The Messiah of Silence Awakens? Stars of Destiny
沈黙のメシア覚せい? 運命の星々
Chinmoku no Meshia Kakusei? Unmei no Hoshiboshi
Airing Information
Episode: EP 119, Season 3
Air Date (JP): December 24, 1994
Written by: Yoji Enokido
Directed by: Harume Kosaka
Featured Monster: U-Chouten
North American Dub
Air Date (US): September 13, 2000
CWi Title: Goodness Eclipsed
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"The Messiah of Silence Awakens? Stars of Destiny" is the 30th episode of the third season of Sailor Moon, and the 119th episode overall. It aired in Japan on December 24, 1994. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Goodness Eclipsed", and it aired in North America on September 13, 2000.


Hotaru is revealed to be the reincarnation and vessel of the spirit/soul of Sailor Saturn herself; the Sailor Guardian of Silence. Sailors' Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are strongly resolved to kill Hotaru, as they believe that Sailor Saturn's spirit/soul cannot live without a physical host. The other six Senshi, especially Sailor Chibi Moon, adamantly refuses to let her closest friend die simply because she is Sailor Saturn's reincarnation and the hall-bringer of silence and nothingness.

Meanwhile, Rei finally reveals to the others of the vividly recurring nightmares and visions of the world's imminent annihilation due to the Messiah fully awakening.



Changes From the Manga

  • The Sailor Saturn symbol didn't appear on Hotaru's forehead until she was reborn as an infant. The symbol itself first appears on Sailor Saturn's forehead after she awakens.

Dub Changes

  • This episode was skipped during the first airing of Sailor Moon S in North America because the Daimon in the episode had a very skimpy outfit that deemed too inappropriate. When the episode aired later, she was given a green bikini. However, the CWi English dub of this episode is more commonly viewed without the edited bikini, as Pioneer had also released uncut English episodes which are more common than the edited ones.

First Appearances


  • When Souichi Tomoe decides to attack the planetarium, he remarks that "the stars know all". This is a reference to Nephrite from the first season, who tended to say this before picking a target.
  • Marks the first time Setsuna wields her Senshi form's Garnet Orb to show the vision of the Earth's destruction at the hands of Sailor Saturn in a shadowy figure who wielded the Silence Glaive to Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako.
  • In the newer Viz Media English dub, Professor Tomoe mentioned a song they used to play at the disco about "a starman waiting in the sky." This is likely a reference to the song "Starman" by the late musician David Bowie.
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