Glad to be understood ;)

Btw, I found inexistant/removed links in the header navigation, like:

  • Characters (stage-musical) instead of Characters (Sera Myu)
  • Characters (remake) instead of Characters (Crystal)
  • Characters (live-action) instead of Characters (PGSM)

This is also the case for the Senshi/Villains categories. Will the side-characters ones will be used? I also noticed a Misc. link for Items and Attacks. Wouldn't it be better to use a Miscellaneous Category instead?

The same link is also in the villains part, but it can be removed since the Dark agency is apart the Dark Kingdom, the Makaiju is replaced by the Makai tree which is reformed, and Coatl was removed, thus leaving Dark Sirius.

Also, Sailor Guardians categories were recently created. Should we move Senshi pages into them?

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