• I just created the new version of the MOTD Infobox . I left it blank for now  so that you can do the rest. Use the original template as a guide to help you create the new redisigned template for the Monsters of the Day. 

    Here's what the template should have:


    Kanji / Kana:






    MOTD's Master:

    MOTD's Mission: 


    First manga apperance:

    First anime apperance:

    First sera myu apperance

    First Crystal apperance:

    anime voiced by:

    crystal voiced by: 

    Sera myu actor:

    As for what it will look like, It must have a simliarity to the character infobox template's apperance but each must have diifferent colors depending whom they work for (see InfoboxMOTD)

    The basic colors are:

    Purple (representing the dark kingdom's Youma)

    Yellow (representing the Dead Moon Circus' Lemures)

    and Golden Yellow (Representing the Sailor Animamates' Phage)

    These are from the original template

    The news colors for the other Villain organzations should be:

    Green, Light Green, or Dark Green (representing the Makai Tree's Cardians)

    and Dark Purple (representing the Death Busters' Daimons)

    These should be the colors for the redesigined template. 

    As for the other templates, I'll let you work on them. If you need my help with them, contact me via message wall and I'll get to work on it. 

    I hope we can continue rennovating this wiki together!


    (Here's the page for the soon-to-be redesigned template for Monsters of the Day:

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    • I've filled out the majority of the info; I did make a few changes though.

      I'm not going to include "gender" because they are monsters, and not people. It also saves a lot of breath on people debating the "gender" of a fake creature... (*facepalm* the whole Fish Eye thing....)

      There is a way to make it so that the infobox's color changes when you enter in certain letters, but I need to research how as I have not implamented that code before.

      So, you can begin adding the template now, or wait until I have added the color changer. Your choice!

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    • Thank you!

      And I’ll wait till the color changer has been added.

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    • I've added the color switch. Here is how to use it.

      Let me know if anything isn't working properly. I will need to change some colors later (some are too similar to each other) as well as a few other alignments need to have colors added too.

      Happy editing!

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    • Same to you! 


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    • Hello there ;) Why the Template:Policy Index isn't updated then? Do the templates will exist together?

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    • It simply has not been updated. Nothing to worry about.

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    • Wouldn't it be easier to update the template directly on it instead of creating a new one?

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    • I usually do that, but Thesonicfan106 started up a new page for it. I'll delete the old one once the transition is complete.

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    • Btw, what do you think about using the guideline pages for Preload Templates?

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    • A FANDOM user
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