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The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted
水のラピリンス! ねらわれた亜美
Mizu no Rabirinsu! Nerawareta Ami

Sailor Moon S

Air date

May 21, 1994


Megumi Sugihara


Junichi Satou




Cold-Hearted Uranus? Makoto in Trouble


Save Friends! Moon and Uranus Join Forces


“Damp Spirits”

Air date

June 21, 2000


Lita Borrows Trouble


Friendly Foes

The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted was the 97th episode of the anime and the 7th episode of Sailor Moon S. It's Japanese airdate was May 21, 1994.The English dub title for this episode is Damp Spirits and it aired in America on June 21, 2000.


In the episode, Ami, who competes in a swimming race between her and Michiru after accidently offending her, is targeted by Doburin.


After a conversation with the school's vice principal about how he's concerned Ami's wastng study time tutoring others, Ami becomes depressed, thinking academic ability is all she has. Usagi overhears the conversation and feels guilty for always receiving academic help from Ami. Outside of the school Ami runs into Mamoru, who attempts to cheer her up. Ami then goes for a swim supposing she's by herself, but Haruka and Michiru were also there. Michiru challenges Ami to a race, to which she accepts, but Ami lets Michiru win. Michiru noticed and is offended, so Ami apologizes and runs away. Haruka points out that Ami only wanted to be friends and isn't very confident. Michiru responds saying she feels sorry for Ami.

Afterward Ami meets up with her friends to study, but upon arrival Usagi blocks her entrance, explaining to the others that Ami needs to focus on her studies and doesn't have time to study with/help them. Ami opposes, saying she can still help, but Usagi insists, telling Ami to focus on her own studies. Ami then leaves to look at the water from the bridge, where Haruka arrives on a motorbike and tells her Michiru wants a rematch. Haruka offers a lift but Ami decides to go on foot.

While walking to the pool, Ami's spotted by Luna and Artemis, who decide to follow her. This time Ami tries her best during the race, yet it still ends in a draw. However, Michiru noticed that Ami tried her hardest and is satisfied with their race, saying they should do it again sometime. Ami decides to swim a few extra laps by herself after Michiru and Haruka leave, but a daimon egg appears. Usagi, who also decided to go after Ami, runs into Luna and Artemis outside of the pool, and they warn her that a daimon appeared and to transform. Sailor Moon arrives just as Ami's pure heart is taken, and is bound in a pool tube by the daimon. The daimon realizes Ami's pure heart isn't a talismon, and is struck by a red rose from Tuxedo Mask, who'd just appeared on scene. Unbeknownst to the Inner Sailor Senshi, Haruka and Michiru watched the fight, relieved that Ami doesn't hold a talismon. Ami concludes that she was depressed but is feeling better now.


Changes From the Manga

  • Sailor Uranus and Neptune never thought that Ami could have one of the talismans.

Dub Changes

First Appearances