Japanese: トーヒーチャン
Romanji: Touhi-chan

Non-aligned evil

Species: Genius loci
Death: Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Coconut Cyclone
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 1 - The Melancholy of Mako-chan

Touhi-chan is a genius loci who appears in the Sailor Moon short story The Melancholy of Mako.


Touhi-chan has light-colored hair in two spiral buns covering her ears. She wears a short dress with spiral patterns on the bottom and on her shoulders. She has long sleeves that hide her hands and wears no shoes. While in disguise as a shop worker she wears the same dress with an apron over it.


Touhi-chan has a cutesy personality but is revealed to be more wicked when collecting human energy for herself.


Touhi-chan resides outside a shop selling lovely things such as jewelry and snacks. She is enticed by the sweet sugary energy overflowing from the shop. This recommends herb tea, scones, and brownies to Makoto who willingly buys the discounted items but also falls under Touhi's escapism curse. After Usagi and Rei find Makoto eating and drinking her sorrows away, they realise the goods hold a demonic aura and Touhi-chan reveals herself. Usagi tells Makoto that she's got so much to look forward to after her studies, bringing Makoto to her senses. Touhi-chan is eventually killed by Sailor Jupiter's Coconut Cyclone.



  • Touhi means escapist or escapism.
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