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Unazuki Furuhata is Motoki Furuhata's younger sister. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.


In the anime, Unazuki appears in episode 69. At this time, Usagi and Mamoru were not dating and Mamoru was acting cold towards Usagi. Unazuki was seen by Usagi riding on Mamoru's motorbike with him, causing Usagi to become very depressed, believing that Mamoru had found another girlfriend. Usagi finds out later that Unazuki is Motoki's younger sister, and that Unazuki already has a boyfriend.

In Sailor Moon S, Unazuki was targeted by the Death Busters for her Heart Crystal, as she wanted to have her first kiss with the one she really loved.

In Sailor Moon SuperS, she was targeted by Tiger's Eye for her Dream Mirror.



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