• As noted in an earlier post on the subject, I don't think there will be a fourth season since we've gone this long without so much as an announcement that it was renewed. This long after Season 3 was DUBBED, and we know they take their sweet time dubbing the seasons.

    As I also said, I think this is due to low viewership due to people considering it "lame" or "weak" for its villains being easily disposable, as opposed to most other modern day animes, even among more violent or mature animes. This makes it feel niche to my style like Digimon Season 1 and Inuyasha, but I know I have an unpopular opinion there, as neither of those two are popular. Even Dragonball Super I don't think is killing any characters after the Golden Frieza Saga, unlike the original Dragonball Z. Even revived FRIEZA, permanently the second time.

    That being said... How many of you like the show and would like to see a fourth season? Sound off.

    As for me... I'm not sure about the second part of that question.

    On one hand, I'm not a huge fan of the Amazon Quartet (I remember when I first saw them in the original anime I said "I miss the Amazon Trio already", also sounds like they're the only villains that survived in the manga), and I also prefer a female Fish Eye over a male Fish Eye (but I did really like the male Zoisite with Lucien Dodge doing his voice). No, I have nothing against homosexuals, I just think female Fish Eye is kinda cute cool.

    On the other hand, I would really like to see a version of Sailor Moon where Queen Nehelenia dies, which I heard does happen in the manga, even though Crystal changed a few things from it too like the manner of Beryl's death), plus its versions of Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye could be interesting (not to mention the three remaining villains and dying at the hands of the Sailor Guardians, much like the Negamoon/Black Moon sisters). Also I love circus-themed villains, and Moon Gorgeous Meditation is my favorite of Sailor Moon's finishing moves, I'd like to see her destroy some Dead Moon Circus villains with it. And there's Pegasus of course.

    Asking my question again in case you missed it due to the last paragraph:

    How many of you like the show and would like to see a fourth season? Sound off.

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    • The lack of replies I think answers my question and confirms not enough people care about the show for it to get a fourth season. Such a shame, it was very refreshing to me.

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    • I have another update. So, the show did get negative reviews, but not for the reasons I suspected, which is a bit of a relief. However, the hate is for something else I liked about it that the original series lacked - fast pacing. Also, animation errors.

      They are, however, planning Season 4 in the form of two movies, possibly to be released in 2019, but that was announced in 2017 and they haven't given any updates on it recently so it may have been cancelled.

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    • Updating your info. In June 2018, they announced Kazuko Tadano would be the character designer for the films. So some news, just nothing major. Films are not cancelled.

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    • But will anyone except me and Lukeman927 even watch it?

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    • Yes

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    • Who?

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    • I will too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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