The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love
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謎のねむり病, 守れ乙女の恋する心
Nazo no Nemuribyou, Mamore Otome no Koisuru Kokoro
Airing Information
Episode: EP 3, Season 1
Air Date (JP): March 21, 1992
Written by: Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Directed by: Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Featured Monster: Furau
North American Dub
Air Date (CA): August 29, 1995
Air Date (US): September 12, 1995 (DiC)

May 19, 2014 (Viz stream)

DiC Title: Talk Radio
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"The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love" is the 3rd episode of the 1st season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 3rd episode overall. It aired in Japan on March 21, 1992. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Talk Radio" and it aired in Canada on August 29, 1995, and then in North America on September 12, 1995.


All the girls in town are tuning in to the late-night radio program called "Midnight Zero" that reads out love letters sent in by the listeners. Meanwhile, a strange sleeping sickness is plaguing the town, causing people to fall into a coma-like state, including Ms. Haruna and Naru.


Naru, Usagi, and Ms. Haruna listen to a midnight radio program, "Midnight Zero" that reads out love letters and does song dedications for people. A competition is announced for the best love letters; if they are read out loud on the radio, the writer will receive a flower brooch. Usagi tries to write a love letter, but it's too hard as she doesn't have a boyfriend. Luna urges her to sleep as school’s the next day.

Usagi arrives late for school, bracing to be yelled at by the teacher. Ms. Haruna shows up late, wearing a flower brooch and is abnormally sleepy. The class wonders what’s happened when the ambulance comes, escorting her while asleep on a stretcher. Naru tells Usagi and Umino that she‘s heard there’s a disease going around that causes eternal sleep.

A bunch of letters addressed to "Midnight Zero" are delivered to FM.10, leaving the employees confused as no such program exists.

After school, Naru speaks to Usagi about how she’s been writing love letters to future boyfriends she makes up. Usagi wonders about her future boyfriend as she bumps into Mamoru, falling over. He makes fun of her for apologising to the telephone pole he was hiding behind, before walking off laughing.

Usagi’s in her bedroom trying to think up a love letter when Luna says that love letters are meaningless unless they’re given directly. Usagi ignores her and says she’s going to meet with the host of Midnight Zero to ask about how to write. At FM.10‘s Headquarters, Usagi‘s told by a security guard that no such program exists.

That night, Usagi tunes into Midnight Zero that’s still airing as Jadeite is shown recording himself. She concludes the security guard lied to her and Luna reads out a newspaper schedule that says a different program is supposed to be airing. Naru’s love letter is read out loud over the air.

The next day at school, Naru opens her flower brooch and is immediately drained of energy causing her to fall asleep. Usagi’s also affected by it, needing to be woken up by Luna in the nurses office from a dream of Tuxedo Mask falling in love with her. Jadeite praises Furau for her creativity in coming up with the idea that she should target vulnerable girls in love.

Usagi and Luna go to investigate but have trouble getting into the radio station. Luna gives Usagi the Disguise Pen and she changes herself into a gorgeous newscaster, sneaking in. Jadeite starts streaming "Midnight Zero" as she flails over how attractive he is. All the employees are passed out on the floor as Jadeite has taken over completely. She confronts Jadeite and shouts out on the radio a warning that the flower brooches are dangerous. She also states love letters are useless unless presented to the person they're meant for.

Furau bursts through the glass of the studio in her true form, and attacks her. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and confronts Jadeite about his true identity, when Furau shoots more beams from her mouth. Sailor Moon runs up to the roof and barely dodges the attacks. Luna encourages her to use Moon Tiara Action, which destroys the youma. Sailor Moon uses the tiara against Jadeite, though he puts it to a halt with his powers. Tuxedo Mask throws his rose at Jadeite as he gets ready to kill her, causing him to retreat.

The next day at school, she writes a love letter to Tuxedo Mask which Naru snatches playfully. Usagi tries to get it back as Ms. Haruna joins in the chase too.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Salvem as Garotas Apaixonadas ("Save The Girls In Love")
  • European Portuguese: Salvem as Raparigas Apaixonadas ("Save the Girls in Love")
  • French
    • TV: Le grand amour ("The Big Love")
    • DVD: L’étrange maladie du sommeil ! Protège le cœur des jeunes filles ! ("The Strange Sleeping Sickness! Protect the Hearts of Young Girls!")
  • German: Der Geheimsender ("The Secret Radio Station")
  • Polish: Zakochane dziewczęta ("Girls in Love")


Changes from the Manga

  • The Disguise Pen that Usagi gets is first shown in this episode, however, in the manga it doesn't appear until Act 2 of the Manga, which is episode 8 of the anime. Additionally, in the manga, Usagi got the Disguise Pen from one of the machines at the video game center.

Dub Changes

  • This episode was the second episode of both the Korean and English dubs.
  • The DiC dub had a number of changes made.[1]
    • The cold opening of Usagi introducing herself was cut (30 seconds cut)
    • Luna looking starry-eyed at Motoki was cut (2 seconds cut)
    • A scene of Usagi laying down on her paper and sighing was cut for time. (10 seconds cut)
    • The scene in which Usagi has hearts in her eyes was cut. However, the scene also appeared in the Sailor Says segment. (3 seconds cut)
    • Several other scenes were shortened. In all, 1 minute and 10 seconds were cut.
    • "Midnight Zero" is renamed in the North American dub to "Love Line."
    • The "Disguise Pen" is renamed in the North American dub to "Luna Pen."
    • Serena's disguise description changes from being a gorgeous newscaster to a sophisticated talent agent in the DiC dub.
    • After Tuxedo Mask throws his rose and Jadeite leaves, Serena says that the rose must have magical powers.

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