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The Three Lights are a popular idol singing group that only appears in the final story arc of the manga, 90s anime, crystal, and Sera Myu. Their intention of forming this group was to contact their missing princess, Princess Kakyuu.


Nomenclature & Etymology[]

All three members share the same first name: "光" (Kou). 光 means "light" hence the name of the group.

According to Shinto belief, the San Hikari (three lights) are the sun, moon, and stars.

  • Seiya represents the sun, thus she has a red rose.
  • Taiki represents the moon, thus she has a white rose.
  • Yaten represents the stars, thus she has a yellow rose.




During the series, the group was shown performing concerts of their music, with plenty of screaming fans adoring them. In the anime, the group was often shown performing the song "Nagareboshi He" at their concerts, after it first appeared in episode 185. The group was also noted for having an extremely large fan club, of which all four Inner Sailor Guardians were members.

The group eventually disbanded in episode 195, as they had found their princess and no longer needed to continue the search. Sailor Tin Nyanko used the group's farewell concert as an opportunity to attack the Sailor Guardians for their Star Seeds.





Sera Myu[]



  • Originally, Naoko Takeuchi drew the Three Lights with short hair, but on Bandai's request, added ponytails on them.[1]
  • On the covers of the singles of the image songs for Seiya,[2] Yaten,[3] and Taiki,[4] Three Lights was romanized as "Three Rights."