Japanese: う・タヒメー
Romanji: U tahime

Death Busters

Species: Daimon
Master: Mimete
Objective: To retrieve Jinta Araki's Pure Heart Crystal
Death: Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heartache
First Appearance
Anime: I Love Idols: Mimete's Dilemma
Anime Voiced By: Mari Maruta (Japanese)
Catherine Disher (CWi English dub)

U-Tahime is a Daimon sent by Mimete to steal Pure Heart Crystals. She was created from a microphone, and attacks by singing a song. She appeared in Episode 25 of Sailor Moon S.

Nomenclature and Etymology

Her name is a pun for "utahime" (歌姫), which means "songstress."



Mimete brought U-Tahime with her to steal the Pure Heart Crystal of Jinta Araki, who was going to be starring in his first movie. U-Tahime sucked out his Pure Heart Crystal through his mouth and ate it. The Sailor Guardians attacked her. U-Tahime forgot the words of her song, however, but just when she remembered, Super Sailor Moon destroyed her with Rainbow Moon Heartache.



  • When U-Tahime is about to grab Jinta, her nails are uncolored. But when she does grab Jinta, her nails are painted black.
  • U-Tahime is one of the three Daimons able to use her singing voice as a weapon. The other Daimons are Octave and Chikuon.
  • U-Tahime is one of the many monsters-of-the-day that can be found in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story.
  • This Daimon is one of the few monsters-of-the-day that was completely ineffective during the battle.

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