The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed
Shōgeki no koku! Arakasareta otagai no shōtai

3, Sailor Moon S

Air date

September 17, 1994


Sukehiro Tomita


Junichi Satou




Usagi's Dance, In Time to a Waltz


Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear


“No Turning Back”

Air date

July 6, 2000




Everything's Coming Up Rosey


Destiny's Arrival

"The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed” is the 20th episode of season three of Sailor Moon, and the 109th of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on September 24, 1994.


Minako becomes upset that a Daimon had not attacked her, and she feels that she does not have a pure heart. While she strives to prove she is pure she ends up being attacked and her pure heart is taken from her. The Outer Senshi and Inner Senshi learn each other's identities.


Eudial tells the professor that she noticed that a human shadow has appeared amongst the data for the holy grail, and the professor confirms that this must be evidence of the grail's user. He explains that if the holy grail ends up in the hands of someone on their side, the Death Busters will be able to achieve their plan of darkness. However, their plans will be ruined if the holy grail ends up in someone else's hands.

Meanwhile, the girls are studying and everyone is proud of Usagi when she breaks her time record. Then she becomes upset when it is revealed that she made a mistake and Usagi cries how she doesn't want to go through such pain anymore. Rei reminds her that this kind of pain is nothing compared to the pain she had felt when a Daimon had taken out her pure heart crystal. This strikes a conversation discussing how painful this experience was. Minako, being excluded from this conversation, wonders why her pure heart crystal wasn't taken.

Artemis finds Minako sitting on a swing, and asks what's wrong. Minako tells him that she thinks she doesn't have a pure heart. She thinks that maybe it is because her heart isn't in shape, and then heads to the gym to work on her volleyball. When she had hit every ball, she realizes that she had hit Usagi. Usagi tells her that she came to cheer her up. Minako tells her that she is absolutely fine.

Usagi still wants to make sure that Minako was okay, and asks her if she still doesn't want her heart crystal snatched. She says no, and goes on to describe how her heart crystal was not taken yet, without directly saying it was her heart crystal. Usagi shakes Minako, and her hands press the buttons repeatedly, making all the toys in machine get in the hook, and Minako wins all of them. Minako offers half of the toys to Usagi, to show a sign of pure unselfishness, and Usagi decides not to take them.

Minako heads to a bookstore to find a book on pure hearts. Luna, Usagi, and Artemis decide to leave her alone for a while to calm down. Haruka and Michiru see Minako, and Minako asks about pure hearts. Minako leaves after she hears about a blood drive, and Haruka and Michiru wonders if she knows about the talisman. Just as Haruka and Michiru are about to leave, Minako returns and gives each of them a toy.

Minako signs up as a blood donor. Eudial tells the Professor that she has found a target for a pure heart, and the Professor creates a new Daimon. Minako thinks about how this will make her a target for sure.

Usagi talks to Mamoru about how Minako is acting, and Mamoru suggests that she is around Minako in case her wish comes true. Luna, Artemis, Ami, Rei, and Makoto are watching Minako, and are worried about how she is attracting the Death Busters, and they see Usagi running after Minako.

Eudial spots Minako and causes her heart crystal to appear. Minako is joyful that she has a pure heart, and runs away with the crystal in hand. Everyone runs after her including Michiru, and Haruka. Eudial manages to get there first. Usagi tells her not to take another step towards Minako, and Michiru and Haruka are watching Usagi.

Eudial calls for the Daimon: Doorknobder to seal all the exits, trapping the 3 girls inside. Usagi decides to save Minako, and she risks transforming in front of Haruka and Michiru. Eudial tells Doorknobder to attack Sailor Moon, and she heads for Minako's heart crystal. Michiru throws the toy that she had at Eudial, then she and Haruka transform into Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Uranus then uses World Shaking to attack Eudial.

Neptune checks the crystal, then returns it to Minako because it wasn't a talisman. Everyone hears the other Sailor Senshi trying to bust the door open. Eudial then tells Doorknobder to get rid of all the Sailor Senshi. Neptune use Deep Submerge to attack her. Doorknobder begs Eudial to make her stop fighting. Sailor Moon use Moon Spiral Heart Attack, and Eudial, using her fire buster, causes the attack to go towards Doorknobder and destroy her.

The four senshi finally open the door, and Eudial tells all of them to group together, or she will blast the still not transformed Minako. Minako throws all the toys at Eudial, then transforms into Sailor Venus. She uses Venus Love-Me Chain to crack Eudial's fire buster. Eudial leaves in her car, and Sailor Moon asks Uranus and Neptune what is their purpose to get pure heart crystals. They decide not to tell the purpose, then leave.


Changes From the Manga

Dub Changes 

  • In the original Japanese script, when Sailor Moon is preparing her final attack, a desperate Doorknobder says that she should attack her (Eudial) first. The Cloverway English dub changed it to "maybe if we cut her (Sailor Moon's) hair she will lose her power".
  • Sailor Moon' stock phrase introduction was changed to "I'm Sailor Moon and I'm gonna slam the door on your nasty plans!"

First Appearances


  • There is an example of the show's self-parody: As Haruka and Michiru walk away after their talk with Minako and their signature music starts playing, it is suddenly interrupted by Minako, who gives them two dolls as a thank you. Then the music starts playing, but this time it does as they hold the dolls and Haruka says "I don't want to this".
    • The English dub changed Haruka's line to: "I guess she finally won something at the arcade" and Michiru says: "And she calls this a prize?". In the original Michiru doesn't say anything.


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