• A few questions and suggestions have come up in regards to how the pages will be organized. To get a better understanding of just how wide spread this opinion/concern is, we've created a poll.

    How do you prefer the character pages be organized?

    The poll was created at 03:39 on August 6, 2019, and so far 23 people voted.


    Q: When will the renovations be done?
    A: This is a little difficult to answer as there is no set date. We can only provide an estimate and the estimate is 2-3 months. This also depends on the amount of help.

    Q: Will there be comment sections?
    A: Yes, inf fact, all pages/articles will have comment sections. This feature has already been enabled; so no more need to create a topic in the forums to simply share a comment!

    More questions and answers will be added as they come, so check in here first before asking a question to be sure it hasn't already been answered. For more information on the wiki-wide renovation project, please read this article.

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    • but in sailor mercury crystal, why is there just a bullet. Also, why some articles say "Sorry, this article seems to be empty!"

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    • Because the page is being merged. These edits don't usually happen quickly. So sometimes a page will appear empty because there has been no time to delete it or create a proper redirect.

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    • ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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