Template:Infobox anime"The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears" is the 34th episode of the first season of the anime, and the 34th episode overall. It first aired in Japan on November 28, 1992. The English dub episode is "A Crystal Clear Destiny", and it first aired in North America on October 20, 1995.


Mamoru is forced to confront Zoisite in a duel over the Rainbow Crystals, but Usagi inadvertently becomes involved.


The new Sailor Scout, Sailor Venus, is also schoolgirl named Minako. Zoicite, forbidden by Queen Beryl to kill Tuxedo Mask, challenges him to duel for the Rainbow Crystals. Usagi sees Mamoru walking toward the star tower and starts to taunt him, but after he is nice to her she gets suspicious and follows him. When they are close to the tower Zoisite helps them along in their journey and brings them directly to her.

Mamoru and Zoisite both put their crystals in the center of the room and Zoisites boyfriend appears and takes the crystals before the match setting Mamoru off. Zoisite disappears and tries to kill Mamoru and Usagi, but they get to the elevator and they start heading to the roof where Zoicite is waiting. Unfortunately, Zoisite tries to kill them with fire so Usagi has to transform in front of Mamoru into Sailor Moon and after they are safe Mamoru reveals his identity also.

Zoisite taunts Mamoru into wanting to continue with the fight and promises a fair fight but stabs him in the back with a crystal spear. Usagi is so upset she starts to cry and that tear turns into the Imperium silver crystal from the seven rainbow crystals and the Moon Princess is reveaed as Usagi.


Changes from the manga

This episode is based on Act 8 and the beginning of Act 9 of the manga:

  • Sailor Venus is introduced as Sailor V and the Moon Princess.
  • Kunzite lures the Senshi to the tower so he can get the Silver Crystal and Tuxedo Mask is never challenged to a battle by Zoisite.
  • The Silver Crystal is formed by Sailor Moon's tears.
  • The Silver Crystal doesn't get attached to the Moon Stick until much later.
  • Tuxedo Mask is mortally wounded by Kunzite.
  • The fight takes place at Tokyo Tower.

Dub changes

  • Several seconds of the scene where Tuxedo Mask is impaled by Zoisite's Crystal is cut out in the DiC Entertainment English dub. 
  • The pastel drawing montage that plays when Usagi sees that Mamoru is really Tuxedo Mask is also cut out of the DiC English dub. 
  • Illusionary Silver Crystal, the song that played during Sailor Moon's transformation into Princess Serenity, was replaced in the following:
    • The DiC English dub replaced it with My Only Love. This song has a different melody and different lyrics than the original.
    • The Mexican dub replaced it with Resplandeciente Cristal de Plata. It was the last song made for that dub. This song keeps the original's melody and a most of its lyrics.

First appearances

Other dub titles

  • Catalan: El brillant cristall de plata. Arriba la princesa Lluna
  • European Spanish: La princesa Luna
  • Hispanic Spanish: Resplandeciente Cristal de Plata. Aquí Viene la Princesa Moon.
  • French: Bienvenue Princesse
  • Portuguese: Resplandecente Cristal de Prata - A princesa moon vem aí
  • Polish:
    • Srebrny Kryształ. Oto Księżniczka (Polsat)
    • Srebrny Kryształ (TV 4)
  • Russian: Кто же Лунная Принцесса?
  • Hungarian: Isten hozott, hercegnő!
  • Chinese: 閃爍光芒的銀水晶!月亮公主登場
  • German: Die Mondprinzessin
  • Italian: La principessa della luna
  • Swedish: Den heliga Silverkristallen


  • Usagi slightly blushes when she transforms in front of Mamoru in the elevator.
  • Though Sailor Venus' civilian identity Minako Aino made a cameo appearance in the previous episode, she was formally introduced in this episode.
  • In the original run of Sailor Moon in Mexico, Resplandeciente Cristal de Plata wasn't included in this episode, because the song wasn't finished at the time. It was included in re-runs and when the dub was distributed to Latin America.
  • This is the first episode since episode 1, where Usagi does not introduce herself at the beginning of the episode.



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