• Hello :)

    I was replacing every broken links for Infobox Character, but it appears some pages are locked.

    Can you change it on those ? Thanks ;)

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    • I am not sure which pages you are refering to. The link you posted doesn't lead to a page.

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    • I edited the link, I forgot to delete something. It would be easier to do with this ;)

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    • Hello ;) Do we replace the red link for Tokyo and Japan with wikipedia links ?

      I also couldn't add the buttons to these secured pages, can you do it as well ? Being a moderator would help me a lot to clean the wiki without bothering you all the time, do I need to be active more to be one ?

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    • Yes, Tokyo and Japan should be replaced with a wikipedia link; But this is not mandatory.

      As for moderator status, it's more about time and how how well you follow direction. For example, making wiki-wide changes without contacting Magic713 or myself first would be a big "no no". Communication is key between mods and admins.

      I'll unlock some of the pages (I apologize, I had forgotten) .

      Thank you for your question!

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    • It's essentially to remove redirect page and fix some titles like changing "Black Lady (Manga)" and "Black Lady" to "Black Lady (manga)". Since these pages co-exist, users can keep adding them to pages, thus make the cleaning never ending.

      Actually, I'm wondering what the point of putting the civil name in page titles, since they can be hard to find if we don't know them, but I won't change it if you disagree. There's also the galleries categories you removed. I find them quite helpful to display the pictures. If anime pictures are mixed up with the other, we can rename them to order them better.

      Also, what do you think of the link scheme:

      • Princess Serenity
      • Princess Serenity/Anime
      • Princess Serenity/PGSM

      etc.? It would make appear a link on the sub-page like on Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (anime) right under the title without having to use the button template and make it easier to display the name on infoboxes with {{{name|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}.

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    • The issue of redirects will be cleaned over time, right now I am more focused on having all the character pages in the same format. Things like red links and redirects will be fixed after.

      As for the civilian name in the title page, we combined the civilian identity with the Senshi identity to reduce the number of pages. The long-short of it is that we will allow some redirects, i.e Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (anime) may have redirects titled "Sailor Moon (anime)", "Usagi Tsukino (anime)". This allows newer users to still help out if they don't know the page names very well. I usually like to get rid of as many redirects as I can; if not all, but there is room for allowances.

      For images, there will be a time when all of them are renamed and organized, don't worry about categorizing them for now. The galleries are also lower on the queue. At most, switching the gallery template to the <gallery> HTML code would be helpful.

      The buttons are going to be a staple for now as they display all versions of a page. They are easier to see instead of a link under the title. From what I understand, you can also only see one link at a time under the page's name, so the buttons are ideal.

      I'll still run your proposal by Magic713 and see if he has a differing opinion or view.

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    • By same format, do you mean

      • Nomenclature & Etymology
      • Appearance
      • Personality
      • Relationships
      • Background
      • Gallery
      • Trivia
      • References
      • navbox


      For the page title, I meant using the senshi name without the civilian name. It's basically the opposite of what is done on Pretty Cure Wiki.

      There were already categories like Category:Images_of_Usagi_Tsukino, but I don't know why to you delete them. There's also pictures that were deleted like in Template:NavShadowGalactica. Were they supposed to be replaced ?

      Does the gallery template became hard to use ?

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    • My apologies, I should have been more clear; I meant the same page name format of Civilian Name / Senshi Name (version).

      There are disambiguation pages for all the characters, they can be linked if a user doesn't know which version of a page to link to. We have already decided on the page name format and aren't going to change it. This is why redirects or links to disambiguation pages are available.

      As for the image categories, again, those are going to be completely removed. Images will be properly named and sorted later. If a template has been deleted, it is usually supposed to have been replaced. But for one reason or another, it wasn't done.

      Yes, the gallery template is very annoying to use. Both uploading an image to it and ading a caption. The HTML version allows for an "add image" button that opens a window. The window allows users to search for an image already present on the wiki, as well as allowing for the boarder color, thickness, caption alignment etc. to be easily chosen.

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    • Thanks for taking time to explain these rules, I'll take care of the gallery template then ;)

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    • Thank you very much and thank you for understanding!

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    • I removed the template on the pages I could, which leave us these.

      Also, I found a wiki related to the Crystal serie. Is it interesting to be affiliates ?

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    • I'll deal with those pages soon. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

      I would say "yes" we should probably affiliate with them. (Not many people seem to understand what it means to affiliate with another wiki anymore.) I will ask Magic713 what he thinks about it; as well as promoting you to moderator status.

      P.S. Would it be easier to include a French translation with my messages? From what I understand, French is your first language?

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    • Yes, I'm French. Actually, I'm learning English, just let me know if I make any mistake.

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    • I will let you know when you make a mistake that I cannot understand. You're English is good! I can understand 99% of what you are saying.

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    • Glad to be understood ;)

      Btw, I found inexistant/removed links in the header navigation, like:

      • Characters (stage-musical) instead of Characters (Sera Myu)
      • Characters (remake) instead of Characters (Crystal)
      • Characters (live-action) instead of Characters (PGSM)

      This is also the case for the Senshi/Villains categories. Will the side-characters ones will be used? I also noticed a Misc. link for Items and Attacks. Wouldn't it be better to use a Miscellaneous Category instead?

      The same link is also in the villains part, but it can be removed since the Dark agency is apart the Dark Kingdom, the Makaiju is replaced by the Makai tree which is reformed, and Coatl was removed, thus leaving Dark Sirius.

      Also, Sailor Guardians categories were recently created. Should we move Senshi pages into them?

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    • Also, what do you think about inserting the symbols into the infoboxes like here ?

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      1. I originally wanted the pages to be refered to with (stage-musical), (remake)/(reboot), and (live-action) but TheSonicFan went a head and gave the pages the (Crystal), (PGSM) and (Sera Myu) suffix anyway. It taks a lot of time to go through each page and rename it so I just left it.
      2. For side characters, they are treated like main character pages; only giving a suffix if they appear in more than one version. For VERY minor characters, The will have only one page with their different version all on that same page (since there is such little information on them, dedicating an entire page to them for each version would be a waste of space.)
      3. I am not sure what you're talking about with the Dark Agency, Dark Kingdom, Makaiju Tree and Coatl.
      4. The Sailor Guardians, from what I understand, are a different "self" of the Senshi. I will be talking about it with Magic soon.
      5. While it is a nice idea, I think Magic wants the symbol on the page and not in the infobox. The infoboxes are very cluttered as is, so adding more to it isn't ideal.
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      1. Will they be renamed someday or the names will be changed on the header bar ? I really think the format TheSonicFan used is better since there could be an other stage-musical/reboot/live-action though.
      2. What about the side-characters categories? I've never found anything like this.
      3. In the navigation, there is :
      Category:Dark Kingdom|Dark Kingdom
      Category:Dark Agency|Dark Agency
      Category:Dark Sirius|Dark Sirius
      • The Misc. part contains the Dark Agency, but it's apart the Dark Kingdom.
      • Makaiju was deleted, but it can be replaced with Makai Tree.
      • The Coatl' was deleted and there is nothing to replace it.

      After removing Coatl and Dark Kingdom from the Misc. part, it will leave Makai Tree and Dark Sirius. Is it useful to keep them in Misc.?

      5. Could making the infoboxes portable help to lighten the design ?
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      1. They already have been renamed. Some pages or headers may have been missed. Feel free to fix them when you come across them.
      2. The side characters are a bit tricky right now. We are going to implement something I call an "Infocell". Which I haven't gotten around to making yet. So don't worry about side characters right now. The main focus is/should be on the main characters (the senshi and main villains). Once the senshi and main villain pages are closer to being complete, then the side characters will be dealt with.
      3. The Misc. section in the Villains tab are for the evil organizations that weren't part of the main plot. example: The Makaiju was made only for the anime. It was not part of the main plot nor was it in the manga. I have restored Coatl and Makaiju. But "Makaiju" is in reference to the arc (with An and Ail). It may need to be renamed, so I suggest leaving it for now.
      4. Not really, making templates portable (from what I've seen) messes up the customization and makes them very basic.
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    • 1. Does it mean we have to rename page like this:

      Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (PGSM) to Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (live-action)?

      2/3. Understood
      4. Actually they stay basic if you don't customize them ;) I think the closest design to the infoboxes here could be this one or this other one and it's possible to change its color without css.
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    • 1. No, the opposite:

      Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (live-action) to Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (PGSM)

      4. I'd like to keep the infoboxes as they are for now.
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    • 1. What about the categories in the header bar ?
      4. Yes, I noticed later the redesign will be done after we fix links.
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    • I don't understand what you mean by "categories in the header bar".

      If you mean the title of the page, the word in the parentheses are called suffixes; which are sort of like categories.

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    • I meant the one in MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation, sorry if it wasn't clear. Also, you can display Misc. in it without making a link, like #|Misc.

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    • Oh those, I had forgotten to change those. I usually refer to that as the "drop menu". And I think I recall how to nullify links so that not all of the options lead to page. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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    • To where these pages were moved ?

      Jadeite (Crystal)‏‎
      Rubeus (anime)‏‎
      Morga (manga)
      Diana (anime)‏‎
      Gurio Umino (anime)
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    • A FANDOM user
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