• Can you block this dude here He thinks Fish Eye is Trans female when HE IS A MALE! Fish Eye is in no way a trans female. Can you also revert his  edits please? 

    Note: He edited the Fish Eye pages just so that he can troll us. Please give him the indefinite block so that he can't do this over and over again.

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    • I may be wrong but I  think Fish Eye is either male or androgynous like Zoisite. Either way, have you tried talking to them first? Discussing the edit? I can't block someone for attempting to make an edit they believe to be correct.

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    • I tired but he didn't answer and continued to do his vandalism

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    • Alright, I've left a message on their wall. It's possible they are a troll (the name is a bit of a trigger).

      For future reference, please don't capslock-yell at people in the edit summary. It doesn't help and can even fan a troll's flames. They want you to get mad.

      Next time something like this happens:

      • Revert the edit.
      • If you have to revert an edit a third time: calmly contact them on their message wall.
      • If they do not reply and ignore you your message: do not engage with them any farther and tell me, just like you did today.
      • I will temporarily block them. That is when you can revert the edits.

      Attempting to get ahead of them and revert all their edits at once wastes energy. There's not rush, especially if they are focused on one thing. If it is wide-spread, I will most likely temporarily block or permanently block them if they appear to be an out-right troll. Please remember those points in future cases. Regardless, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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    • Your welcome! 

      We had trolls on here before. One of them was inserting voice actress from other shows and claimed they voiced this character and that character in a fake English dub (Neveda was what they used for the fake English dub). Luckily, Magic had blocked the troll and their sockpuppet accounts. 

      I've dealt with a lot of trolls on other wikis I've contributed to and all I know is they cause nothing but trouble.

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    • They find it funny. While I can see why they would find it funny, it's not really fun for the people who are working. I've heard about a lot of trolls on this wiki; most likely because it's a very popular series. I can't image how hard it would be to be the admin of a wiki like Sonic, Dragon Ball or any large fandom.

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    • Welp. Guess what I have found? Another troll thinking fish eye is a female: this dude here.

      Update: Another user had done the same thing that the 2 trolls did and I talked to them about it. They understood what I was trying to tell them about and it worked it. ( this is the user who I’m talking about btw)

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    • I apologize for not seeing your message sooner. What we can do to possibly stop this from happening in the future is adding reference links. (Those little numbers that float near some words). We can use that to let people know we are getting the info from Naoko Takeuchi.

      I will work on Fish Eye's pages.

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    • A FANDOM user
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