The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts
Natsu yo Umi yo Seishun yo! Omake ni Yuurei mo yo
It's Summer! The Sea! Our Youth! Also, A Ghost

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

August 1, 1992


Megumi Sugihara


Kazuhisa Takenouchi


Usagi's Joy: A Love Letter from Tuxedo Mask


Protect the Children’s Dreams: Friendship Through Anime


“None (DiC)
The Summer, the Beach, Youth, and Ghosts (Viz Media)”

Air date

September 7, 2014


Who Is That Masked Man? (DiC)
Usagi's Joy: A Love Letter from Tuxedo Mask (Viz Media)


An Animated Mess (DiC)
Protect the Children’s Dreams: Friendship Through Anime (Viz Media)

“The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts” is the 20th episode of the first season of Sailor Moon, and the 20th episode overall. It first aired in Japan on August 1, 1992. This episode was not dubbed into English in the DiC dub, but it is included in the Viz Media English dub.


Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Luna take a vacation in order to train, but the hotel they are staying at is haunted by a strange phenomenon.


Usagi, Ami and Rei go to the ocean. Although their trip is intended to be for their training as Sailor Senshi, the girls plan on having a good time.

Rei makes a reservation at a seaside house with a private beach. Usagi looks forward to their outing, and imagines that there would be lots of cool guys around her, including Tuxedo Mask.

The girls walk for a long time through a forest, and Usagi is upset due to Rei not confirming the directions earlier. A thunderstorm broke out and Usagi, afraid of thunder, runs away in fear but spots a young girl in a hood.  The little girl leads Usagi, Ami and Rei to an uninviting old mansion on a cliff, which happens to be the "Pension Adams" mansion, where Rei had made the reservations. They are soon welcomed by a trio of ghoulish individuals; Frankenstein, a werewolf, and a ghostly woman. The little girl's name is revealed to be Sakiko and Sakiko's father, a very tall, strict-looking man, informs Sakiko not to play with the girls.

During dinner, the man resembling Frankenstein appears, asking if the girls want more food, Usagi becomes very scared by his appearance, and the werewolf comes with desserts, worsening Usagi's state of fear. Asking Rei why she chose to make reservations at a place like this, she remarks that it fit their budget, and  Ami comments on the delicious food, and that she finds the server's costumes funny. Immediately afterwards, ghostly activity begins to take place, disturbing the environment and invoking the terror of the three servers. Rei feels a strong power behind the poltergeist-like phenomena, but does not classify it as a youma.

The next day, the three girls go to the beach and enjoy themselves, although Usagi, initially happy, is crestfallen that Tuxedo Mask is nowhere around. When night approaches, Rei places ofuda around the mansion so that she and the others can eat without any spiritual intrusions. Ami spots Sakiko by herself outside on the beachside cliff and goes to talk to her. Sakiko had watched the three girls playing during the day, and Ami asks Sakiko if she was lonely, saying that she was very much like herself when she was younger. She then recommends that Sakiko should become friends with Usagi to cheer her up, only to be interrupted by Sakiko's father, who tells her to leave and drags Sakiko back to the house. Using hypnosis to draw out Sakiko's allegedly latent psychic powers, he comments that he wants to rule the world who had shunned and ridiculed their family that they possess otherworldly abilities.

Meanwhile, a scared Usagi wanders around the house looking for her friends. She finds the three servers of the house, in the process of a ghostly ceremony. She initially assumes that they too are ghosts, but Rei informs her that they are just normal people. At the same time, Ami goes into the room where Sakiko's father attempts to draw out his daughter's abilities, causing a ghost to become manifested, attacking Ami and Sakiko's father while Sakiko is under a hypnotic trance. Rei and Usagi catch sight of the ghost as well, and Rei says that they need to transform for the sake of helping Sakiko's father.

Sailor Mercury tries to wake up Sakiko, and Sailor Moon tries to fight the ghost, but is attacked due to her lacking power. The ghost still attacks Sakiko's father, and even after Sakiko wakes up, the ghost still remains. Sakiko goes to her father, who tells her that the ghost is now uncontrollable and that she needs to escape, yet Sakiko refuses. The ghost comes around for another attack, but Sakiko eradicated it with her powers. Sakiko's father says that he had used the guests for testing Sakiko's power.

The next day, Sakiko plays plays with the rest of the girls on the beach. The three servers come, asking Sakiko's father about the ghost, and he replied that there wouldn't be any more ghosts.

Other Dub Titles

  • Italian: Il fantasma ("The Ghost")


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  • This episode was the fourth of six to be left out of the DiC English dub since it had no relation to the main storyline. It is included in the Viz dub.
  • This is the first episode where the Senshi do not fight a central villain in the series. And this is the first episode where the season's central villains do not make an appearance.
  • The spooky house having the name Adams on the front is likely a reference to The Addams Family, old TV series.
  • The monsters are a reference to The Munster, TV series of 60's


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