The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi’s Family
湖の伝説妖怪! うさぎ家族のきずな
Mizuumi no Densetsu Youkai! Usagi Kazoku no Kizuna

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

January 16, 1993


Harume Kosaka


Megumi Sugihara


Lake Yo-Kai


Paired With a Youma!? Ice Queen Mako


I Won't Run Away From Love Anymore! Ami and Mamoru's Showdown


“Last Resort”

Air date

October 30, 1995


Phantom of the Lake


Ice Princess


Tuxedo Unmasked

"The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi’s Family" is the 40th episode of first season of the Sailor Moon anime, and the 40th episode overall. The episode first aired in Japan  on January 16, 1993. The English dub title for this episode is "Last Resort", and the episode first aired in North America on October 30, 1995.


Usagi and her family visit a hot springs resort, while Prince Endymion is sent to resurrect an ancient legendary monster.


In this episode, the Tsukino family visit an onsen (hot springs) where a story of a monster is said to haunt the lake. Queen Beryl, meanwhile, is speaking with Kunzite about the energy the lake seemed to emit.
Both agreed that it was possible the energy was coming from a monster, so Beryl sent Prince Endymion (who is under her control at the time) to investigate. Kunzite, however, expresses doubt of Endymion's loyalty, and fears his old memories are returning. Queen Beryl disagrees.

Back at the lake, Usagi is seen gazing at a statue on the shores of the lake while clutching her pendant. The pendant had reacted to the lake and opened itself so that it could play the music within. Prince Endymion is here as well, but does not recognize Usagi or his old name, Mamoru when she reaches out to him.
Shortly after, Usagi's mother is heard calling out to her. When she arrives, Usagi is alone. She begins to tell usagi about the story of the statue, and the "legendary lovers". They leave not too long after, unaware the Endymion had been listening the entire time.

Endymion used his powers to summon the monster, and watched as it went after Usagi and her family. As it attacks her father, Usagi desperately attempts to transform into Sailor Moon, but is stopped by a rose thrown by Prince Endymion. He yelled to the family to escape while the Sailor Senshi descended upon the scene. During the mayhem, Usagi was able to transform.

The monster, however, proved to be a difficult foe, and it took the combined efforts of the Sailor Senshi to damage it enough for Sailor Moon. She finally used Moon Healing Escalation on the monster, and destroyed her.

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  • This is the first episode where the Senshi battle a monster that has no affiliation with the season's antagonist group.
  • This episode was omitted from the Korean dub.
  • At the end of the episode, Usagi's image song You Can't Just Dream played in the background.
  • There was a noticeable plot hole in DiC's English dub of the episode. In this dub, Prince Endymion was called Prince Darien, with Darien being the dubbed name for Mamoru. In the episode, Prince Darien says the line "Darien? Serena? I've never heard these names before. What is it that you want?"


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