power!


The first time Haruka was seen using this command is in Act 30, to transform in Sailor Uranus and kill Viluy. To transform she only held her hand in the air and say the transformation phrase.


Haruka's transformation begins with the yellow Uranus symbol Spinning onto the Lip Rod. Haruka's hand appears behind the Lip Rod and she takes hold of it, beginning the transformation.

Haruka then holds out the Lip Rod while she spins and forms a circle outline of wind around her. She then brings her arms close to herself before the wind rises surrounding her. Once the wind is gone Uranus pushes her hair back and her lip gloss is applied. She then spins around before striking her pose.


The Uranus planet symbol appears. Haruka raises her hand in the air, shouts the phrase and her fingernails turn to gold. White rose petals fly by, followed by red rose petals. Haruka's body turns into a gold silhouette against a green background. Gold energy spreads all over her with her back turned to create her Sailor Uniform. Then her gloves and boots are created. She turns around, flips her hair and the Uranus Symbol appears on her forehead and her tiara is formed. The Uranus Symbol appears one more time and Sailor Uranus makes a final pose in front of the planet Uranus in the background against a purple sky.

Video Games

In Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story Haruka used this command a few times through the game, although only in cutscenes. It showed her holding her hand in the air calling out the phrase followed by spinning with increased speed. Then, she slowly slowed down to full stop, finishing the transformation.



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