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Japanese: う・エスタン
Romanji: U·Esutan
Aliases: Western (CWi English dub)

Death Busters

Species: Daimon
Master: Mimete
Objective: To extract Yosaku Eda's Pure Heart Crystal
Death: Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heartache
First Appearance
Anime: Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness
Anime Voiced By: Akiko Hiramatsu (Japanese) Jane Luk (CWi English dub)

U-Estern is a Daimon sent by Mimete to extract Pure Hearts. She appeared in Episode 23 of Sailor Moon S.

Appearance and Powers

She has a Western appearance and was created from a gun. She can wrap a lasso around people, ride on a one-legged horse, and wields a pistol full of some substance that resembles a paint.


Mimete took U-Estern with her in a briefcase to extract a Pure Heart from Yosaku Eda. She succeeded in sucking the Pure Heart out through his mouth and swallowing it. An attack from Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune nearly made her spit it out. Sailor Moon used Moon Spiral Heart Attack on her, but she was able to counter it easily (the first of many Daimons able to do so). When Sailor Moon transformed into Super Sailor Moon, she used the upgraded attack Rainbow Moon Heartache to destroy U-Estern, releasing the Pure Heart unharmed.



  • With a cactus and a poncho, this Daimon has a wild west theme. Its name U-Estern sounds like the English word western.
  • U-Estern appears as a common enemy is Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story.
  • When riding on her "horse" for the first time, she says the phrase "Hi-ho, Silver!", the catchphrase of the Lone Ranger.

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