The Shining Shooting Star: Saturn and the Messiah

3, Sailor Moon S

(can't find any info on this particular episode.  Could it be called by another name? --Enjoyableari)


Sailor Moon is tricked into giving Mistress Nine the Holy Grail, which she uses to summon Pharaoh Ninety to earth. Hotaru regains conscious with the assistance of Sailor Moon and her father, destroying Mistress Nine, and fully awakening the spirit of Sailor Saturn within her at last. Sailor Saturn herself appears (possessing Hotaru's mind and body) before Sailor Moon to ultimately sacrifice herself and destroy Pharaoh Ninety once and for all with her tremendously powerful destructive powers, but Sailor Moon gains the help of the other six Sailor Senshi to become Super Sailor Moon for the last time, and save both Hotaru and Sailor Saturn, who is reborn as a newborn baby immediately afterward.


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