The Shining Silver Crystal: The Moon Princess Appears
光輝く銀水晶! 月のプリンセス登場
Hikari Kagayaku Ginzuishou! Tsuki no Purinsesu Toujou

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

November 28, 1992


Katsuyuki Sumizawa


Harume Kosaka




The Last Sailor Senshi! Sailor Venus Appears


Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past


“A Crystal Clear Destiny”

Air date

October 20, 1995




Sailor V Makes the Scene


A Reluctant Princess

The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears” is the 34th episode of season one of Sailor Moon, and the 34th of the overall series. It first aired on November 28, 1992.


Mamoru is forced to confront Zoisite in a duel over the Rainbow Crystals, but Usagi inadvertently becomes involved.


Sailor Moon asked Sailor Venus if she was the princess. Sailor Venus answered, "No, I'm just a senshi like you, to protect the princess." Usagi became very happy as her idol Sailor V was a Sailor Senshi. They all shook hands. Then Artemis said that Sailor Venus and he were busy tracking down a lead, so he set up a meeting with all of the five Sailor Senshi for the next day.

Zoisite and Kunzite were with Queen Beryl. Zoisite asked why she made him retreat when he fought against the Sailor Senshi. Queen Beryl said that her master told her not to kill Tuxedo Mask.

Mamoru struggled back home after getting injured in the battle against Zoisite. There was blood coming out of his shoulder. When he sat down to rest on his sofa, Zoisite appeared on the large screen TV. Zoisite said that it was easy to trace Tuxedo Mask down since he discovered his identity. So Zoisite then challenged Tuxedo Mask to a battle in which they put up their respective Rainbow Crystals's. Mamoru accepted the challenge.

Usagi had to stay after school because of her bad school work. Usagi tried to run to Hikawa shrine for the meeting. Usagi thought that Rei would yell at her again. Then Usagi spotted Mamoru struggling down the street. Usagi went up to him and hit him on the back. Mamoru didn't look like he was doing too well. Mamoru smiled and said, "You're always very energetic." Usagi got mad, thinking Mamoru was trying to insult her again. But Mamoru just said, "Stay that way forever. Bye.." Usagi felt strange because it was not the Mamoru that she had always fought against.

Mamoru went down the street by himself. Then Usagi noticed that she had blood on her hand. It was from the time when she hit Mamoru on the back. Usagi thought that Mamoru was injured. So Usagi followed Mamoru.

When Mamoru was in an alley, Usagi went up close to him. Mamoru noticed someone behind him and swung around. Usagi cried out. Mamoru told Usagi not to follow him. But Usagi said was worried about Mamoru. Usagi said that Mamoru's injury wouldn't recover unless he rested at home. Mamoru just told Usagi to go home. When Mamoru started walking toward the tower, Usagi yelled at him and followed him. Then they both got caught in some strange force field. They were carried into the tower to where Zoisite was waiting.

At Hikawa Shrine, Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Luna were waiting for Usagi. They found out that Usagi wasn't at school or home. Luna couldn't reach her with the communicator either. Then a junior high school girl with blond hair came by. They didn't recognize her. But it was Sailor Venus in her normal identity as Aino Minako. Minako said that Usagi must have gone to Starlight Tower by herself. Luna, Rei, Makoto, and Ami immediately said that Usagi wasn't that kind of girl.

Usagi had fainted and was lying on the ground. Mamoru asked Zoisite to return Usagi to a safe place. Zoisite said that he would after Mamoru put down his Rainbow Crystals. After Zoisite put his five Rainbow Crystals down, Mamoru put his two down. Then after they both got away from it, Kunzite appeared and took all of them. Mamoru had been tricked. Mamoru threw a rose at Kunzite, but he vanished. The rose hit Zoisite's cheek and cut it.

Zoisite got very upset. Then Usagi recovered and saw Zoisite. She wondered what was going on. Zoisite vanished and told Mamoru to come meet him at the top floor. Then the ceiling started to collapse. Mamoru and Usagi tried to run away. They both made it to the elevator, just before the floor caved in. But the elevator was also a trap. It slowly carried them up towards the top floor.

The Sailor Senshi arrived at the tower. Sailor Mercury used her computer visor and spotted Usagi and Mamoru inside. She also noticed that all of the entrances were locked up. Then Sailor Jupiter blasted a hole in the door.

Inside the elevator, Usagi asked Mamoru why he needed the Rainbow Crystals. Mamoru told Usagi that he needed the Rainbow Crystals to get the Silver Crystal. Mamoru said that his parents died in a car accident when he was six years old. Mamoru was hurt and lost his memory. He still didn't know who he really was. But he had a reoccurring dream. A princess with long hair asked him for the Silver Crystal, which would solve all of his problems. Usagi said that she had hated Mamoru more than anyone else in the world. She said that she would put him second now. Mamoru said thanks. Then Usagi noticed that Mamoru looked a lot like Tuxedo Mask. But she quickly thought that that could never be true.

Kunzite turned out all of the lights in Tokyo. The tower turned into the Dark Kingdom's hideout.

Zoisite was above the elevator. He created a fireball and sent it down toward Mamoru and Usagi. Mamoru and Usagi saw the fireball coming at them. Usagi thought, "If I turn into Sailor Moon, they will know my identity. But if I don't, we will both die." Then Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Mamoru saw the transformation and couldn't believe it.

When the fire reached the elevator and created an explosion, Zoisite thought that Mamoru had died. He said, "I will have to tell Queen Beryl that Mamoru died in an accident." But Sailor Moon appeared and said that he didn't. When Zoisite mentioned Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon said that Tuxedo Mask wasn't anywhere around. Then Mamoru said that he was. To Sailor Moon's shock, Mamoru turned himself into Tuxedo Mask. Then Sailor Moon remembered about some of her past encounters with Mamoru.

Tuxedo Mask said, "Leave the rest to me." Tuxedo Mask said that he would protect Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask went to face Zoisite. Zoisite said, "Let's settle it." Tuxedo Mask said, "Ok, but leave Sailor Moon alone." Zoisite agreed and laughed.

Zoisite released a crystal spear at Sailor Moon from behind her. He thought that he had finally killed Sailor Moon. But just at the last instant, Tuxedo Mask came and put himself between the spear and Sailor Moon. The spear hit Tuxedo Mask and he fell to the ground right before Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Senshi arrived at the scene. Sailor Moon began to cry. When her tear came out, the Rainbow Crystals that Kunzite was looking at floated off toward Sailor Moon. The Rainbow Crystals gathered at Sailor Moon's tear. It finally formed the Silver Crystal. The Silver Crystal took its place in the Moon Stick.

The Sailor Senshi just watched. They didn't know what was going on. Then Sailor Moon turned into the princess.


Changes from the manga

This episode is based on Act 8 and the beginning of Act 9 of the manga:

  • Sailor Venus is introduced as Sailor V and the Moon Princess.
  • Kunzite lures the Senshi to the tower so he can get the Silver Crystal and Tuxedo Mask is never challenged to a battle by Zoicite.
  • The Silver Crystal is formed by Sailor Moon's tears.
  • The Silver Crystal doesn't get attached to the Moon Stick until much later.

Dub changes

First appearances


  • Usagi slightly blushes when she transforms in front of Mamoru in the elevator.
  • Though Sailor Venus' civilian identity Minako Aino made a cameo appearance in the previous episode, she was formally introduced in this episode.
  • In the original run of Sailor Moon in Mexico, Resplandeciente Cristal de Plata wasn't included in this episode, because the song wasn't finished at the time. It was included in re-runs and when the dub was distributed to Latin America.



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