“The Secret Hammer Price Hall”
Chibiusa Enikki - Himitsu no Hammer Price Dou
Chibiusa's Picture Diary - The Secret Hammer Price Hall was the fourth of the four Chibiusa Picture Diaries, and the side story was originally published in the magazine, RunRun. It was published in Volume 17 of the tankoban release of the manga and in Volume 1 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories.


Naru Osaka's younger sister, Naruru and her friend Ruruna Kobe decide to help a friend and save his pawn shop.

Translation Info


  • In the Mixx translation of the story, Naruru and Ruruna are introduced as "Naruru from Osaka" and "Ruruna for Kobe" respectively.
  • Also, when Naru appears, they accidentally refer to her by her original Japanese name instead of "Molly", which is the name that she was given in the Mixx translation of the manga and the DiC and Cloverway dubs of the first Sailor Moon anime.


  • This is the last story in Chibiusa's Picture Diary.
  • When the story was published in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories, it was called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Side Story - The Secret Hammer Price Hall.
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