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Tellu is one of the members of the Witches 5, and was the third witch to collect pure hearts and battle the Sailor Guardians.


Tellu retains her same appearance as in the manga.


In the anime, Tellu, shadowed like most of the others, beat Mimete at Twister. In her first somewhat unshadowed episode, Professor Tomoe told Tellu that it was her turn to steal Pure Hearts. Mimete overheard this and, using a voice changer to sound like Professor Tomoe, told her that the project was cancelled (so she could go instead), but Tellu was not fooled by this trick. Tellu spied on Mimete as she attacked a physicist, and when she used the Witches Electric Warp to increase her size and power, Tellu pulled the plug on her trapping Mimete in the screen forever.

Tellu only lasted one episode against the Sailor Guardians. She used several plants called Telluns to steal Pure Heart Crystals from people. Once removed, she captured the crystals in a starshaped object. Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailor Pluto fought her off. As she was attacking Sailor Pluto, Tuxedo Mask arrived, and Sailor Moon transformed into Super Sailor Moon and destroyed all the plants. But Tellu still had one plant left, and injected it with a needle, transforming it into Hyper Tellun, a gigantic plant monster who eats Pure Heart Crystals. However, before she could leave, Tuxedo mask used a rose to break the container holding Crystal Hearts, surrounding her with Crystal Hearts and causing the Hyper Tellun to turn on Tellu (thinking she had a Crystal Heart), wrapping her in its vines. Tellu wrapped her own vines around Hyper Tellun to electrocute her, causing it to selfdestruct, killing Tellu with it.

After her death, all that remained was her assignment book, which gave the Sailor Guardians the locaction of the headquarters of the Death Busters.


  • In episode 32 of Sailor Moon S, it is revealed that, like in the manga, Tellu goes under the alias "Lulu Teruno", though it is unknown if she is still retains her role of the botanical garden caretaker or one of the gym teachers at Mugen Academy.
  • She's the only Witches 5's member to never have any contact with their Sailor Guardians counterpart from the manga, Sailor Jupiter. Instead, she drew the attention of another Sailor Guardians, Sailor Pluto.


Death Busters
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