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Tuxedo Mask fights evil, along with Sailor Moon, and with the Sailor Senshi. This is the second live-action depiction of the original manga character.



He retains his same appreance as his manga and anime counterparts



Tuxedo Mask did not appear to have any special powers in this incarnation, and his cane was his only weapon. However, Tuxedo Mask appeared to gain the ability to transform into Prince Endymion at will once his memories returned. Endymion wore armor and carried a sword, and was a far more powerful form.

During one of the mini dramas released along with Act Zero, Mamoru was seen transforming with the phrase, "Tuxedo Power." Given the spoof nature of the short, this was likely not meant to be an actual transformation nor transformation phrase. He was seen de-transforming instantaneously in the Special Act, but in Act 7, Motoki returned a repaired tuxedo to Mamoru, leaving the nature of his transformation ambiguous.



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