Time Stop



Time StopSMC


Japanese: 時間よとまれ
Romanji: Jikanyo Tomare
Taimu Sutoppu
Type: Time-Space Control skill
Items Used: The Garnet Rod
User(s): Sailor Pluto
First Appearance
Manga: Act 25 Showdown - Death Phantom -
Anime: The Coming Terror of Darkness: Struggle of the Eight Guardians
Crystal: Act 25 Showdown - Death Phantom -

"Time Stop" is the 3rd and final taboo of Space-Time over which Sailor Pluto had control. Queen Serenity explained that if Sailor Pluto were to use the power time would stop for a short period but once it resumed she would die.


The first time Time Stop was used was when she, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were in a helicopter that became under attack. The helicopter than exploded, but at the moment it happened, Sailor Pluto stopped time. After a brief conversation with Uranus and Neptune, she transported them to the roof below. Once they were safe, time resumed and the helicopter was blown up, with Sailor Pluto still inside it.

Manga and Musicals

Time Stop was used in the Black Moon arc of the manga when Prince Demande took the two Silver Crystals from Black Lady and tried to touch them to one another to destroy the space-time continuum. Sailor Pluto used Time Stop to stop him and gave Usagi a chance to take the crystals away. When time resumed, Sailor Pluto died, which made Black Lady remembered her true self, reverted back into Chibiusa, and then to transformed into Sailor Chibi Moon. In the newer musicals, Saphir had taken the 2 Silver crystals from Black Lady and tried to touch them to one another to destroy the space-time continuum instead of Prince Demande doing it. Later after Pluto did her Time Stop attack, she gave Tuxedo Mask a chance to take the crystals instead of Sailor Moon.


Video Games

Time Stop was used in the following video games, always by Sailor Pluto. However, the user doesn't die after the attack's execution:

  • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S
  • Sailor Moon: Another Story: It freezes the enemy for 3 turns (the turn it's used is also considered) and it consumes all her EP.
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