• Hi Duchess! Just following up regarding the ad I saw on the renovation announcement page now that I know it's still current. I would love to help wherever you need ^_^.

    The skills I currently have are: -Basic knowledge of HTML -Understanding of how to use both Visual and Source Mode (though I really only use Source mode and the Preview feature) -Basic knowledge of wikimarkup with some experience in tables & templates -Basic understanding of image uploading and categorization -Confident with English grammar -Familiarity with the Editor's Guide/Q&A page

    That's about it! You can reach out to me here or through Discord.

    Thanks for working so hard on the wiki! I use it a lot for reference!

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    • Hello, Diagnosed

      Thank you for reaching out to help the Sailor Moon Wiki! Your skills are ideal for helping with the renovations and your communication with us appreciated greatly! A large portion we ask of editors is mostly in communication. Asking Magic or myself questions and announcing your actions is important to us. This allows for more precise edits to be made and saves energy on potential time wasting.

      Now, I will ask, is there anything specific you were wanting to do? It can be as simple as working on one article to wiki-wide formatting i.e. making sure all character pages use HTML to display the image galleries rather than the gallery template.

      Thank you again for your application!

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    • Thanks for your encouragement and patience! I've been looking around to try to get an answer to your question, since I didn't have a strong preference at first. After considering, I think being assigned one page at a time is probably the best for me at the moment since my free time really comes and goes, so I will be less of a roadblock in my away time. Since the project is currently still getting all the character pages up to the new standard, could I pitch in there? Maybe one of the Sailor Animamates to start but really any character you'd like to assign is fine by me ^-^. Thanks again!

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