The Garnet Orb
Gānetto· Ōbu


Garnet orb 2

The Garnet OrbSMC3


Sailor Pluto

Used for

Summoning Sailor Saturn herself (manga/second anime)
Summoning the Holy Grail (original anime)
Attacking and destroying enemies (in general)
Controlling and manipulating space-time
Traveling through time
Freezing all of time (forbidden)


Dead Scream
Time Stop (forbidden)
Chronos Typhoon
Garnet Ball
Galactica Cannon (when controlled by Galaxia)

First Appearance

A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears (anime)
Act 19 Time Warp - Sailor Pluto (manga/Crystal)

The Garnet Orb is the third and last mystical talisman/treasure that, when brought together, could summon Sailor Saturn herself,while in the original anime it calls upon the legendary Holy Grail. The orb is an essential part of the Garnet Rod, an immensely powerful planetary weapon in the possession of Sailor Pluto, and is the focal point for performing Dead Scream, which was her only offensive attack in the original anime.


Unlike the other two Talismans that were sealed within the Pure Hearts of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, the orb was a mystical item which Sailor Pluto wielded on top of the immensely strong and powerful Garnet Rod she wields.

Sailor Pluto was able to use the power of the Orb to pull the other Talismans from their respective Pure Hearts, which meant Sailor Uranus and Neptune were able to remain alive once they were removed. Apart from being a part of the Garnet Rod, the Garnet Orb didn't serve another purpose other than to summon the Holy Grail.


As with the manga, the Garnet Orb serves as the third and final talisman for summoning the tenth and last Sailor Senshi of the deathly planet of silence: Sailor Saturn herself.


In the manga all of the three Talismans were in the possession of their owners, Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Sailor Pluto, and once the mighty Holy Grail appeared they allowed for Usagi to transform and evolved into her much more powerful Super Sailor form as Super Sailor Moon. However, the main function of the Talismans was to call upon Sailor Saturn herself, as they did after the Silver Millennium fell into ruin and at the end of the Infinity arc. The orb also allowed Sailor Pluto to use the Garnet Ball and Chronos Typhoon attacks.


Sailor Pluto with the Garnet Orb
Sailor Pluto with the Garnet Orb
Garnet Rod 2
The Garnet Orb's concept art
The Garnet OrbSMC3w
Garnet Orb in Second Anime