Teletia S



Teletia S Mars

Teletia S V

Japanese: テレティアS
Romanji: Teretia S
User(s): The Inner Sailor Guardians
Used For: Taking a picture of whatever they want to change into/communication
First Appearance

The "Teletia S" phones were items used by the Sailor Guardians that only appeared in the live-action series. These phones replaced the Communicator devices that were seen in the manga and anime. They functioned as regular cell phones and could also be used to contact more than one person at once.

The Sailor Guardians could also use these items to disguise themselves. They could do so by taking someone's picture with the phone's camera and the girls could then take on the appearance (or at least the clothing) of that person. The picture could be used right away or could be stored on the phone for use at a later time (such as for parties, dates, etc.).


  • While all the Inner Sailor Guardians had these phones, Minako Aino's was only seen twice in the entire series: in Act 31, when Makoto contacted the other Sailor Senshi about a Youma, and in the DVD/VHS-only Act Zero, when she used it to transform into Sailor V.
  • This item was similar to the Disguise Pen in the manga and anime since it could turn it's user into anything it wanted to be.
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