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The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon is a 2/3D mini-game based off of the Sailor Moon English Dub that was released in 1997. It was released for Windows 95 but is still playable on Windows 98, 98SE, and Windows XP. The game was developed by 3VR Inc under the license from DiC Entertainment.


Queen Beryl has stolen the Sailor Scout's Transformation Pens, with player's mission being to retrieve the pen in each different play area; the Galactic Moon Library, the Magical Puzzle Room, Moon Castle TV Show, Sing A Long, Crystal Fighting Arena, and Fashion Salon.



Play Areas

  • Galactic Moon Library
  • Magical Puzzle Room
  • Moon Castle TV Show
  • Sing A Long
  • Crystal Fighting Arena
  • 3D Fashion Salon


  • Sailor Neptune was originally supposed to be one of the characters but was omitted before it was released. However, on the map, Neptune's astronomical sign is still visible.
  • This game does not feature the voice actors from the TV series.
  • If the game is played on Windows 2000, it will crash as the player progresses.
  • When the game was released, it initially recieved positive reviews but since 3D graphics have since improved since the game's released, many have now criticized its 3D graphics.
  • In the Moon Castle TV Show area, the TV shows the already formed 1992-2004 Flashbang Feature Presentation logo that is used on Buena Vista Home Video releases in that time,like Sailor Moon. Some Sailor Moon tapes have this logo instead of the special Feature Program logo that is used on other tapes


3D Fashion Salon
3D Fashion Salon Model
Galactic Moon Library
Magical Puzzle Room
World Map
Moon Castle TV Show

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