Residency: Tokyo

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Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid Daimon
First Appearance

Tellu was the fourth member of the Witches 5 to be introduced. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Tellu is a Level 404 witch and the second strongest of the Witches 5. As Ruru Teruno, she is a gym teacher and caretaker of the botanical garden at Mugen Academy. Her attacks are plant-based.


Tellu has green hair tied into buns of some sort with some hair loose at the bottom, as well as black thread-like things going across her forehead and the top of her head. She has green eyes, and pink, ball earrings.

For clothing, Tellu wears a black dress with the same thread-like things going criss cross up and down her arms. A black star holds her dress and the threads together. Underneath her black dress is another layer, colored green. She also wears green tights with more thread going criss cross up and down, and black shoes.


In Act 31, Tellu approaches Kaolinite, promising that she will succeed where the other 3 witches had failed: obtaining high-quality hosts, as well as the hosts of the Sailor Senshi.

Then, she sends her plants, Telluns, to other stores to be sold, and sells the Telluns at Mugen Academy as well.

After Makoto buys a Tellun and sees its nature, the Sailor Senshi go to investigate the Mugen botanical gardens. They meet Tellu, gathering the hosts and energy of the people who had fallen victim to the Telluns. The Sailor Senshi transform and Tellu attacks with Mandragora Buster, but it is countered with Jupiter Coconut Cyclone. Sailor Moon attacks with Moon Spiral Heart Attack, though it has no affect. Sailor Chibi Moon, then, gains her new attack, Pink Sugar Heart Attack, and aims it at Tellu, where she transforms into her Daimon form. She proceeds to attack the Senshi, but is destroyed by Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream.

Tellu is briefly resurrected, along with the other witches by Kaolinite in Act 34. Sailor Jupiter makes her way to the botanical gardens, where she meets Tellu in her Ruru Teruno guise. Sailor Jupiter is about to attack her, but Tellu claims that they don't need to fight and they need to look at the flowers. Tellu hypnotizes Sailor Jupiter with her plants, and Makoto collapses. In the end, Tellu and the rest of the Witches 5 are destroyed for good by Space Sword Blaster, Chronos Typhoon, and Submarine Reflection.


In the manga, Tellu had one attack: Mandragora Buster. She also owned plants called Telluns that she had power over, and was able to control them to take the host of anyone. She also, like the other witches, owned her own staff.



Tellu's name could come from a rare oxide mineral known as "tellurite", or from a chemical element called "tellurium".

The kanji is Tellu's alias surname translates to either "shine", "illuminate", or "reflect" (照) and "field" (野). Her given name "Lulu" translates to "stop" (留) with the character after it (々) having no specific pronunciation, and it only indicates that the syllable before it is repeated.


  • Tellu is the Witches 5 counterpart to Sailor Jupiter.
  • In the Nakayoshi character poll for the Infinity arc, Tellu and her alias, Lulu Teruno, were listed as separate choices. She ranked the following:
    • Tellu: Place 43
    • Lulu Teruno: Place 38


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