This page is about the music album. For the song, see Macht des Mondes.

The Power of the Moon
Die Macht des Mondes
Die Macht des Mondes
Label: Edel Music
Genre(s): Techno, pop
Number of Tracks: 14
Language(s): German
Release Date: July 19, 1999

"The Power of the Moon" (Die Macht des Mondes) was a CD and a cassette that was released by the German band Super Moonies. It was released in both Germany and Austria.

Track List

  1. Power of the Moon
  2. Black Lady
  3. Light and Shadow
  4. Finally Time
  5. Moonlight Knight
  6. Friends for Life
  7. The Deceitful Traitor
  8. Queen Serenity
  9. Sailor Venus
  10. Sailor Warriors
  11. Stream of Time
  12. The Way to Triumph
  13. A New Day
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