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U bāra


Death Busters






Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heartache


Miki Itou (original anime)

U-Baella, or U-Bara, was a Daimon who was sent by Mimete to extract Pure Hearts.


She has the appearance of a yellow rose, as she was created from one by Professor Tomoe. She attacks by throwing sharp yellow roses at her enemies (to which Tuxedo Mask calls her a copycat) and wrapping vines around her enemies.

Mimete took U-Baulla with her to extract a Pure Heart from a rose breeder named Yoshiki Kurebayashi. U-Baella sucked out his Pure Heart and ate it. Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Mask fought her, but she trapped them all in her vines. Hotaru then shattered the vines with her power, and Sailor Moon transformed into Super Sailor Moon and destroyed her with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, and the Pure Heart was released unharmed.



Death Busters

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