The Dark Gate is Completed? The Targeted Elementary School
Ankoku geto Kansei? Nerawareta Shougakkou
Airing Information
Episode: EP 81, Season 2
Air Date (JP): January 15, 1994
Written by: Shigeru Yanagawa
Directed by: Kounosuke Uda
Featured Monster: Boule Brothers
North American Dub
Air Date (US): December 10, 1998
DiC Title: Child's Play
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"The Dark Gate is Completed? The Targeted Elementary School" is the 35th episode of the 2nd season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 81st episode overall. It aired in Japan on January 15, 1994. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Child's Play" and it aired in North America on December 10, 1998.


Esmeraude attacks Chibiusa's school and forces her to watch her friends turn on her. Once Usagi and the others help to save them, Chibiusa heads back to the future to face her own problems.


The episode opens with a dream sequence of Chibiusa as she is introduced to her elementary school class. The students stare at her, and a few comments that she is very tiny and make fun of her name. One girl speaks up, telling the main boy teasing Chibiusa to stop and commenting that he is always teasing others, but he continues to tease her despite the other girl's protest, until she smacks him with a rolled-up magazine or paper, making him stop. The boy and girl then ask if Chibiusa minds the nickname. She allows them to call her Chibiusa with no problems.

The scene changes to Chibiusa lying in bed, apparently ill, with Artemis pressing cloth to her forehead. She is smiling, and Artemis notes that she has had a fever, which appears to be going down. Luna comments that she must be having a nice dream as Chibiusa wakes and opens her eyes. Luna questions how she feels. Chibiusa responds "Pretty good.", then sits up and removes the cloth asking if Luna and Artemis think she can return to school the following day. Luna giggles and asks if school is fun as Usagi is shown coming up the hallway while Chibiusa gives her answer. In the middle of Chibiusa talking, Usagi enters and asks how she is feeling, to which Chibiusa responds that she is fine. Usagi is pleased and tells her that everyone came to visit, ushering in the other scouts in their civilian forms. All the girls pop in, say hello and ask if she is feeling better as Ami announces they have a get well gift for her. She thanks them as Usagi mentions that a friend of Chibiusa has come to visit, too. When Chibiusa sees her friend, the girl who took up for her in her dreams, she quickly hops out of bed and runs to greet her, affectionately calling her Momo-chan. Momo appears as excited to see Chibiusa as the girl is to see her and asks if she is over her cold. Chibiusa replies that she is fine and is glad Momo came. She gets back into bed and talks and laughs with Momo as the girls look on happily. They observe that Chibiusa, who must have been lonely coming by herself from the future, seems to have found a good friend in Momo. Ami, however, quickly dampens the other Sailor Guardians' mood when she chooses to ponder why the enemy is after Chibiusa, as she is shown happy and giggling

In Juban Park, a white-haired stranger appears before one of Esmeraude's henges, infusing it with dark power. Later, Esmeraude appears in front of the town's elementary school, congratulating the stranger, a youma she identifies as Chiral, on his good work. Esmeraude says there will be no more roundabout plans, and that they are not her style. At the same time, a second youma named Achiral appears. Esmeraude goes on, explaining that this is the reason why her plans have failed, but that now, with an exceptionally powerful dark henge they can finish the job all at once. She calls on Chiral and Achiral to dispose of the Guardians and they depart, as Esmeraude muses that she can leave the primitive past Earth after giving this success as a gift to Prince Demande. Looking out over the skyline, she begins to laugh evilly.

The next morning, Chibiusa worries that she is going to be late as she runs to school. She chastises Luna, who is running beside her, for not waking her. However, Luna says Chibiusa would not get up though she tried numerous times. Chibiusa whines that she hates it, as she arrives at school and hears a commotion. Going to find the source, she encounters her fellow students fighting each other. She thinks they are playing, even though the 1st period has started, but Luna quickly corrects her and tells her they are fighting. Chibiusa is confused until she sees Momo cornered by a much bigger boy. She rushes to her friend's aid, but Momo does not need it. Chibiusa first thinks it is cool but is shocked when Momo assumes she wants to fight too, rather than thanking her. Momo's eyes glow pink as she asks. Momo then yells at Chibiusa, telling her not to act as though they are friends and revealing that she can't stand her. A confused Chibiusa tries to work things out, but Momo knocks her down and runs off into the building. Chibiusa runs after her. Luna ponders what is going on, but then sees the rings of dark energy. Artemis arrives, telling Luna that it is Dark Power, and Luna asks when he arrived. Chibiusa wanders the ruined school, wondering why they did such damage before she is attacked by Momo who now has a group with her. Chibiusa is surprised to see her teacher has been brainwashed as well.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: O Portão Negro Está Pronto? ("Is the Black Gate Ready?")
  • European Portuguese: O Portão Negro Estará Completo? ("Is the Black Gate Complete?")
  • French: Le pouvoir de Camille ("Camille's Power")
  • German: Chaos in der Schule ("Chaos in the School")


Changes from the Manga

  • The Boule Brothers display different abilities: they are able to trap Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Venus, and Chibiusa in a fake Crystal Palace, and create a magnetic field to prevent Sailor Moon from using Moon Princess Halation.
  • The Boule Brothers were destroyed by the combined attacks of Tuxedo Mask's Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, and Sailor Venus's Venus Love-Me Chain.
  • The Boule Brothers were never involved in a plan to create and secure Negative Points.

Dub Changes

  • Achiral and Chiral are renamed Doom and Gloom; not unlike the DD Girls in the first season.

First Appearances




  • This episode was omitted from the Korean dub.
  • The Sailor Says segment featured in this episode in the English dub was previously featured in "So You Want to Be in Pictures".
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