• They're saying it'll be September 11th 2020.

    It's been so long I'm still doubtful they are doing this and I just know they're gonna "push it back" before this is over.

    And that'll just be Part 1, how long between Parts 1 and 2?

    And how do we even know we'll even get that far? There have been signs of the apocalypse this year. Extreme cold, potential war with Iran... yes I know that might not affect Japan but it might affect the dub which is what I always go by. (And yes, obviously the survival of the human race is the bigger concern but if we don't make it this far it'll be an even bigger fall)

    Oh, if we do make it to there how long until the films get dubbed, if ever?

    I'm not going to count on this film getting dubbed and released here in Canada, but I will follow what happens in it all the same. If they go through with it, I know Crystal's unpopular compared to the original.

    So, questions that those few of us who like Sailor Moon Crystal are surely wondering:

    1. Will they go through with this?
    2. Will humanity survive to see it finished?
    3. Will it be released when they say?
    4. How long until Part 2?
    5. Will they get dubbed?
    6. If so, how long until then?
    7. Will the movies be overpriced like the show?
    8. Will male Fish Eye be as good as Zoisite or not so much?
    9. Will they have the mind to finish off Nehelenia?

    I am NOT getting Part 1 until Part 2 is dubbed. Nehelenia will NOT be the next Voldemort, Thanos, or Chrysalis.

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