U-Pasokon is the final Daimon sent by Mimete to extract Pure Heart. She was created from a computer. She attacked by shooting projectiles.

Nomenclature and Etymology

"Pasokon" is a Japanese abbreviation for "personal computer".


She was created from the fusion of a Daimon Egg and a computer, and as such had a computer monitor in her torso and computer mice on her shoulders


Mimete stole Tellu's job and took U-Pasokon to Mugen Academy to extract the physicist Sergei Asimov's Pure Heart Crystal. However, she was stopped by the Sailor Guardians. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon arrived as U-Pasokon and Mimete gained the advantage, and Sailor Chibi Moon used Pink Sugar Heart Attack on her. Sailor Moon transformed into Super Sailor Moon and used Rainbow Moon Heartache to destroy U-Pasokon.



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